Don’t feed the bears

Notice from the town… Just in case you were thinking of throwing raw meat in your back yard:

During the past week there have been three bear sightings in West Hartford.  Bears are very active this time of year.  They pose very little threat to residents, but DEP has issued the following recommendations to us:

1)      Never feed the bears.

2)      Remove bird feeders from late March through November. 

3)      Add a few capfuls of ammonia to trash bags and garbage cans to mask food odors.  Keep trash bags in a container with a tight lid and store in the garage.

4)      Thoroughly clean grills after each use.

5)      Do not leave pet food outside overnight.

6)      Do not add meat or sweets to compost piles.

Please report bear sightings to the DEP Wildlife Division at 860-675-8130.  If a bear is acting aggressively toward a person or attempting to enter a home, please call the West Hartford Police Department at 523-5203 or 911.

Anyone know where people saw the bears? I want to know if I should worry.





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3 responses to “Don’t feed the bears

  1. The King

    Whoops. Just so folks understand (particularly the fearless under-21 young adults) – the bears should never be approached or provoked. Bears are known to chase and “play”, and can move very quickly. And adult bears can be very protective of their young so don’t assume that you understand the immediate situation. So while they aren’t a threat in a general sense, that doesn’t imply that there isn’t a danger. Also, note this story from the times: .

  2. Tank

    There needs to be a bear tax. 😉

  3. The King

    Don’t give Scott Slifka and the Dems any more ideas… you know if they could find a way to tax the bears, they would. Same with the geese, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, etc etc. If it moves, eats and poops, surely its taxable.

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