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Are we “chopped liver” or what?

Channel 3’s Dennis House takes on the Blue Black Square newcomer “New York Sports Clubs” here:

What do you think?



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So who should we vote for?

There’s no news in the papers and not much going on.

So let’s debate who should serve on the next town council and Board of Education. Tell us why you think the way you do — and try to convince us that you’re right without being mean-spirited.

I’m sure I’m not alone in having no idea who should be elected.


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AC Petersen gets iffy review

Trinity College’s paper gives our local eatery mediocre marks in this review.


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As if an influx of nasty rats wasn’t enough, our town’s also been invaded by giant, multi-colored plastic cows. I can’t explain what’s going on anymore.


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Truck ban on Avon Mountain

Other than tunneling through the mountain, I have no idea how they’ll ever make the road truly safe. But does it make sense to ban heavy, through trucks for a few months? It seems like such a gimmick.


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Cut taxes for “green” cars?

What does everyone think of the idea of dropping car taxes for all vehicles in town that get more than 40 miles to the gallon? It’s at least an interesting idea, right?


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Don’t leave, Kevin, et. al.

Former Lt. Gov. Kevin Sullivan wrote in another post that “all candidates and candidate spouses” should stop posting here until after the election “or the ‘dialogue’ will soon become mostly just a bunch of ill-disguised political pitches.”

While the intention is honorable, it’s mistaken.

One of the best things about a blog that works is that it provides a place for the community to talk to itself, to have candidates and residents discussing issues, to focus on problems and solutions. For the most part, that’s been happening here, no thanks to me. We have a highly educated, interested town that has taken advantage of this little gathering spot.

As newspapers dwindle into irrelevancy — something that saddens me — blogs and the like are the only thing that can take their place with any effectiveness. But they won’t do much good if officials avoid saying anything on them out of a misplaced sense of honor.

I admire Kevin for thinking about this. But I do believe he’s wrong to leave and I hope that other candidates stay, although if Joe Visconti feels the need to go….


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