Snowing already…

I’m worn out from shoveling.

It didn’t help, of course, that after wearily putting away the shovels last night, I woke up to find that the plows had inundated my driveway and sidewalks.

Of course, I knew it would happen. It always does.

I can’t really fault the town. The snow has to go somewhere, of course, and it’s probably unrealistic for the drivers can put it all in front of that house up the street where that guy I don’t like lives.

But still.

And to hear on the radio when I finally got done that another storm is heading our way Saturday night or Sunday, well, that’s why I should have popped in Springsteen’s new Magic CD and left the news to those who are stronger than I am.

I’m too tired for winter.



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18 responses to “Snowing already…

  1. Hey Now

    Welcome to New England. But, I’ll take snow over ice any time.

  2. Fred Garvin

    Joe V. wasn’t anywhere near Blueback on Friday, was he? I’m “sure” it was a gas explosion.

  3. WHFamilyII

    Waah Waah Waah…get over it already Fred. I know for a fact that Joe V. was in NYC with his parents all day Friday. What I did notice is that Blew Up Square isn’t front page news for the Courant any more and also that eyewitness news (channel 3) wasn’t “everywhere” (as they claim to be). They didn’t cover the story. They must not want to loose all those Christmas ad dollars.

  4. Ant B.

    Let me guess, Joe’s parents were putting him up for adoption.

  5. Fred Garvin

    Sorry you didn’t get the joke WHFamilyII. May I suggest the decaf?

  6. srage

    The funniest part is that even wacky Joe’s wacky supporters acknowledge he’s so crazy that people might actually be serious when they accuse him of bombing a building.

  7. WHFamilyII

    Ant B,
    Not adoption but perhaps cloning.

  8. WHFamilyII

    not a coffee drinker
    hey Blue Back – got gas?

  9. WHFamilyII

    they are not serious, it’s all just in fun. People on this blog are all crazy….. mostly jealousy.

  10. Ryan

    WHFamilyII – I think the reactionary, sorta creepy quota has been filled here, would you mind terribly heading over to Joe’s blog and setting up shop? Thanks ever so much,

    The Rest of Us

  11. Osemasterofdoom

    Hey, I resemble that remark.

  12. holland

    Back to shoveling snow for a minute. How did the new garbage collection system – of which we are a large part – work out for everyone after the snow and ice buried everything? Everyone get their pail wheeled down the driveway and safely tucked into the frozen pile at the bottom of your driveway in the proscribed manner so the truck could get at it? Talk about a hassle! Why did they do this again?

  13. Cynic

    Payoffs, kickbacks, slush funds.

  14. Peter CM

    holland… so you think it’s easier to position multiple small garbage cans at the end of your driveway after a snowfall? Give me a break.

  15. Cynic

    the smaller cans most certainly were easier to place on the snow banks.

  16. Ryan

    I’m sure you’re right cynic, the two elderly women living in the houses across the street from me no doubt miss the days of hoisting a full garbage can on top of a 2-4 foot tall snowbank. They must hate the new cans with big, easy rolling wheels on them. How they put up with the inept, corrupt management in this town for more than 40 years is beyond me.

  17. Cynic

    Part of the fun of the big cans with the wheels was getting the wheels to sit in the snow bank so the can wouldn’t roll off.

    Had fun the next morning watching the truck try to get the can to sit back on the snow pile.

  18. turtle

    I love the new garbage cans. I love the color and uniformity. I love the space. I love the big wheels. I love the ratlessness.

    Oh, and no problems so far getting our garbage collected in the snow.

    We now return to The West Hartford Blog’s regularly scheduled malcontents.

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