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Teens willing to do yard work and such

Though I probably should have them cut my grass or something in return for free advertising, I like these kids’ initiative so I’m posting their message to me: 

My friends and I are trying to earn a little extra cash this summer, so we are doing some lawn work. I was hoping that you could help us out by putting our email address up on your site. We all live in West Hartford and are in Highschool we are 16, 15, and 14 years old, so being kids we could use the cash 🙂 so if you could help us that would be great. Well here is some info if you decide to help:

Email :
Phone# : (860) 508-8343 ask for Daniel or (860) 561-4868 ask for Kevin

We charge $20.00 – $25.00 per mow. and up to $10.00 extra for any other misc. work



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Fleischmann says no to pesticides

It’s kind of funny that Rep. Andy Fleischmann, a West Hartford Democrat, is a leader in the push to keep pesticides off school playing fields.

I mean, you can barely drive down any residential street in town from May to October without running into a truck pumping chemicals onto yet another tiny West Hartford lawn.

Apparently, we want our kids to be safe from pesticides on the schoolyard because they get plenty of the stuff at home and we don’t want to push it too far, or those grandkids we hope for someday will look Ralph Wiggum on “The Simpsons.”

One of the bills that sailed through Fleischmann’s Education Committee extends a ban on using pesticides that already exists for elementary schools. Middle schools would be covered, too.

Another bill would include high schools as well.

“Children who play sports and games on school fields should not have to deal with exposure to toxic pesticides and herbicides,” Fleischmann told reporters.

Personally, I hate all this toxic crud that gets sprayed all over everyone’s lawns. I’d be fine with banning its use everywhere except in limited cases to protect public health. But I’m kind of a nut that way.

But it’s still amusing to see a West Hartford lawmaker out front on this, because there’s a lot of green involved in spreading chemicals on our  yards here.


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