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The budget. Round One.

I need to get caught up on what’s happening with the budget so I won’t venture any opinions other than this: I know a fight is looming.

But I’m sure those who are paying attention would like a new thread that focuses on the issue, so here it is.

Here are some key documents, which I need to read:

Town manager’s proposed budget

School superintendent’s budget proposal

Town manager’s March 11 budget presentation

Budget in Brief

Capital Improvement Budget

I do have to give credit to our town officials for putting all this information online so that we can easily dig through it.

Property tax estimator



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Blueback II?

I need to get back on here because a big budget fight is obviously in the works.

But this entry is something more simple: I understand that the developer of Blue Back Square plans to remake the Bishop’s Corner area. There’s some kind of plan underway to raze the entire existing shopping center, offices and restaurants and replace it with anotherĀ  urban lifestyle center akin to the wildly successful Blue Back Square. Anyone out there who can add something to this?


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