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Lieberman backs McCain

Here in West Hartford, we kinda like Joe Lieberman. It’s not just that he reminds us of a guy we might run into at Waldbaum’s after work. It’s that he’s kind of sweet personally and not all pumped up with his own grandeur.

Of course, he’s a steaming mad nutcase¬†when it comes to foreign policy, but we figure there’s a State Department and the Joint Chiefs to keep him from making much of a difference there.

Even so, it’s kind of strange to see Lieberman endorsing John McCain. McCain’s our kind of Republican, of course, since he’s not anyone else’s kind of Republican.

It’s just odd to see a guy who won the vice presidency in 2000 on the Democratic ticket¬†— though five justices made sure he never got to serve — is now endorsing a has-been GOP contender for the nation’s top office.

What’s in it for Lieberman? A few minutes on C-Span?

I wonder sometimes if Lieberman needs to come home. Perhaps it’s Washington that’s making him lose his mind.



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