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“People, Place and Prosperity”

West Hartford Forum on Capital Region, Wed., April 25th

The Citizens Network, partnering with the Capital Region Partnership and CPTV, is holding six forums in towns across the region that focus on “People, Place and Prosperity.” West Hartford’s forum will be held at Saint Joseph College on Wednesday, April 25th.
21st century challenges like traffic congestion, affordable housing shortages, air and water pollution, sprawl and ”brain drain” don’t start and stop at the borders of any particular town. And they won’t be solved by each town acting in isolation. The challenges we face across Metro Hartford will be solved only if we tackle them together, across town lines. That’s why the Capital Region Partnership and the Citizens Network are out to make the most of Metro Hartford’s “people, prosperity and place.” Find out where we stand— and where we’re headed— if we don’t do more, together.

St. Joseph College, Wed. April 25, 2007, 7:00 – 8:30 PM 1678 Asylum Avenue, West Hartford, CT (Mercy Hall, Crystal Room) RSVP: or call 983-7894.

Moderator: Duby McDowell, Media Consultant & Political Analyst, Duby McDowell Communications, with:
* Thomas Phillips, President & CEO, Capital Workforce Partners, on “people” *
Barry Feldman, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, University of Connecticut, on “place” * Fred Carstensen, Director, Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis, on “prosperity”

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