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Take that, Mr. Frosty!

From the latest West Hartford News:

In a lighter moment during this week’s meeting, Town Councilor Chuck Coursey reported that he and Mayor Scott Slifka met with the owner of Mr. Frosty Ice Cream, the local ice cream truck company, and requested that the volume of the music be turned down.
“The music is too loud,” said Coursey.
The owner of Mr. Frosty Ice Cream has agreed to turn down the volume 10 percent. Apparently, residents have been annoyed by both the volume and the song choice. Because many homeowners have central air conditioning, they keep their windows closed. To get the attention of ice cream lovers inside their homes, Mr. Frosty Ice Cream was playing the Disney song, “It’s a Small World,” louder than normal. “You may not love the jingle on the truck,” he said.

Personally, I’ve been ready to smash that damn truck’s sound system so 10 percent is not enough. But it’s better than nothing.



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