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Snowing already…

I’m worn out from shoveling.

It didn’t help, of course, that after wearily putting away the shovels last night, I woke up to find that the plows had inundated my driveway and sidewalks.

Of course, I knew it would happen. It always does.

I can’t really fault the town. The snow has to go somewhere, of course, and it’s probably unrealistic for the drivers can put it all in front of that house up the street where that guy I don’t like lives.

But still.

And to hear on the radio when I finally got done that another storm is heading our way Saturday night or Sunday, well, that’s why I should have popped in Springsteen’s new Magic CD and left the news to those who are stronger than I am.

I’m too tired for winter.



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Shoveling is no damn fun

Out there chopping ice so I could clear the sidewalk this morning, I watched with pure envy as neighbor after neighbor fired up some monster snowblower and started in. Yeah, they’re an environmental disaster. And, yeah, they’re wasteful. And, yeah, they’re pretty costly for the amount of use they get.

And, yeah, I really want one.

Thankfully, my neighbors are pretty nice. They often clear my sidewalk when they’re out doing their own, probably because they feel sorry for the pitiful guy who has to shovel as if it were still 1934.

My back hurts. I’m going to get a beer and watch some basketball.


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