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911 call transcript from grandmother who killed herself yesterday

Marcia Maglisco, 62, was caring for her 2-year-old grandson in West Hartford when the boy drowned last week.

Here’s the Transcript of her 911 Call To West Hartford Police On Oct. 5, 2007

Williams: West Hartford Police Fire Dispatcher Williams

Maglisco: Um, yes, um I’m at 14 Foxridge Road. I need the police to come and arrest me, I drowned my grandson.

Williams: You did what now?

Maglisco: I drowned my grandson. I need to.

Williams: [Unintelligible] Ok, Ok, how old is this child? and Ok, are you home alone?

Maglisco: Yes, I’m in their home.

Williams: 14 Foxridge?

Maglisco : Yes

Williams: Is is he …Oh, ok your saying he’s deceased?

Maglisco: Yes

Williams: Are you, [unintelligible] when did you do this, just now?

Maglisco: Yes

Williams: Ok, well is there a way you can um do something to try to bring him back?

Maglisco: No

Williams: Are you sure you do not want to attempt to bring him back?

Maglisco: I can’t. I’m just a grandmother .. I have mental problems. I’m a very bad [unintelligible]

Williams: How old of a child is it?

Maglisco: Two

Williams: It’s two years old?

Williams: I want you to stay on this line.

Maglisco: I’m gonna go put his clothes on, I called the mother to come home. I want the police to shoot me, if they could.

Williams: Is he still in the water?

Maglisco: No.

Williams: You’ve taken him out of the water?

Maglisco: Yes I have.

Maglisco: He’s just deceased. They don’t need an ambulance. The mother’s coming, please help.

[Williams cuts in:]

Williams: You are the grandmother?

Maglisco: Yes I am.

Williams: What is your name?

Maglisco: Marcia Maglisco

Williams: Magusto?

Maglisco: Maglisco, yes.

Williams: And you will not do anything to try to attempt to bring the child back?

Maglisco: I tried, I can’t.

Maglisco: I’m psychotic, pause …he was in the tub, he slipped, he banged his head and I just left him.

Williams: How long ago was this … how long ago?

Maglisco: About ten minutes.

Williams: Ten minutes?

Maglisco: Mmhmm .. I have to go and wait for the mother.

Maglisco: I need you to help the mother, please help the mother.

Williams: Well, where’s the mother at?

Maglisco: She’s I called her to come from work, I told her her son’s dead, she’s coming. I’ll be right I’ll have the door open so you’ll [unintelligible] can take me, Thank you, bye.

Williams: I want you to stay on this line hello?

Maglisco: I have to go up and get him ready so she won’t see him undressed okay?

Williams: No, don’t touch that baby, unless you’re going to do something to try and bring him back.

Maglisco: All right, I will, bye.

Williams: Hello?

[Phone line disconnects.]



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