A whale of a dumb story

Let me get this straight… the Courant has a story at the top of the front page saying that the Science Center whale isn’t going away? All because a Facebook user thought it might be leaving? It’s a strange, strange new world.



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2 responses to “A whale of a dumb story

  1. eafinct

    Check out Facebook — the high school kids have been freaking out over this issue, despite even a post by one of their own (who volunteers there) that the whale is going with the Science Center if at all possible. It’s a virtual reality, man….

  2. Amanda

    I was asked to be a part of the group. I myself am 19, and I thought it was quite curious that there was so much hype surrounding the whale in the first place. It was pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I guess they wanted to Guarantee the whale’s safety instead of an ‘if at all possible’ deal.

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