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“E all you can E” radio ad

Every time I heard this stupid Rockville Savings Bank on the radio, I mean to write something about it, then forget. Today, I remembered.

This ad begins with a Chinese-sounding woman saying “E All You Can E,” the meaning of which is open to interpretation.

Then we get a male announcer touting the bank’s electronic banking service.

I still don’t know what the “E All You Can E” is supposed to stand for, but the decision to have it said by an altogether different person in convoluted English is clearly racist. It adds nothing at all to the ad except some kind of stereotypical mangled English by an Asian woman, kind of like the old “no tickee, no laundry” talk that I thought vanished generations ago.

I want Rockville Savings Bank to know that I find the ad thoroughly offensive and I suspect I’m not alone. They should stop airing it.



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