Shoveling is no damn fun

Out there chopping ice so I could clear the sidewalk this morning, I watched with pure envy as neighbor after neighbor fired up some monster snowblower and started in. Yeah, they’re an environmental disaster. And, yeah, they’re wasteful. And, yeah, they’re pretty costly for the amount of use they get.

And, yeah, I really want one.

Thankfully, my neighbors are pretty nice. They often clear my sidewalk when they’re out doing their own, probably because they feel sorry for the pitiful guy who has to shovel as if it were still 1934.

My back hurts. I’m going to get a beer and watch some basketball.



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2 responses to “Shoveling is no damn fun

  1. I know the feeling.. Thank goodness my two strapping boys were visiting at home with us today to help out..
    But overall I we got our exercise – some fresh air and lots of joking around family fun.. much better than a snow blower for sure..
    Now it’s cooking the corned beef and the trimmings, and my husband is making a home brew beer (blueberry wheat beer) that he got for his birthday..while drinking one he made a few weeks ago..
    Life is good.

  2. Agree. I’m too cheap to buy a snowblower and my back tells me that I’m in DENIAL. See my comments on West Hartford residents greatest enemy – no, not the Town Council… but the bloody plows.

    NCAA is good so far. Butler’s win was nice, sad to see Louisville go down, and looks like Georgetown needs to get its act together or the Big East will have had a pathetic day.

    Settled down for a Carlsberg…. And didn’t even watch Liverpool today.

    Hope to read you often.

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