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West Hartford GOP sure looks DEAD

In trying to learn more about the inscrutable politics of West Hartford, I looked for each party’s website. I figured in a town where nearly everyone is online, they’d each have a decent presence on the internet. Shows what I know.

Here’s what the Republicans have, as best I can tell: Last updated in 2003.

The Democrats appear to have even less, really, but at least it’s up to date: West Hartford Democratic Town Committee list.

Both parties should cringe at their online efforts in this town. We’re not podunkville with a dial-up internet line at the library. We’re a place where almost everybody has high-speed web access and uses it for a lot more than just downloading porn.

C’mon, party leaders, Al Gore didn’t invent the internet just so bloggers could babble. There are voters here on the web. You need to reach them.



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