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Why has Chris Dodd proved a dud?

Frankly, I’m surprised how badly Senator Dodd is faring on the campaign trail.

Every time I’ve run across him over the years — at least a dozen times — he’s proven to be crackerjack smart, funny, enthusiastic and right on the money about almost everything he says.

But out on the Democratic hustings, Sen. Dodd is coming up with … nothing.

Why? Well, it’s mostly that Hillary and Obama are so overwhelming that they drown out everybody else except John Edwards, who’s struggling for breath despite his high profile in 2004. There’s no room for anyone else, especially another New England liberal (Dukakis and Kerry’s campaigns might doom the region’s chances for the White House for a long time to come).

At this point, I can’t imagine that Dodd is running to win. Maybe he’s out there in hopes of becoming secretary of state, or maybe candidates can’t help thinking lightning will strike if they just stay out in the field long enough during the storm. It happens, no doubt. But most people who stay outside in a storm just wind up drenched.



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