8th graders commit suicide

An eighth grader named Norberto Jimenez at King Phillip killed himself. It’s so sad. The schools sent home a letter saying the boy had died unexpectedly but left out that he hung himself. That’s an important detail for parents looking to counsel youngsters.

Update: Another 8th grader committed suicide Wednesday morning. Sam Joseph, who attends Sedgwick but used to go to Bristow, killed himself.

Please, parents and concerned adults, check on the children in your lives. Let’s do everything we can to make sure that nobody else dies.



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  1. JC

    Aren’t you 2 pleasant individuals.

    The only good thing about this situation is he doesn’t have to put up with insensitive louts like you anymore.

  2. @kp student: The letter went out to all West Hartford families, and while I didn’t really feel the need to know the manner of his death, I would have liked to know that it was a suicide (and not sickness or a car accident or something).

    This is a tragic way for a child to die, and our thoughts are with the boy’s family.

  3. WH Alum

    Such a sad situation which just got worse. This morning it was announced that a Sedgwick 8th grade student has also taken his own life. While I find it interesting that kids are taking an interest in this blog – maybe they need to realize that they’re not in a chat room full of buddies their own age and a little more respect should be shown in a public forum. No matter what “Shayra’s” personal feelings were, his family and friends are in deep pain right now and this kind of name calling is extremely inappropriate. It is evident in her response that many of our kids today are just not affected by violence and death the way previous generations were.

    At Sedgwick they did tell the kids that the boy took his own life – now let’s see the backlash from parents who wish they had left out that detail. As the first student stated – the kids all knew anyway, many knew the night before from sports practices.

  4. 6th Grader's Mom

    First, I hope you can get rid of these vicious, ignorant, childish posts above mine. They are uncalled for and an insult to decent WH citizens.

    My child is in 6th grade, didn’t know this boy, but has been deeply touched by a few things. The sadness at school on Monday was unbearable for her. She’s 11 years old, and cannot grasp how a “kid” can feel so bad he would want to die. However, she was amazed by the sense of community within KP. His peers wore black in remembrance, mourned together.

    I am disgusted that there are children being raised here in our town that could post the above sentiments about someone choosing to take their own life. These are OUR kids’ peers.

    I pray for Norberto’s family, there is nothing worse than your child choosing to end his life.

  5. 6th Grader's Mom

    I posted before I read the post by WH Alum regarding the Sedgwick student.

    Gosh, I hope this isn’t a new fad or epidemic in WH. Our kids have so much going for them, why are they not reaching out to the resources that are available? Why are these parents/teachers/counselors/coaches not seeing these kids pain?

    Are there enough “Shanyras” out there to make life for others so meaningless?

    Something needs to be done.

  6. E. Allen

    WH Dad – please delete the offensive comments above and moderate going forward on this thread.

  7. xoxosassyzxoxo

    Norberto was like my little brother he is my ex-boyfriends little brothers best friend. And I’m appalled that someone would leave such a comment. NO ONE deserves to die, and I hurts because no one knew he was so far off my ex was with him the day before and he was laughing and being happy. Its people like “shanyras” that cause for this to happen we need to keep watch over these kids and try and make sure that they have guides and people to look up too. Thats what norberto needed, he had gotten into trouble but he need someone to be there for him. I’m in college now and wasnt able to see him as often as I used too to see the signs. But please keep his family in your prayers and everyone else around him this is a tradgedy and I hope that his can be prevented. I went to KP and I had a hard time which a lot of kids in middle school do. I just hope things like these can be prevented.. RIP Norberto…We miss you lil bro

    • selena

      That Boy was my cousin so everyone needs to stop with the rude and unnecesarry comments . would you like if your children were talked about like that no so do me a favor and keep ignorant comments to yourself i have no problem suing people. you wouldnt want your families business being placed out in the world no so i believe that the school was right in letting the other students parents know without stating what actually happened to him it keeps everyones privacy in a nice place .

  8. parent

    Can anyone confirm that there was another suicide at segwick?

  9. Sad but true

    Yes, another 8th grader. Just heard from someone who got a letter from the school via email. Many tears.

  10. JC

    I received confirmation of that from a reliable source.

    2 in 2 days

    i believe there was also a 3rd attempt.

  11. I deleted the first two comments. I’ll try hard to keep an eye on this to make sure people stay within civilized bounds. This is getting worse. I feel so sad to learn that a second child is dead.

    • Dr Jack Grenan

      I am a psychologist who assists families with many issues . one is families who child has committed suicide. Here is my home number I am available 24 hrs a day IF someone needs help or has questions God Bless You and all your families Dr Jack Grenan 1231-828-2442

  12. Middle school can really suck. If any kids are reading this, please know that life does get better. It may seem impossibly bad now, but don’t give up. If you’re feeling hopeless, please talk to your parents, a teacher, a counselor, a minister, friends, someone who can help you through.

  13. JJ

    As a parent of a middle schooler (and a freshman in high school) I can’t convey strongly enough how important it is to stay in touch with your kids at this stage of life. Boys especially, become quiet and tend not to share like they did when they were younger. It’s important to make time for communication with your child, whether it’s in the car on the way to practice, at dinner or at bedtime. ALL parents of school age kids should make a point at this time to reconnect with your kids and find out if anything is troubling them. It’s never too late!

  14. experienced

    I am very sorry for the children who died, I wish they knew that there are people out there that understand what they must have been going to. Although most of these people are right, it is important to watch for changes in a child’s behavior and try to speak with them about it but that it is not the parent, or the counselor’s fault. Many children do not like to talk to adults, especially their parents about a problem, I think the best way to help a child through something like middle school or high school or a rough period is to make sure they are involved in something that makes them happy, and you can help them by taking note of what they like, and also that they are surrounded by people that share common interests and that they know they are loved and supported.

  15. SP

    As a parent who tries desperately to keep on top of all the positive and negative influences out there could some one please tell me what is a “Shanyra”? Thanks

  16. TO SP:

    It was a “person” who posted earlier (WHDad deleted) with negative, nasty comments regarding this terrible situation.

  17. whmom

    I knew Norberto. He was a sweet boy. I will pray for his family and the family of the Joseph boy. Make sure your kids are talking. Keep a safe distance, but let them talk when they need to.

  18. Chalenois

    I wonder if these kids fully comprehend the finality of death. I’m not sure that at middle school age I did. And it is a very hard concept: here one minute, gone the next, like a magic trick….

    My heart and thoughts go out to the families of these boys.

  19. Kid

    I knew Noberto i played football with him and the other kid was one of my freinds best friend and really i wish they didnt because both these kids were very popular and both schools are mourning

  20. whmom

    To all the WH kids: There is always SOMEONE to talk to. I know the adults of West Hartford and they are more than willing to listen and help kids out when they feeling bad or in trouble. If you have really sad, suicidal thoughts, talk to a friend, an adult, anyone. Most of us have been down at times and know that you are never alone. God bless Norberto and Sam.

  21. former suicide attempter

    I know the feeling…feeling that you are alone, that no one cares, there is no one to talk to, there is no hope for the future….Luckily I was given another chance at life. I just wanted to tell everyone out there that has hopeless feelings that there IS someone to talk to, and listen to you! 211 is an excellent resource that can help if you are ever in a crisis situation.

  22. Grew up in W. Hartford

    I am so sorry to hear about the terrible tragedies that happened in town. My family stands by the families and the community in their grief.

    Kids- TALK TO SOMEONE. There is ALWAYS a solution, and ALWAYS someone who will listen and take you seriously. If the 1st person you tell doesn’t believe you or doesn’t want to help, tell people until someone does.

    If your friend tells you they are thinking about ending their life or hurting him/herself, you MUST tell an adult. Your friend might be angry for a bit, but he or she will be ALIVE.

    Tell a teacher (any teacher), a coach, a counselor, a parent (any parent), the nurse, a resource officer… just tell someone. You’re all too important… get help.

    xoxo from Boston, MA

    • Tim

      If you have a friend that is threatening suicide, talk to them and listen to them. Don’t succomb to fear of the issue by telling someone ELSE, especially not some clueless adult! The suicidal person will feel angry, like you said, and for good reason: you have betrayed their trust!!!! Suicidal feelings are the most personal feelings possible. You can’t share such personal feelings with others unless you trust that they understand that you are telling them and only them. I’ve gone through suicidal times in my life and the last thing I’d want my friends to do is tell someone else that doesn’t know me and therefore can’t help me… especially some clueless adult that knows nothing about what I’m feeling. Listen to your friends and realize that if they are trusting you enough to tell you they’re suicidal, it is now your OPPORTUNITY to help them through it and do something TRULY miraculous. If you push it on someone else, betray their trust, and they commit suicide (even if it’s later than they might have if you had not told an adult), you will rightly feel partially responsible. Know that suicidal feelings are real. They are not to be pushed off as a temporary problem for which you need to call the police or “tell an adult” and have the subject restrained until those feelings just “go away”. Because I’ll tell you from personal experience, they don’t go away until someone hears and understands your story. Suicidal feelings are like a gaping wound. The wound will either heal by trust and friendship or get horribly infected by doing what you said to do. I know you have good intentions, but staying alive shouldn’t be the end all goal of dealing with suicidal people. I’d 100 times rather have suicides happen than have some sort of censor on each person’s brain that can shut down the central nervous system when they become too suicidal. That is like something from 1984.

  23. Very Concerned Parent

    As a parent of an 8th grade student at KP, I am very saddened by these recent events. I am also quite concerned about whether or not school administrators intend to respond to these most unfortunate deaths and bring the tragedies out of the closet. Wishing it were not so will not help other kids from taking drastic, irreversible action in response to their pain and confusion. Not informing students that these were suicides does not, in any way, shelter them from that reality. They are texting one another like mad and all know what has happened. School administrators must deal with this head on and begin to brainstorm about the most appropriate long term response to what has occured. Take these conversations off of AOL instant messenger and into the classroom. Our kids are hurting and silence and denial will do nothing to help the next struggling child. We need a proactive response and we need one now.

  24. Shocked Beyond Belief

    Two days in a row, my daughter has brought home the news as IM’s flew fast and furious on the keyboard. We had moved out of WH and out of CT in 2006. While I don’t know Norberto, we knew Sam, who was my daughter’s classmate in elementary. I called him the “peanut boy”…he was severely allergic to nuts so the entire school knew not to have nuts around him. He even ran for student council VP in 5th grade. I am stunned beyond belief that children this young find life dead ends so soon! As a mother I grieve for the family of these boys…this tragedies will haunt me for a while.

  25. Work at KP

    Administrators at the schools were only allowed to say what the families wanted them to say. Norberto’s family was not comfortable sharing these details, particularly in a printed letter, therefore the administrators at KP could not share the details. In the other case, at Sedgwick, the family wanted it to be told that the boy took his own life.
    It is so sad that this has happened. Any kids reading- please tell someone if you are struggling. As in posts before, everyone has felt hopeless before, but it does get better, especially with support from others.

  26. OMG!!!!

    I knew norberto since 4th grade when he first moved to westhartford and we used to play basketball together all the time. But how did sam joesph kill him self?

  27. 8th grade mom

    I am the mom of an 8th grade boy. They don’t talk much and I was glad that “former suicide attempter” reminded the kids that if they don’t feel safe talking to anyone they know, 211 is a call they can make and maybe save their life. I’m sorry anyone so young can think of suicide but with all the horror on TV, in the news and in the games the kids play, sometimes it’s only an extension of their feelings. I agree with a former post that sometimes the kids don’t understand the finality of death….everyone comes back in their games and on TV. My prayers are with the families and all the kids in those adolescent years that are so tough. Even the kids who appear to be so “put together” have a lot of pressure and stress..if any of you are reading this, talk to anyone or make a phone call. You are so smart and wonderful, live your life and share your thoughts and friendship with someone who may be worse off than you are.

    • Hall 06

      Of course they understand the finality of death in that they understand that it will be the finality of their unbearable suffering. It is ignorant to say that they don’t understand what they’re doing. You don’t know the pain they felt for years, every moment of every day. Death is the only way out sometimes. And don’t blame violent video games either. That is so God damned ignorant and insensitive, as if they really didn’t have a problem so bad they felt they had to kill themselves. Yea, what really must have happened is they were just seeing if real life works like in the video game. Yea, they’re fucking STUPID. No. Suicide is a real ending. Suicide victims don’t need to be treated with such disrespect as if their feelings were “wrong” or they made a grand and great “mistake” based on feelings they “shouldn’t” have been having. I give full credit of intelligence and knowledge of what they’re doing. I’m not saying that there was no way out, but that in THEIR mind, there was no way out. And that’s all that really matters. God bless suicide victims. They are so misunderstood.

  28. Kevin Walsh

    Does it really matter how he did it?

  29. KP Student

    I knew Norberto, and he was an amazing kid. When I walked into school on Tuesday, I saw a sea of black clothes, sad faces, and tears. I was among them. The sadness that this has caused is unbelievable, and I feel that the school should be doing something about this. When I found out there was another suicide, I got worried. I didn’t know Sam Joseph, but I heard awesome stories about him. If anyone from the school is reading this, PLEASE, you need to do something to help. I fear for my friends’ lives. Even if it’s just an assembly, you need to do something. R.I.P Norberto, you will stay in our hearts forever. R.I.P Sam Joseph, rock the heavens.

  30. WH Alum

    Well said, KP student.

  31. Other KP Student

    KP Students has a point, there should be an assembly, there is older people out there who are motivational speakers, who have ‘attempted suicide’. Something should be done, asap. This is a very serious issue.

    RIP Norberto

  32. A fellow 8th grade KP student

    I was devastated to hear of the news when I got home from dinner Monday night. The words ‘he hung himself’ lingered in the air, and I couldn’t grasp the concept Norberto was really gone. He went to elementary school with me, he went to middle school with me, eighth grade was his final stop. It’s so unbelievable. Looking at his pictures is like seeing Norberto smiling and giving his friends high-fives in the hallway. Last year, a friend of mine was having suicidal thoughts, I immediately told a teacher, and my friend received help. I just didn’t think Norberto would take his own life. I didn’t know Sam Joseph, but I hope he rests in peace with Norberto as well. As for any other students reading this, don’t think it’s so lame I am writing all this, it’s fact, and you don’t want another suicide in our town. I’ve been hearing rumors about a third attempt, and I hope it isn’t true. God bless to Norberto & Sam.

  33. We're with you, kids

    I’m impressed with the eloquence and insight of these youngsters (at least since the first posts were deleted). It makes it all the sadder to think two of them took their own lives.
    Please, please, please, let’s not have any more.

  34. whmom

    to: A Fellow 8th grade KP student

    If you possibly know of a third person considering this, could you please go and tell an adult? Maybe someone at KP? Even if it’s just a rumor, you might save a life. God bless all of you 8th-graders.

  35. WolfBat95

    I go to one of the 3 middle schools in West Hartford I had to deal with all the people that were crying. It was so sad and there was nothing I could do. All the 8th graders were crying so much even the tuff guys.


  36. WolfBat95

    The sad thing is Sam Joseph sister goes to my school how are people even going to to talk its going to be a lot of akward silence

  37. Pained-Peer

    wow, i can’t believe this. one day they are here, the next they aren’t. they were both very close to me, but i wont even get into that. what i want to say is how KP is doing NOTHING about it. i was disgusted in a teacher who made a boy leave his group of friends after just finding out about his best friends death because he “wasn’t supposed to be on that side of the cafeteria.” teachers are just ignoring it, and we have SO much work due tomorrow ( two tests, thesis paragraph and presentation), and i can’t get anything done. this is all i can think about.i cant sleep, or eat. its so terrible. no parent/teacher really know what our grade is going through… and they are lucky.

  38. Grew up in W. Hartford

    KP students and other MS students-
    Your comments are right on. Please PLEASE share your thoughts, ideas, and worries with adults at your school(s). You will absolutely be helping your friends.

  39. We're with you, kids

    It’s interesting that the Courant’s story makes it sound like the schools are doing so much, but the kids on here make it pretty clear that in practice, there’s an awful lot of insensitivity going on.
    Also, what’s the logic in not naming the kids in that news story? Just curious because it doesn’t make any sense to me.

  40. Ex-WH Mom

    I was waiting for it to hit the news, but my daughter had mentioned that kids were being asked to “stop that!!!” by the teachers when they suddenly burst into sobs at their seats! I was so furious that I wanted to draft a quick letter to Sklarz. I’m 700 miles down south in another state and this has bothered me since Tuesday! I love West Hartford and my daughter still maintains contact with her friends over there. I just dread to hear more news of another one in the future, especially if one we actually knew, slept over our home, etc. etc.

    Kids….pleaaaaseeee…ask for help! You have ALL of life ahead of you!

  41. Question For Parents

    Will you and/or your children be attending these funerals/services?

    Are your kids talking about it?

  42. Thank you, everyone, for keeping this discussion caring and level-headed. I know this is a very difficult situation for many, many people in town and that kids and adults are all scared. What’s important is for all of us to pull together and look out for each other.
    Two suicides of boys so young can’t help rocking our world. Let’s hope, and pray, that there no more.

  43. Very Concerned Parent

    I am going to support my daughter and allow her to go to the funeral if she wants to. She posted on this website (KP Student) and I really think that she needs to express her grief and get some kind of closure on the experience. Just writing that post helped her in dealing with this sad event. That said, I think it is relevant to add that this will not be her first funeral. I am not sure if I would feel so confident if it was.

    As a parent, my first impulse is to try to shelter my children from painful experiences. However, the reality is that this is going to be a difficult episode on the path to adulthood for her. Trying to sugar coat it or block her from the pain will do little to help her learn this most difficult life lesson. I know my child. She will hear all about the funeral from those who attend and if she feels that it is important for her to be there, I will not stand in her way.

  44. Yet Another KPM Parent

    I don’t want to invalidate the experience of the student who feels his teachers at KPM are insensitive. Our family’s experience has been different, though. I’ve been talking with and corresponding with the 8th counselor as well as the Emerald Team Leader and they are not only grief stricken, they are watching out for the kids. My daughter also says she can see that her teachers are hurting as well, and she feels she has been given space and supports as well as the freedom to grieve. If she wants to go the funeral, I will certainly support her.

  45. formerwhstudent

    As a former student at KP and Hall, It devastates me to see more suicides in West Hartford, especially in middle school. I read the courant article, and what really gets to me is that the schools say they’re basically making a list of kids they think are suicidal and sending letters home to these kids parents. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? These boys were well liked, involved in sports, and generally happy kids, from what I have heard. So what criteria do you plan to use to evaluate these kids when it’s not just the sad mopey kids who are killing themselves? It bothers me that school administrations are getting together with guidance counselors who hardly even know these kids names let alone anything about them to try and decide if these kids are suicidal rather than being there to support kids while they are grieving. From what I have heard from my friends younger siblings and the KP students on this site, the administration is being insensitive and doing almost nothing. I think it is important for parents to get together and do something about the school’s douchebaggery before more kids get hurt. I went to Hall the year that Dan Romanos killed himself. The administration didn’t handle it perfectly, but no teachers tried to accomplish much in their classes that day, we were allowed to skip class to talk to counselors or just chill out, and his close friends (some of them were in my classes) were given extra time on assignments, things like that. I would expect that middle schoolers would need even more help coping since they are between 4 and 7 years younger than I was when I experienced my first suicide in my school. I can’t even imagine going through that at such a young age, and if the schools don’t do something soon to reach out to students, it will only make coping with this loss even more difficult for these kids.

  46. turtle

    We are heartbroken for these boys and their families and friends. Our sincere condolences.

  47. David DeRocher

    I was Norberto’s football coach. All the coaches on the team are in complete shock.He always had a smile on his face and we all enjoyed the short time we had with him. I just wanted to let all the kids know that if they can’t talk with thier parents about issues they can come to any one of the coaches and speak with us. wether it’s during the season or not we are ALWAYS here for you.No matter what the issue is we will always listen.We were kids your age once and went thru the same issues and feelings. Don’t keep it inside let people know how you are feeling. We are here to help you in any way.Norberto will be missed but never forgotten. Parents please speak with your kids and let them know we ALL care about them.

  48. KP/HALL Dad

    My daughter is in 7th grade at KP, and she is friends with Sam Joseph’s younger sister. My son is a freshman at Hall. Just a couple comments: First, let’s be careful about the quick judgment and criticism of how the schools are handling this. There seems to be an epidemic in this country of trying to find blame for everything, and it is often targeted at “the system”. The schools did not cause these suicides, and I am confident that they are trying their hardest to navigate their way through this situation in the most appropriate way. Criticizing the school is easy, but keep in mind that “the school” is made up of individuals, just like you and me, many of whom are parents.

    Second, although I am not trained in this sort of thing, I am wary of having assemblies (as suggested above). It seems that suicide is sometimes an attempt to garner attention or to be noticed. If too much attention (and I know that may sound cold) is paid to these suicides, I fear that other teetering kids may see it is a way to go out with some fanfare and notoreity. As the Courant noted today, these young suicides often come in groups. In a strange way, the media attention and other attention may validate the decision to take one’s life. Think of Columbine. I don’t recall ever hearing of a school shooting when I was growing up, but they are now almost common.

    Hug your kids.

    • anney hannah

      KP/HALL DAD- Suicide is NOT AT ALL ABOUT WANTING ATTENTION! It is about ending extreme pain. No one commits suicide for attention. They do it because they see no other way to end the pain they are suffering.

  49. formerwhstudent

    I’m not trying to blame the school system for these children’s deaths, I’m merely raising the point that perhaps the teachers should exercise a bit better discretion as to their expectations of their students in the next few weeks and that it may be a good idea for the school not to just pretend that this tragedy didn’t happen.

  50. WH Alum

    I’ve heard from a teacher at KP that since Tuesday morning kids have been invited to speak with counselors, in groups or alone, and this has continued all week long. I can’t speak for any individual teacher saying “stop it” but perhaps there was more to that moment than was stated here. It does not sound like anyone is “pretending it didn’t happen.” Normalcy and routines are important. Kids are crying, and that is ok, and I have not heard from teachers that they are not allowing the kids to cry and they are encouraging them to seek counseling as needed. On Tuesday, the library was closed so kids had a place to gather and grieve.

    That being said, it would be nice to excuse some work and lighten the load for the kids – though I imagine with vacation on the horizon teachers are wary of extending tests and assignments. Also, it seems that from the top down there has been an element of hush-hush on the details, though the kids all knew many of the details Monday night. It sounds like the teachers are hearing more from the kids than the official word from the administration.

    It’s nice to see so many mature, well written comments from the kids, considering how this thread began a couple of days ago.

  51. WH mom

    I too was so sad to hear about these to young men. One thing I know is that the funeral for Sam is private, family only. There are calling hours at the home – they will be sitting shiva.
    Boys especially don’t open up to their parents about everything that goes on in their lives. I have an eighth grade boy and girl, and they express themselves so differently. Parents we have to listen carefully. Middle school can be painful, but it is critical that parents, teachers, coaches, whoever…reminds these kids that tomorrow is a new day and the sun will shine. It is so hard for some young people to grasp that there is a solution to every problem and to reach out. Kids, I know you are in pain and there really is no way to take it away from you right now. Please know that there are so many people that you can talk to, and that the best way to honor their memory is to make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

  52. Take it easy

    You went over the line at first, but now that you’ve explained why, I think a lot of us feel better about it.

  53. Shanyra-

    I am so sorry for your pain, anger, confusion, and the loss of your friend. I do not know you and probably never will but the loss of a friend can run deep and can fill you with emotions that you can not always understand. Please know it is okay to be angry….. talk to your friends and family as they will understand the best. Value your friendship and I hope that you, in time, understand that your friend was not thinking of his future, his friends, family, sports, or the good times. His world, at that moment, was darker than we can truly understand. I pray for you, your friend, and hope that in time you are able to grow,learn, and understand that your friend loved you and find comfort in the happier times. I think you will learn to cherish life, friends, family, and be a better person as a result. Such a strange gift to get from all of this but a beatiful one none the less. Know that I care….. a complete stranger…… and I truly do.

  54. Kid

    If they didnt try to hid Nobertos suicide Sam would never have done it because he would have talked and the school acted as if we would never find out and cause of this ignorance sam died

  55. KP Employee

    The staff and administrators at KP have gone above and beyond to address this tradegy. There have been a number of counselors available to any and all students that need someone to talk to. Being at KP I have witnessed first hand the compassion and concern that the staff has shown. As for the comment about the principal’s letter to the parents omitting the cause of death….I don’t know any parent that would want that noted in the letter. The letter was written with sincere compassion and respect for Norberto’s family.
    I am so sorry that any parent would have to experience that kind of grief.

  56. turtle


    Um, it was beyond the pale.

  57. kid

    so today was not much better…
    everyone is hurting so much.
    but i have one request:
    rumors and talking about stuff
    you know nothing about is not
    helping anyone. its just making
    everything worse. i know sometimes
    you feel tempted to contribute to a
    discussion, but please. if you dont have
    anything factual, or “nice” to say , please
    pleaseplease dont say it.

  58. I’m glad that so many young people are posting here, but I also want to second what “kid” just wrote. Please don’t post rumors, or worse.
    Let’s all remember that many people are reading this — more than 7,000 in the past two days — and some of them are grieving badly. Let’s not make that pain, or fear, any worse.

  59. soccerqt

    It makes me feel horrible! I am in 6th grade at KP! I heard about this and felt heart-broken! I do not think that anyone should feel so bad they want to die. I think all kids should be happy. Not sad. Every kid should also get a second chance. They should always have someone to talk to and feel safe with. Let’s not let anymore suicides happen!


  60. Yet Another KP Mom

    I think that link was on the Hartford Courant’s “comment” section following their article. It shows that he “logged in” post-death date, so it was speculated that someone else created that myspace, and that it wasn’t his.

  61. Lil P.

    Probably someone from his family called it up or maybe a friend. It’s his page.

  62. Jessica

    I get the feeling that all the criticism of the school, of the letter written home, or the teachers is just our way of trying to find someone to blame. This reminds me of the Cheshire home invasion, when everyone wanted to blame Dr.Petit – to figure out that there was a reason for the horror. My sense of these boys is that neither was identified as a suicide risk, and no one saw it coming. Both had issues, but suicidal? I have to think about all the violence our kids are exposed to through the media , and it numbs them. Might this never have happened if they got distracted with a phonecall or a movie? Were these impulsive attempts that should never have been successful, and if so – how can we prevent what no one saw coming.
    I think that is the scariest part of it all.

  63. kid

    no, “yet another kp mom”…that was his real page. so once again, please dont say stuff you dont know…i dont want to sound like im attacking you. its just been a rough day and like even speculations are taken very seriously. and i also dont think the link should be posted for everyone to see…but thats just me.

  64. KP Student

    “Kid” is right. My friends were his myspace friends pre-death, and it is his real myspace page. I am dissapointed that anyone would try to use this page to start rumors. For example, my friend said that he was ‘online’ Monday (the day he died) night. He was trying to convince people that it was all a lie and somebody started the whole suicide rumor just to get attention. I am almost positive that a family member or close friend logged on.
    After all, it was unexpected, and I’m sure they want any evidence on why he did it.

  65. a close friend of norberto

    yet another KP Mom,
    tht is norberto’s myspace, just to point out.
    i am a 8th grader at kp., i was really really close to norberto and speaking for all 8th graders at both kp and sedwick..these “boys” were our friends. some bestfriends. i miss norberto alot, i nvr really knew sam but i have to respect him. norberto was a best friend to me. if u were mad at him he would just smile at u and the problem woud b solved..thts wat evryone loved bout him…u just couldnt stay mad at him.
    i haven’t slept in 3 days, and cant eat. i just hope wherevr sam and norberto are. they watchover us.
    i will b attending norberto’s funeral on saturday.

    6/4 – 4/7


  66. Dad from nj

    My condolences go to the parents of these children, who are no
    Longer in this world but never will be forgotten, kids please
    Remember that even do it might feels as you drown on your problems
    And there is no escape in sight seek a helping hand either from an adult or someone
    You look up to, find another view, a better route, and destroy your problems with laughter
    Embrace life and remember you have time on your side, that you can accomplish anything you put your minds to. To my daughter who is among those kids
    Dealing with this lost please remember that your daddy loves you …

  67. WHParent

    I am not being noisy but somehow, I feel that it’s important for all of us to know why they chose to take their own lives. As a parent, I know there will always be a generation gap between my children and I. I hope we can understand why they chose to end their lives so that we can prevent future tragedy from happening.

  68. Wondering

    I’m still unsettled regarding believing that these incidents are unrelated.

  69. Bertrand.

    I am currently an 8th grader at Sedgwick. It is too difficult to grasp the concept that their lives were so bad they had to end it. This felt all too real, for everyone.
    “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” – Phil Donahue

  70. Letter from BOE:

    Just got in my email, via KP PTO:

    April 11, 2008

    Dear Parents:

    As many of you are aware, The Bridge Family Center is holding a Middle School Spring Dance at the Town Hall Auditorium, 50 South Main Street, this evening from 7 to 9 p.m.

    Since parents will be dropping off their children at this site and in light of the tragedies of this week, a drop-in session of caring and sharing for parents and community members will be held at the Town Hall in room 314. Drop in any time from 6 to 10 p.m.

    West Hartford Public School support staff, Board of Education representatives, and Town Council representatives will be available to talk with parents regarding the recent events.

    If you want to share your concerns or just connect with other concerned parents, we will be there for you.


    Terry Schmitt, Chairperson
    Board of Education

  71. kpmom

    I agree with the earlier posts. It seems that these events are connected (from the “rumors” my children are hearing). I feel that in order to be an informed parent I need more accurate information than the rumors my kids bring home. My kids are talking about gang involvement and all sorts of things that are keeping me awake at night. I’d just like the truth.

  72. Letter from BOE:

    I heard the same thing re: gangs.

  73. former weha kid

    I used to live in west hartford and am so happy I moved out of that town. In general, I have been a victim of “girl bullying”… the usual stab-in-the-back, rumors type of teasing. The administration at Sedgwick Middle School has tried extremely hard to help relieve the stress and bullying that young kids face today. However, the administration cannot solve everything by themselves; kids need to help out as well. As a former Sedgwick student it’s safe to say that no matter what happend at sedgwick, no matter what changed one thing always remaind stable, and that was the amount of bullying. Kids have gotten meaner, ruder, nastier and I honestly cannot say I wouldn’t have done what Norberto and Sam did if I had stayed one more year in that town, at that school, with those kids. Sedgwick was almost like a feudal system where the populer kids were at the very top of the social latter, ruling the school, and then there was just everyone else below them.

    Don’t get me wrong, there were times at Sedgwick where I felt welcomed and part of the soacil circle, but now as I have moved to another school in another town, in another state, I have found that not every school has to be the way it was at Sedgwick. Not every place is as cruel and not every kid is as mercilessly brutal towards others. So to anyone else out there considering suicide I beg you to stop. You only have three more years in that place, you can live through it. Hold your head up high and I promise things will get better.

    Like I mentioned before, the administration was honestly on top of everything and I remember having an “acceptance week” in seventh grade. My whole grade got together and learned how to see each other as more than classmates, but as friends.

  74. Friend for life...ya tu sabe {{you already know}}

    ♥R.I.P NORBERTO ‘BEBO’ JIMENEZ…YOU WILL FOREVER BE MISSED, REMEMBERED AND L♥VED!!!♥…..{{4.7.08}}…..R.I.P Bebo you will forever be missed and loved and I hope you forever rest in peace…Bebo you will always be remembered!!

  75. WH Alum

    Former weha kid – it’s nice to hear that you got yourself out of that situation and have moved on. Sad to hear that you had to leave WH to get away from it, though. What are we missing as a community? It seems that the schools do so much in regards to anti-bullying and team-building.

    I remember a similar “social system” when I went through KP and Hall many years back. Is it the nature of larger schools? My husband grew up in a smaller town and in our conversations it always sounded like Hall seemed much more “cliquey” than his high school.

    The thing that makes bullying even worse today, however, is the Internet and text messaging. Our kids have to deal with “Cyber Bullying” that simply did not exist when we were young. That means it follows you wherever you go, so you can’t avoid that mean girl or big bully guy by walking a different way. It would not be surprising to hear that bullying was involved in these cases – (though it sounds like they were very popular kids.)

  76. 6th grade kp student

    They are still giving us letters but I am worried if they will protect us too much/

  77. Curious

    I’m curious if anyone here can report how the information session went at the Town Hall (which ran at the same time as the All-Town Middle School Dance?

    Honestly, I think the timing of that session is inappropriate… I picture a room of grieving and mourning across the hall from the gymnasium with HipHop dancing music blaring at disgusting decibles.

  78. “KID–
    If they didnt try to hid Nobertos suicide Sam would never have done it because he would have talked and the school acted as if we would never find out and cause of this ignorance sam died”

    what do you mean by that??? Were Sam and Noberto friends or something? Why did Sam kill himself.. for fame or becuase of Norberto?
    What are you trying to say “kid”??

  79. ceo

    Think of the absolute worst experience in your life and ask yourself:

    1) Would you want a report, explaining every detail, issued for everyone/anyone to read? 2) Did your emotional state cause you to overreact, say inappropriate things, act in ways that are not in your nature? 3) Did you seek the support of others or keep to your self? 4) Did you feel so badly you just wished life would end? 5) Did you misinterpret comments made to you; pass judgment swiftly without questioning further or thinking of the other persons feelings? 6) Are you human? My answers: Absolutely NOT; Yes; Not nearly as often as I should have; Yes; Many times; I sure hope so.

    So many thoughts are racing through my mind right now, I’m losing track of what my point was. I just deleted the remainder of what I had written – way too long. I guess I primarily want to say let’s cut each other some slack.

    Teachers: I cannot begin to fathom how difficult it is to maintain sanity, let alone professionalism. God bless them for what they must endure. Kids: Come on everyone. It would not be unrealistic to believe that this could be the first experience with the death of someone they know. The key word here is “kid”. Parents: OK, I must admit, I was personally offended by parents who wanted to know “How did they do it?”. My initial reaction was Who cares – you should be concerned with “why” before you start clearing the house of potential suicide aids. Then, I realized that they are as terrified as I am of losing their child. Parental instinct to protect their children drives their need to know everything and anything that will help avoid the same tragedy.

    We are all different. We all react and think differently. Our coping mechanisms differ. But we are ALL grieving. How about a group hug? I could use one. Thank you all for your comments. Reading and writing has been very cathartic.

  80. 6th grade kp student

    I actually haven’t experinece some ones death that is human. I am actually not sure if I did see him once before but maybe I did. In the letters for the 6th graders they didn’t explain how he died.

  81. KP Alum


    Let me start by saying this is not an isolated incidence…when I was growing up, my friend’s brother took his life as well…and this is something his family probably struggles with every day to date…in West Hartford.

    Of course at that time, we did not have blogging or this type of social sharing where this kind of story would resonate as much within the community.

    This “media vehicle” allows much greater opportunity to share…but also to put a spotlight on the issue and possibly even offer an example to other children that they will be popular after death, something they may not have ever been when they were in middle school. Something like the artist who becomes famous once he passes on.

    I went to elementary, middle, and high school in West Hartford. This community can be very tough on kids. I imagine like other small towns, the peer pressure and the pressure from parents and teachers can be overwhelming.

    In some cases, you can add the challenge that some kids can be different and/or not coming from the “right side of the tracks” and this can be tough when faced with others who have everything they ever wanted or needed.

    I am not sure what compelled these two children to take their own lives, but I can say it is a terrible tragedy.

    Kids need to feel like they have people to turn to…that people will listen and understand them no matter where they come from or how they feel or what their preferences are.

    West Hartford can be a wonderful place for families from every kind of upbringing….let’s not only offer children the best education in school…but in society as well.

  82. Another coach

    At first, I was upset to learn a blog had so much coverage of this event. But reading it has been cathartic. I feel a little better seeing so many good people, old and young, saying so much that is on their minds. Thank you to all of you.

  83. A fellow 8th grade KP student

    reply whmom: a 3rd attempt, as in ‘the student didn’t succeed.’ not necessarily ‘a 3rd suicide.’ or else i would’ve probably written that. Word gets out fast about these kinds of things, and it certainly has some sort of big impact on each perspective to the person who hears it. As for KP – where I attend, Norberto’s friends are still grieving and supporting each other as much as they can. I am still a bit annoyed that my teacher forgot to hand out the second letter to my ninth period class on Friday. To the people who have said that the school system is to blame for the secrecy of some details, I wouldn’t blame them. I think it would be best to go with caution and let the parents of WH absorb the information in gradually. It would be a shock to find out that suddenly, a student who went to your child’s school committed suicide. Also, we should be respecting Norberto’s family’s wishes to leave out some parts that aren’t appropriate for students to read, or they think that it wasn’t appropriate. Students never listen to teachers that say: “Don’t open the letters at school.” and yet, they do anyway. For the most part, comforting the grieving students are the first and top priority of KP staff & counselors. I’m not even sure how counseling can really help cope with the amount of psychological stress put on close friends of Norberto…I guess they are trying to see if the students can express their feelings in a ‘healthhyyy’ way. And yes, I said that in a sarcasm-like tone, for those who think I made a typo. No it isn’t. Hm yes, this is a long post, I just think that everyone should relax for spring break, and slowly accept the fact that Norberto and Sam are in better places. I would like to add this to whdad- the link? That is indeed, Norberto’s MySpace page. Someone obviously knows the password because the last login was 3 days ago.
    Whoever it is, I hope you aren’t trying to stir up trouble. May NJ & SJ rest in peace.

  84. Uzoma O

    I was Norberto’s assistant travel basketball coach, I’d just like to let everyone know that this kid was a great person, a great leader, outgoing and always encouragin. May we not cement our minds with his last actions, but instead with the great life he lead, and the many lives he touched.

  85. For those trying to make sense of teen suicide, you might want to take a look at the stories that The Tattoo, a teen-written newspaper now based in West Hartford, did awhile back. They truly bring home the issue (and won a special award from the state). Click on the “teen suicide” link right under the masthead at http://www.ReadTheTattoo.com.
    If a page is down when you click on it, return to it soon. I see today on my laptop that some centering is off on many of the pages so I’ll be fixing them!

  86. Jessica

    Uzoma – I so aprecitate your words – since you clearly knew Norberto. We can all talk about this and what it means for our world, but the loss of these individuals who will never grow up is frightening, intolerable for those who have loved them and known them. Suicide is not new…but it is beyond confusing for those left behind – why commit this crime against yourself and hurt those who depend on you and love so? In this town, I will hope that kids and people overall begin to realize that everyone is of value and the trauma of Norberto and Sam’s loss is a lesson to all.

  87. Jessie

    This personal tragedy unfortunately revealed how unprepared and inadequate the WH school system is for such emergencies. The second child’s death was certainly preventable. Dr. Sklarz’ response to these events was woefully off target. Neither information nor adequate support was given to students and parents. If school officials are unable to go beyond clearing halls inbetween classes, it’s time to replace them with people who care and are knowledgeable about the pressures that young people face.
    – A parent of WH students.

  88. ousider

    i am confused about whether there was a third attempt of suicide in the town or not. please leave an answer.

  89. A fellow 8th grade KP student

    there was not a third suicide

  90. ceo

    RE: 3rd attempt – Because we knew Sam went to Bristow 1st, I had forgotten that he was currently at Sedgewick. On my way home from work I received a call from a friend (a Sedwick mom) who told me about a Sedgewick student’s attempt and that he was on life support. When I arrived home, my son told me about Sam, so at that point I thought there were 3 children. We were so distraught that I didn’t mention the “Sedgwick” student to my son until hours later. Trying to verifiy ourselves, we came online, found this blog and then seeing both schools mentioned under Sam’s name, it all fell into place.

    I could see where others may have had the same impression. If they had talked to others before realizing that fact, then the word that there were 3 kids could have gotten out.

  91. Former Resident & Mother

    First, I am so sorry to the parents, family and friends of these two young spirits. The how’s and why’s may never come to light nor are they important as each individual’s decision is different.
    By dredging up the “cause” for these tragedies, we will not learn any more or less about teen suicide. Their reasons were their own.
    I lived in West Hartford all my life. Hated the town mainly because I felt inadequit in comparision to the large home owners and BMW drivers. Needless to say the school system appealed to me when my daughter entered kindergarten. In middle school, we moved. My daughter was being taunted, teased, ridiculed and was completely left out of the social circle she thought she belonged to at one time. It seems we did not “measure up” to the ridiculously high standards some of the parents in town set. My daughter is and was a straight A student, talented and gifted in music and athletics. She now enjoys her new school, has made too many good friends to count, and has the respect of her academic community. At one point in elementary school, I feared for her. It’s a sensative age; kids are just beginning to develop responsibly and with the changed that accompany puberty, who needs the added pressure of “fitting in”
    Maybe these two chaps had psychological disorders. Maybe they didn’t. Maybe it doesn’t matter because for whatever reason, they’re not here to tell us. Let them move on in peace.
    As parents we can prevent this by teaching our own children to have respect for others, regardless of social class or social status.
    We’re all in this together after all, aren’t we?

  92. Former Resident & Mother

    Regarding Dr. Sklar’s “memo” sent home. I have met with Dr. Sklar on more than one occasion and I have to say I agree with his method. I don’t believe stating the cause of death would have been tactful or necessary to be honest.
    I feel that those who feel it should have been disclosed are merely rubber necking this awful tragedy.

  93. disappointed

    As a teacher at Hall, I heard about the suicides via email (and rumor of the “3rd attempt) later on Wednesday of that week (the morning that Sam died.)

    Faculty were told it was a suicide, but after I had already heard from a number of my colleagues.

    No one spoke about it in the schools. Rumors flew amongst the students, and although counselors were “on hand” to help students, still… no one really talked about it. Kids were not informed, and the whole thing seemed to wash over and be of no significance at the high school level.

    That in itself is a shame and a disgrace. I grew up here, attended King Philip and Hall and I understand the culture very well, as well as the pressures, joys, difficulties and the successes.

    Hall administration takes away so much valuable instructional time for “community building” activities (like Jeopardy! or Faculty/Student basketball, Advisory homerooms that accomplish absolutely nothing) but they could not call a special, short assembly to address the seriousness of the situation?? That seems ridiculous and incredibly irresponsible to me. Students need to talk… or at least be informed!

    Some might argue that it is not the teachers’ role to discuss such matters with students, but if WH is to pride itself on its community and excellence – then it’s got to step up the game and actually BE a community and MODEL excellence.

    In regards to the dance that was held on that Friday – I wasn’t there so I don’t know how “happy go lucky” kids were… but I do think that it was a good idea to keep the date and not cancel it. I worried about all those 6th through 8th graders hanging out alone over vacation, and at least spending some time with friends might let them relax and get their minds off things. Town Council members were there to discuss with parents – and I commend them for that.

  94. diamond

    Norberto he was ma ex n let me tell ya sumthing he was the best boyfriend i eva had…i remember he use to alwayz look at me with those nice eyez of his n the way he use to smile at me…i went out with norberto for quite a long time…when i found out norberto did that i just broke down and cried…now i got sp many thingz going on n i dont no how 2 handle it…norberto he was problety going through alot of pain that he just couldnt handle it anymore…R.I.P NORBERTO…I WILL NEVA 4GET U…I WOULD ALWAYZ HAVE UR FACE IN MY HEAD…N U’LL ALWAYZ B IN MA HEART…MIZZ U

  95. i feel so sorry and sad about the kids who died

  96. WH Latina

    Diamond, find someone you love and trust and share your feelings. No time to go through this alone. I did not know Norberto, but my daughter was a classmate of his. Not one of his regular group, but she too remembers his kind eyes and smile. I attended his funeral and hope his family received some comfort from the hundreds who attended. I did not know the Joseph boy, but once again, the grief surrounding his death touched our lives when my daughter’s best friend, who was his friend and attended his bar mitzvah, stopped by, stunned and crying. We shut the TV off that weekend and said ‘no’ to sleepovers. Not a popular decision at first, but it gave us a chance to play Scrabble together, take a family hike and talk about our feelings. I lost my brother 35 years ago to suicide when we were in our teens. I wished he had talked to my parents or his buddies in the band or me. There’s real love and concern for you out there if you take a breath when it’s feeling really tough and just look for it.

  97. West Hartford Mom

    Could either of these suicides really be death caused by the Choking Game? Please read the following article.

    Teens Playing Suffocation Roulette With Choking Game
    Death More Common Among Kids Who Attempt Game Alone

    POSTED: 2:50 pm EDT September 19, 2005
    UPDATED: 4:48 pm EDT September 20, 2005

    PHILADELPHIA — There is a new addiction that children can easily hide from their parents — it is known as the choking game.

    Experts say that children who play the choking game are not usually troubled, and that is what troubles parents.

    Those who try it say that it is a high without drugs, but they are playing suffocation roulette.

    Kimberly Wilson, 15, used a bicycle chain lock. Her mother found her.

    Gabriel Mordecai, 13, used a rope in his bedroom. His twin brother, Sam, found him.

    Chelsea Dunn, 13, used a belt inside her bedroom closet.

    “She was taken because she chose to do something really stupid, and it angers me,” Chelsea’s mother said.

    These teens, and others as young as 9, have all died playing the choking game. Ask almost any middle-school student and they have probably heard about it.

    “My friend was telling me that she was with people who did it and I don’t know if she tried it or not, but they had fun doing it. It was like a game,” one child said.

    “Instead of drugs — to get a rush or something,” another child said.

    “It’s different. Everybody wants to try something different. Everyone’s got a little Curious George in them,” said Zach Davis, 15.

    The game has many names, such as pass out, dream game, blackout and flatliner, but the goal is always the same — cut off your oxygen until you pass out. That is the first high — death’s door. Then comes the second high, when oxygen rushes back to your brain.

    A rush is what children seem to want. Some crave it so badly that many are playing the game alone using things that could be found around the house like bed sheets, dog leashes, belts and shoestrings. Whatever they’re using, the results can be fatal.

    “If you cross that fine line where your brain is requesting oxygen, you’re dead,” aid Dr. Ashish Sinha, an anesthesiologist at the Hospital for the University of Philadelphia.

    Three minutes is all takes to do irreversible damage, Sinha said. Cutting off oxygen for that long can affect memory, balance and the central nervous system. Sinha used NBC 10 reporter Laurie Delgado’s hand to show her how quickly oxygen can be cut off to the brain.

    “You realize your palm is turning white and getting cool. Watch it turn pink when I let go,” Sinha said to Delgado.

    Frank Farley, a psychologist at Temple University, said that most of the children who play the game are “typical kids” just acting impulsively.

    “You get talking about it, or something, and then, well, they’re like, ‘Let’s try that,’ and the assumption is you’re not going to kill yourself,” Farley said.

    The parents of Kimberly, Gabriel and Chelsea all now know that their children played the choking game dozens of times before it killed them.

    Experts say it is an easy addiction to hide.

    “You check their eyes and you make sure they’re not on drugs and you see other signs, but how would I ever see that sign?” said Kathy Davis, Zach Davis’ mother.

    “The consequences are horrible. I guess if more people knew the consequences, more people thought about it before they did it, it wouldn’t be as much of a problem as it has become,” Zach Davis said.

    Here are some of the clues to look for that would indicate your child might be experimenting with the choking game.

    Bloodshot eyes

    Unusual marks on neck

    Belts and ropes with unusual knots found in your child’s bedroom and tied to furniture

  98. WH Alum

    Wow that’s scary, WH Mom – did you show that to any authorities?

  99. West Hartford Mom

    No I did not. I just read this blog and was surprised that this possibilty was not discussed.

  100. Emporer of Ice Cream

    This is a very good question and I’ve been wondering the same. I travel a lot and in many parts of the country, I hear parents (with whom I work) discuss this “choking game” as a teen epidemic. I supposed if the boys left some sort of note, then that might indicate their intent to take their lives. However, if not, it may well have been this “game.” If it was, then we all need to very mindful that this game is usually being “played” by a lot of kids in a community. There was an incident a few weeks ago about a teen who accidentally hanged himself while hiking in the woods. He “got tangled up” in a noose. This is also suspicioius Of course, we who read about these events from afar have to fill in details that we don’t know, but may be known by the police or the parents. Still, parents, please be on alert.

  101. Iesha

    ill miss you norberto i remember when we use to play in the bowls park play ground and you use to come over my house and his mother use to talk to mines and we went to the same elementry school and i hope this doesnt happend to any 1 else and i love every 1 in his family, he was my family, nd norbertos mother, my mother misses you (carol) if you remember with love.

  102. kaylaxoxox

    I miss Naberto and SAm J. i wish they never left i don’t care what any one else has to say anbout it just the fact they shouldn’t have been taken out of this world so quickly espeacilly when they did it themsleves all i hope is that they are happy now.
    Rock Da Heavens SAM
    GIVE them sumtten to talk anbout Nebeo

  103. Azhee

    I knew Sam, but I didn’t really know Bebo. I only met him once. We miss them and will always remember them.

    R.I.P. SAM & NORBERTO!!!
    I lost a friend, but I gained an angel…..

  104. Friend of Sam J

    the schools definatley did do a great amount of help. i was good friends with sam, but theres no need to go into that. when i first found out about sam’s death, i was in denial and shock. i basically just had a blank expression on my face. my teacher called a guidance counselor, and the guidance counselor escorted us to the office, rubbing our backs and giving us comfort. of course, there were many many people also in the office. but unfortunately, many of those people used this tragedy to get out of class. as a result, many of the true mourners were stuck waiting in the office for hours. the teachers were kind and understanding of our situation, and did the best they could. i could understand how some people found the teachers ignorant and un-empathetic about this situation, but they really tried.
    i miss you sam. you were a great friend and person, and always had a smile on your face. i will see you one day up in heaven, where you surely are.
    R.I.P Sam and Norberto.

  105. Sedgwick Student

    I’m an eighth grade student from Sedgwick and I have a couple things to say.
    It is now July, and I still find myself struggling to comprehend this tradgic loss. It’s all so complicated yet devastating at the same time. Although I did not know either of the boys very well, I will never forget Sam’s warm smile, and is funny hoodies he wore every day. I will never forget his curly hair and his good heart. I think about him every day, and I pray that he is in a happier place, and that he will R.I.P forever.

    I hope god can help the families get through this hard time. I’m so sorry for their loss.

    Rock the heavens guys. I’m looking up at you now.

  106. $$T-MONEY$$

    I’m about to be at Senior at Hall High Schooland I got dis to say…Yo Norberto you were like a brother to me. Here it is July 23rd and I think about you everyday. I will never forget da times you, me, Brady, Cam, Devin, and Steve would all chill. We done had some good times. We had great timez at Morley playin basketball. You me, Cam, Brady, Devin, and Josh, jus actin out havin fun. You wuz always able to tell me, Cam, and Brady things. I wish we could of helped you. You will always be in our hearts. Da times you Brady and Omar would come up to Morley on the same bike. Crazy times ma dude…well even though you not wit me physically u always in ma heart. Even though I didnt kno Sam…RIP and my condolences go out to the family. Norberto Sam yall RIP.

  107. I was one of his friends he was an amazing athlete a great friend and a great person you guys need to stop talking about this it is very sad to hear about this for those of us that knew him and this is not a web page to talk to people this is a very serious segment and show more respect and stop asking personal questions.

    R.I.P norberto rock da heavens i am looking up and can see your face

  108. BJ

    As a individual which deals with the public,it is shocking to hear some of thewristbands that happen around the country with teenagers of all ages..It has to be devasting for all of their personal and close friends but most of all to the loving parents. This is where the true frienships and their personal faith comes into play. This is the time for support and caring but most of all, to listen to the grieving parents.

  109. BJ

    As a individual which deals with the public,it is shocking to hear some of theincidents that happen around the dscountry with teenagers of all ages..It has to be devasting for all of their personal and close friends but most of all to the loving parents. This is where the true frienships and their personal faith comes into play. This is the time for support and caring but most of all, to listen to the grieving parents.

  110. Poopface

    its there fault they were messed up in the head

  111. kid

    they weren’t sick in the head, the first one got expelled from his school and killed himself, Sam was his bestfriend and killed himself after. Source: i know 2 kids that were Sams best friend

  112. Another Friend Of Norberto's

    It’ll be a year in 2 days that he’s been gone.. and it’s still so hard to believe.. i miss him so much

    he was a greatt kid..and had such a great sense of humor.. times has gone by so fast.. it seems like just yesterday i was with him at another friends house just laughing and having a good time together.. Norberto will NEVER be forgotten.. and you people that have anything bad to say about him.. you’re stupid and don’t understand the pain that we are going through.. i hope you never have to .. but keep your un-needed thought to yourself

    i love you Norberto.. and miss you sooo much

    i’ll see you up there someday

    -forever in my heart
    until we meet again.

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  117. mik

    My cousin was really good friends with norberto and he happend to be my downstairs nieghbor i was good friendz with his little brother alberto r.i.p i was ther with alberto the day he died I walked in the door with him and saw norberto. god bless his family ❤

  118. Bill

    West Hartford hasn’t done anything meaningful to improve suicide prevention. The school district still treats troubled teens as a police problem. How many deaths will it take before the schools start peer intervention groups or other interventions that have been shown to be effective?

    • Kiernan Majerus-Collins

      Bill, I think you’re right. It’s remarkable, that with the high quality of our schools, we still can’t adequately treat this problem. I know there’s been a lot of national attention focused on bullying lately, and deservedly so. I see brutal bullying every day at Hall. It’s probably not as bad as in some other parts of the country, but that’s hardly the threshold. WHPS often lets kids drift, then calls in the cops when they act out. It’s a shame.

  119. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an email.

    I’ve got some creative ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it expand over time.

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