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Dump DeLuca

 Is there any doubt that State Senator Louis DeLuca should be tossed out of the General Assembly without delay?

The senator’s obtuseness is amazing.

It’s clear that DeLuca had a long-standing relationship with the mob-connected James Galante, who sounds like a character on The Sopranos.

When DeLuca thought his granddaughter’s husband was abusing her, he didn’t turn to the police or other family members. Instead, he asked Galante to pay the guy a visit.

FBI surveillance tapes later picked up Galante telling associates the possibly nasty husband should be “bitch slapped,” though that never actually happened.

Recognizing that DeLuca is a fundamentally dishonest politician, an undercover agent tried to bribe him to help Galante with special legislation.

DeLuca’s answer?

Not “I’m calling the police” or “how dare you?”

Instead, the senator said, “Anytime he needs anything — anything — within my power, that I can do, I will do.”

No doubt.

That’s why he should have no power at all.Since DeLuca doesn’t have the sense to resign, the Senate should expel him. Every day that DeLuca continues to serve brings further dishonor on the Senate and the state.

Isn’t it about time we demanded ethics and honesty from all of our political leaders?



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