Visconti enters the congressional race

Trying to catch up with what Joe’s doing, I found these stories especially helpful:

Hartford Courant (April 29, 2008)

The Everyday Republican blog (May 2, 2008)

Bristol Blog (May 1, 2008)

Personally, I think Joe’s got no chance. But you have to love his fighting spirit.



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15 responses to “Visconti enters the congressional race

  1. This guys a real winner.

  2. eafinct

    Gee, and he’s been on the town council all of…what is it…5 months????

  3. It’s fabulous that Joe is running. You have to give him all the credit in the world for trying to make a difference. And who’s to say he has “no” chance? He’s got a great chance to unseat the master of the status quo from his comfy 1st District seat.

    In a state where you can’t count on the press to challenge or question their Democratic allies on the issues that matter most – like exactly what the heck they are doing about these rediculous gas prices, or tax relief for middle class, or what has amounted to a tedious do-nothing Congress (even with an easy opponent to like ‘W’ to tussle with), we can at least look to Joe Visconti to do so!

    It’s hard to get excited about re-electing John Larson to anything. What has he done for us lately anyway?

    Good luck Joe! The worst you could do is get John Larson on record to begin to address some of the issues that matter most to working families. Heck, you may even get him to propose some beneficial legislation, or sponsor a bill or two that may actually help the middle class, not hurt it.

    And don’t worry about WH, I’m sure the two RINOs that you share space with can find another Democratic “yes-man/woman” to make life easier on themselves. Then it can be one big happy Democratic family on WHCT Council night.

    Oh the joy!

  4. turtle

    I read in the Courant this morning, in regard to the budget:

    Joe Visconti, another Republican, suggested cutting town jobs but he declined to offer a budget amendment to do so, or to specify jobs that he thought should be eliminated when Democrats challenged him to be specific.

    How fabulous!

  5. How fabulous indeed.

    Turtle (one of the few) still considers the Hartford Courant worth quoting.

    How fabulous. Are you on their payroll?

  6. Kevin Walsh

    Is the Courant’s statement that Turtle quoted inaccurate or misleading in any way?

    If yes, how?

    If no, will the King explain why it is not worth quoting?

  7. First of all, Kevin please tell me the last time the Hartford Courant criticized the tax burden on West Hartford residents. Every article appears to simply take the tax burden imposed on West Hartford residents as simply a matter of life that can’t be avoided. The outrage and disappointment felt by many residents never seems to make the press.

    Second, it’s a political trick to for Democrats to blurt out… give me your specifics – at the meeting. I bet Joe Visconti could certainly give you specifics, and Joe, if you’re out there still monitoring this blog, perhaps you can’t educate Kevin and the rest of the public on where specific cuts should be made.

    Third, at least Joe is at least willing to suggest making cuts. In fact, he appears to be the only one who is willing to make tough choices. So what’s the braver thing here? Doing the real work, and making tough cuts, or simply spreading the pain out among the population and raise taxes?

    Lastly, the Hartford Courant is the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party in this state an nationally. The record of its editorial board, and record of endorsements across the 169 towns and districts shows a clear bias in favor of Democrats. The Courant rarely presents the opposing viewpoint with the exception of a few editorials that might be published here and there.

    Singling out Joe Visconti for refusing toe add an amendment is just another political one-liner by Courant writers. It’s amazing that so many people on this blog cheer for the Courant. The Hartford Courant is the best friend of the Democratic Party. Who needs fundraising when the State’s largest newspaper does your work for you?

  8. turtle

    Uh huh. The Courant endorsed George W. Bush for president twice.

    Joe, if you’re out there still monitoring this blog, perhaps you can’t educate Kevin and the rest of the public on where specific cuts should be made.

    You can say that again.

  9. REM

    REM says : I absolutely agree with this !

  10. ??

    miss this! dad where are you?

  11. ??

    Dad!!!?? getting tired..guess I have to go back to The Courant :(.

  12. Come Back!

    It was good while it lasted, What happened?

  13. WH Alum

    These guys are making a go at it…

  14. Switched

    I’ve made the switch to WHFourms, not as a great name, but, there content!

    Sorry Dad, you lost me!

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