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Bicycling in West Hartford

The new West Hartford Cycling Task Force is looking for ways to make the town more friendly for cyclists, which would be a good thing on many levels, including the reality that making cyclists safer will also make pedestrians safer.

Jamie Sullivan will serve as chairman, with Charles Beristain, Richard L. Hughes III, Richard Raport and Carmen Yiamouyiannis also on the panel, according to a Courant story.

“We’d like to see them come back to us in the next 90 days, with suggestions for how we can make it safer and more accessible,” said council member Chuck Coursey, according to the paper.

The task force’s first meeting is tentatively set for 7 p.m. Sept. 12 at town hall. If you care about cycling, go! But if you take your bicycle to attend, be damn careful. Drivers are crazy around here!

I’m curious to know more about the greenway trail along Trout Brook. When is that going to be done?



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