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Let’s get rolling again

Without my colorful, useful calendar from the town — discontinued to save money, without any warning at all — I only just realized that it’s 2008 and that this blog needs some attention.

It looks like we’re going to have a ton to talk about, from a looming redistricting to how much to tip a peddle cab in West Hartford Center. I probably should just get a job cycling since that would, in short order, allow me to keep my resolution to exercise more. On the other hand, it might kill me.

I’ve had my ear to the ground lately, listening to neighbors, friends and even politicians (yes, I’m out and about sometimes, secretly) and I know we have an awful lot to talk about here. And I promise to do a much better job of posting the topics of the moment to spur some discussion so we can all learn more about what’s going on and why.


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Don’t leave, Kevin, et. al.

Former Lt. Gov. Kevin Sullivan wrote in another post that “all candidates and candidate spouses” should stop posting here until after the election “or the ‘dialogue’ will soon become mostly just a bunch of ill-disguised political pitches.”

While the intention is honorable, it’s mistaken.

One of the best things about a blog that works is that it provides a place for the community to talk to itself, to have candidates and residents discussing issues, to focus on problems and solutions. For the most part, that’s been happening here, no thanks to me. We have a highly educated, interested town that has taken advantage of this little gathering spot.

As newspapers dwindle into irrelevancy — something that saddens me — blogs and the like are the only thing that can take their place with any effectiveness. But they won’t do much good if officials avoid saying anything on them out of a misplaced sense of honor.

I admire Kevin for thinking about this. But I do believe he’s wrong to leave and I hope that other candidates stay, although if Joe Visconti feels the need to go….


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A new week… what’s happening in WH?

What’s fun and interesting this week? Anything?


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Seeking contributors

It’s increasingly obvious to me that this little blog is serving a badly needed role in West Hartford as a place where issues can be raised, discussed and maybe eventually resolved (though we’ll see about the latter!). It’s really more than I can handle in a few minutes now and again, which is what I envisioned when I started out.

What would help it out most, for now anyway, would be to add a few more people who could write some pieces for this, to make sure the blog keeps up with the news and to offer appropriate topics to talk about.

You don’t need to match my politics. You only need to have a willingness to jump in and write some stuff occasionally.

I can’t pick everybody for this, but I’d sure like to have a few, particularly since I’ll be away sometimes over the summer.


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Strong opinions, yes; slurs and hate, no

Please, folks, if this place doesn’t treat those who disagree with a reasonable amount of respect — or at least without viciousness and name-calling — I’ll  either stop doing it or change the format so it’s not so wide open. I’d really like to avoid that.

So from now on, if a comment includes personal slurs or curses, I’ll delete it.

And if I can’t stop it from happening by asking for better manners, I’ll do something drastic. I don’t want anyone to feel like posting here will lead to personal attacks or slurs. That’s not right and it’s not what I want to see any longer.


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Computer woes solved… I hope

Sorry to have been offline for a few days. I’m trying to replace a dying computer. It’s never as easy as I’d like.

So we need to catch up on a couple of big stories. Coming right up.


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