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Cheshire murders

I’ve been reading every scrap about this awful, awful massacre of Dr. William Petit’s wife and two daughters. It fills me with disgust, and worries me, too, because I can’t see that anyone screwed up in letting these two animals out on the streets. Despite criminal pasts, they’d never been charged with anything violent. They just didn’t appear to have much about them that would clued anybody in that they could act with such complete evil against such innocents.

I think that’s what makes this especially sickening to our collective soul. The crime is horrendous, of course, but so, too, is the deadening feeling that there’s nothing anyone could have done to stop it.

I just can’t stop thinking of poor Dr. Petit, who lost so much more than anyone ever should. Watching his speech at the memorial service yesterday just about broke my heart.



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Dodged Visconti’s thugs and still alive

Yeah, I was back, rest and ready…. and then my computer(s) crapped out on me. We appear to be ok now — cross your fingers — and will be back in the saddle again here at the trusty West Hartford Blog.

Sorry for the troubled July on here. Let’s hope that it’s all in the past now.


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I’m tanned, rested and ready

Back from vacation and pleased to see that this little blog is flourishing in an odd sort of way despite my disappearance. I managed to post only twice when I stole a distant neighbor’s wireless signal on my laptop. Alas, it proved it too distant a signal most of the time, so I gave up.

But things rolled along fine anyway, which is wonderful.

So what kind of mischief have I missed while away?


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$188K for school boss

Well, I hope the man is worth it. Read the details here.

David Sklarz is getting a 3.5 percent pay hike that puts his salary on track to break $200K in another year or two. That’s hard to swallow when the district is doing things like cutting back on Quest and wiping out positions that would help kids directly.


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