A total waste of money and a travesty

I learned today — thanks to a sharp-eared parent at a school’s opening day event — that the Board of Education is paying to have full-time security greeters at every elementary school this year. The logic, apparently, is that having someone there to be “security” will keep our kids safer.

Well, phooey.

I’ve been in the schools enough to know that almost every adult who walks in is known to the secretaries. They sign in at the office and either proceed to wherever they’re going or the necessary calls are made. There’s nothing a security person can do that isn’t already being done.

This just infuriates me because this year we didn’t have money for Middle School Quest. We almost slashed away expanded languages for elementary schools. We pared needed positions at Smith and Charter Oak. We had a big fight over every dollar.

And now it turns out that hundreds of thousands of dollars are being squandered on security personnel who are doing nothing of any value to protect children from threats that don’t exist.

I find it almost sickening that we’re sending a message to our kids and ourselves that we no longer trust the community to look after schoolchildren, that we need security in schools to keep an eye on all of us. We’re bringing distrust into a place that depends on trust.

I want to know how this happened and why it’s being allowed. There are so many educational needs that are not being met that I can scarcely believe money existed for this mind-boggling move.

Fire the security guards and fund some more teachers. Let’s put our dollars where our priorities are.



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51 responses to “A total waste of money and a travesty

  1. Harry Captain

    “Lighten up, Francis.”

    The status of security at our elementary schools was raised in October 2006, following the horrific shooting that took place in a one-room Amish schoolhouse in Lancaster County, PA.

    Each school’s particular physical situation was evaluated and most schools preferred to use a “greeter/security” person over electronic security devices, such as camera surveillance and buzzer lock entry.

    Every adult is NOT known to the secretaries, especially at the beginning of the school year. Secretaries are not involved in security and in most all cases, can’t see who enters the buildings. The greeter is there to ensure that all people who enter the school are there for legitimate purposes. The design of the entrances of most elementary buildings allows a person to enter undetected and move throughout the building. In an era of disputes over child custody, missing children, sexual predators living near schools, etc., the security of our schools takes on greater importance.

    The greeter program, at a cost of approximately $14,000 per building, is a relatively cost effective way to improve security.

  2. Lori

    I’m offended that officials think it’s worth $14K per school to have “greeters” who are wholly unnecessary. Somehow, we’ve successfully had schools without them for more than a century. What Harry is really saying is that useless “greeters” are much more important than Middle School Quest, which lost a teacher this year because the money wasn’t there anymore.
    This is a prime example of bad decisionmaking.

  3. Lori

    I’m having a hard time imagining a scenario where an unarmed “greeter” would help with any truly dire security situation. For the cost of these greeters, the town could hire another cop or two, who would at least have the power to do something to help in a bad situation.
    This is just ridiculous. I’m glad whdad pointed it out!

  4. Harry Captain

    Providing for the safety of children is a priority.

    The Quest teacher retired. A decision was made that the program would continue at the remaining staff levels.

    This is a prime example of difficult decisions that are made when 7,893 people reject the budget.

  5. Lil P.

    Providing safety for children is crucial. No question.
    So why not have a couple of police officers at each school all day? Because it’s not worth the cost.
    Neither is it worth the cost to have greeters masquerading as security personnel.
    I figure, doing back of an envelope calculating, that this new program is costing something like $200,000 a year. And what educational value is there from it? None.
    In 5 years, we’ll have spent more than $1 million on greeters and our children will be exactly as safe as they were the past five years.
    I’m totally confused as to who these people are and how they got hired. Who made the decision? What was the rationale? Are there reports that back up the reasoning? I want to see how this could possibly be worth the money.
    Personally, I think spending $200,000 a year on speed bumps would do more to protect our kids!

  6. Joe Visconti

    This is an example of our Open Government, of course the public found out too late, thats how Harry and Company play the game.
    Knee Jerk management at the Board of Ed and Town Hall. It’s time for some real leadership that isn’t afraid to show the Public the books and let them get involved early in the decision making process.
    Don’t blame the 7,893 voters who shot down this joke of a budget Harry just because they saw through the 3 card Monty accounting and budgeting scheme. The Public had better get on board with the new Republicans ASAP if they want Education to survive the onslaught of runaway bureaucrats hiring too many non classroom employees and Administrators.

    “Ask not what the Educational Cartel can do for you, Ask what you can do to the Educational Cartel!”

  7. Despite knowing better, I tried to find something in the Board of Education minutes that would explain what this is all about. Naturally, I found nothing useful. Last October, I found one line about Fiorentino asking for more detail on security. If there was anything since, I missed it.
    Yet somehow we now have all these pseudo-guards making sure that moms and dads can explain why they’re hustling little Johnny’s lunch bag into his locker mid-morning.
    I’m not doubting that at some point this was all talked about in some way at some meeting. It may even have been reported in the quasi-official way that the Courant occasionally adopts when it notices West Hartford at all.
    But how come in the midst of a giant battle over the budget, nobody said, hey, maybe we could do away with the greeters? I just don’t get it.
    By the way, in case anyone wonders, the school board minutes as a whole are laughably bad. They may meet the letter of the law, but you can’t tell much of anything about what was discussed or even what they were voting on. They go into long executive sessions with nothing at all in the minutes to justify a closed-door meeting. I thought they had to give a legally valid reason before doing that. If they do, they sure as heck don’t bother to note it in their records, which I’m fairly sure is illegal.
    That’s a separate issue, though. What has my ire up now is the stupidity of this decision and the lack of data to support it anywhere that a civic-minded citizen can find it.
    Heck, I’d rather let Joe Visconti guard my local school than some guy in a Polo shirt armed with shades and a laminated pass around his neck.
    For what it’s worth, I know there are a lot of parents, teachers and even administrators who agree with every word I’m writing on this topic. They’re just not inclined to make waves.

  8. Art Halloran

    Joe Visconti to the rescue, what a joke.

    If you’re unhappy with the Democrats there are some legitimate Republicans running for office, but Joe Visconti isn’t one of them.

    Joe, you have absolutely no chance of winning. Anyone who has ever heard or seen your words knows what a crazed loose cannon you are.

    As the song says, “you can’t even run your own life I’ll be damned if you’ll run mine.”

  9. WH Alum

    Harry –

    The Quest teacher retired. A decision was made that the program would continue at the remaining staff levels.

    Are you aware that we also lost 1/2 of the Quest coordinator, Nancy Eastlake? She is working outside the district somewhere 1/2 time. If she had not done that, one of your teachers would have lost a job. You didn’t just cut the retired teacher’s 1.0 FTE, you cut a total of 1.5 FTE from the Quest department. That fact seems to keep getting brushed under the rug.

    And I’ve heard some kids are dropping Quest as they discover it is only a once a week program now at the middle schools. Who can blame them? Their program was cut in half.

    Who are these security people that work for $14K a year? Are they going to risk their lives to save our kids at that rate?

  10. Joe Visconti

    Signor Art
    Crazed loose cannon? The truth does appear that way to some folks because of their lack of hearing it in a public forum. Of the 424 Republican’s who signed my Primary Petition and of the thousands of Dems and Independents I spoke with this summer, many commented on how glad they were to read my posts here?

    Also, I have an excellent chance of winning Art, where I will continue to upset the status quo with practical ideas, truth and Openess.

    Thanx for giving me your best and using your real name.

  11. turtle

    I never did find out how much money was restored to the education budget for security after the Webster Hill fracas.

  12. Harry Captain

    The security issue was discussed for a year.

    The issue was escalated further by the alleged intruder reported at Webster Hill. False or not, these schools need better security. (Many of the people hired for this $10/hr position are retired law enforcement officers.)

    My office building in Hartford has turnstiles activated electronically by picture ID badges AND an unarmed security guard at each entrance – to protect employees and the business. Yet someone can just walk right into my kid’s school and gain access to the auditorium, cafeteria, media center, and 2 classrooms w/o passing the main office?!

    The $190,000 line item was in the budget AND on the budget cut list put before the public. The BOE decided publicly to NOT cut security to ensure that the safety of students would not be compromised. No one objected. No one.

    That IS OPEN Government.

    Visconti can spin his webs, rhyme his pithy sayings, and trash anyone and everyone to attain a stage that he so desperately needs to validate himself.

    Joe’s words speak volumes. If you’re all still smarting because 1 retiring Quest teacher was not replaced; just imagine how satisfied you’ll be with the school budget under Joe Visconti?

  13. Just another mom

    I can’t believe we’re spending $190,000 to have these guys in our schools. What a terrible, terrible waste of money.
    I’m sure it was in the budget. But it makes me wonder what other silly things slipped through.
    I’m beginning to wonder if my vote in favor of the budget was a mistake after all!

  14. Joe Visconti


    Looks like your trying to validate your actions and those of your AWOL BOE leaders like Putterman and Darcy. Your a mouthpiece for Democratic fiscal incompetance and “you” speak volumes, too bad it’s mostly knee jerk double talk.

    BTW I’m not running for school Board but I have total trust that Republicans Elliot Check and Diane Mudge if elected will bring the needed leadership in to straighten out the mess you and yours have done to Education over the last several years.
    It’s sad and a shame to see West Hartford losing more ground in education and the Democrats blaming children with disabilities, diversity and the Taxpayers for it.

  15. Elmwoodian

    Given what a firestorm the alleged break in caused this past school year, I’m very surprised by the comments on this string. And, I can’t say that they represent the majority opinion of most parents on this issue. Moreover, to classify security personnel (don’t let the the euphemism “greeter” fool you; they are security, folks) as “silly”?? Are you all so focused on bashing the BOE on the budget that you can’t see the pedophile through the trees?

    I know for a fact that right now I could walk straight into Sedgwick and be down the corridors and have access to most parts of school (bathrooms, classrooms, etc.) without anyone having a clue that I was there.

    How is that a good thing? How does child safety stack up against Quest in that scenario? The two are incomparable. There’s no contest. You must have the former before you can even consider the latter.

    Security personnel is far from silly. It’s responsible. It’s an effective use of school funds. And it’s about time. I can’t believe that this is even a question.

  16. turtle

    Harry: The $190,000 line item was in the budget AND on the budget cut list put before the public. The BOE decided publicly to NOT cut security to ensure that the safety of students would not be compromised. No one objected. No one.

    Thank you for answering my (not loaded) question. Of course no one challenged the security line item at the time, during the uproar over an alleged intruder at Web Hill. Whether a boy was ever approached in the bathroom there we can never know, but now I wonder how many incidents of unauthorized persons skulking around the schools has been reported in the past 5 years.

    Joe: BTW I’m not running for school Board but I have total trust that Republicans Elliot Check and Diane Mudge if elected will bring the needed leadership in to straighten out the mess you and yours have done to Education over the last several years.

    If the West Hartford Republican party surrenders to radicals like “I myself am not able to afford to live in this town” Theresa McGrath (but hey, she’s running for Town Clerk!) and Clueless Joe, I will vote a straight Democratic ticket. (Where have all the Tom Fiorentinos gone?!) Which brings back the excellent question Gary Reger posted elsewhere about the ideological affiliations of local Republicans with the national party. After all, think of what a travesty “compassionate conservatism” turned out to be.

  17. turtle

    Whoops. “how many incidents have…”


  18. Elliot Check

    Joe, thanks for the compliments. I’ll look forward to working with you.

    Turtle, i never thought you’d ever consider voting anything but the straight democratic line. Maybe there’s hope for you yet.

    Harry, it was good talking to you last night. I appreciated your time and ideas. I hope the other BOE members are as approachable should I be elected.

    To all other skulkers and members, point of interest. If you’re not encouraging your kids to take AP courses and to participate in the Early UConn College experience reconsider. My older son just graduated Conard. A week ago we dropped a freshman off at RIT, he called us 3 days later and told us he’s a Sophomore as he had 54AP credits. I looked at it as a potential $30K savings, he’s looking at it from the standpoint that he can now park his car behind his dorm. Go figure?!?!

  19. TWC

    Elmwoodian and I appear to be in distinct minority on this issue. If we can ignore the ranting glee of those eager to take another swipe at the Democratic members of the School Board for one moment, please consider whether or not reasonable minds might differ about the wisdom of this decision.

    Perhaps it’s because my kids go to school within a half block of Farmington (aka Pedophile Row) Avenue and three blocks from the thin blue line on Prospect that separates my kids from the violence and dysfunction that is Hartford, but count me as a parent who appreciates the effort by the BOE to enhance the security in our schools. (And hurray, once again, to Harry for taking the time to explain this decision on our little blog.)

    Plus, isn’t it refreshing (for a change) that it wasn’t only Charter Oak and Smith that receieved the benefit of these “enhancements.”

    But to those who think improving security in our schools could have been handled in a more effective way, more power to you. Let’s hear your ideas for that that don’t break the bank.

  20. turtle

    TWC: Plus, isn’t it refreshing (for a change) that it wasn’t only Charter Oak and Smith that receieved the benefit of these “enhancements.”

    Just a reminder that the much-ballyhooed “enhancements” are pretty much capital expenditure-type items such as upgrading aging infrastructure. Still, as a Smith parent I’m happy as a clam at the moment, due to the arrival of Smith’s new dynamic duo. Thank you, Ed Admin & BoE! But I digress.

    Elliot Check: Turtle, i never thought you’d ever consider voting anything but the straight democratic line. Maybe there’s hope for you yet.

    I’m no party animal, but on the other hand I consider the national Republicans a plague on the nation.

  21. Harry Captain

    I have total trust that Republicans Lib Brassil-Spinella and Tom Fiorentino, as well as Democrats Darcey, Putterman, Schmitt, Kindall, and I place the security, safety, and welfare of WH students above partisanship. Period.

    You’re looking for issues to debate during the upcoming election cycle? Here’s one – Security in our Elementary Schools. Let Visconti debate his opposition to securing elementary school entrances.

    While it is true that Visconti is not running for School Board, the Town Council holds the purse strings. The Town Council makes the investment in education, public safety, and other quality of life funding decisions for our community. The Town Council is the stage Visconti seeks.

    Visconti’s rants are anti-education, anti-fire, anti-police, anti-library, anti-development, anti-West Hartford. If the change you seek is anti-WH Karl Rovian partisanship – Visconti’s your guy.

    And Joe – Please look up the use of the contraction “you’re”. We expect more from a benefactor of a West Hartford education, such as you, during a period of time when WH was a Top 5 district in investment per pupil across Connecticut.

  22. Lil P.

    I don’t understand how these “greeters” will make my kids safer.

  23. John Hardy

    We should have security AND Quest.

    And a heck of a lot less selfishness.

  24. TWC

    Lil P, I’m assuming if someone looking like the loser below waltzed into one of our elementary schools, these “greeters” wouldn’t allow them to roam through the school unchallenged.

    See SPBI #: 968441

    Why don’t you think this type of thing makes your kids safer?

  25. Elmwoodian

    We should have security AND Quest.

    And a heck of a lot less selfishness.

    Aaaaaamen brother.

  26. turtle

    It’s a given that security is important, but how effective is this greeter system? Is it a proven deterrent? Is an extra set of eyes worth $14K a year? What are the qualifications for and description of the job? Harry said that many greeters are retired law enforcement officers, so that’s encouraging. Also, I would think the necessity of greeters would depend, in part, on the physical structure of the school.

    I’m all for beefing up security and am not hostile to the greeter idea, but the thing is, how much security do greeters actually provide? (And can we call them something other than “greeters”? How about “bouncers”.)

    TWC, I think that guy at the end of your link might plausibly be given a pass.

  27. Harry Captain

    Here is a link to the job description for Security Greeter as of 9/5/2007:

    I would expect an evaluation of the effectiveness of the program sometime late 2007/early 2008 as the 2008-2009 budget is being developed.

  28. Hey Now

    The point really is: do we have a security problem in West Hartford or not? What do I mean by this? Are kids being abducted from school? Are crimes (theft, robbery, assult) being committed by adults in the schools? Are adults wandering around in the halls while school is in session? If the answer to these questions is yes, then we have a security problem and more needs to be done than a “greeter”.

    The second point is: do we want to prevent any potential security issues? Most probably, yes. So, how does the town do that—it uses “greeters” as a deterrent. Anyone can get into school if they want to, there is no fool-proof system to prevent a break in security.

    I think this is a good and rational decision. But let’s not go and hire an administrator for the greeters !!

  29. Joe Visconti

    Harry, Harry the spam blocker ate my post so I am doing it over.

    I haven’t even started coming after you and the dems yet and already “you’re” foaming at the mouth.

    Anti Police and Fire am I?- You must have missed the Town Council meeting this year when I praised the Police. I also met with some people and Jim Francis this summer to find out how we can increase the Police Force in Town, ask him.

    My Uncles and Brother were firemen and I believe we can never compensate firemen enough for the risks they take, your lies of me being anti-firemen is a desperate attempt at ranting, dont try it Harry, you’re no good at it.

    Anti Library am I also? Hmn, did you take yor meds today? Where on earth did you get that? Make sure Kevin gets you the right propoganda before you go out and make false statements.

    As far as labeling me as Anti Education you and the Cartel are stuck on spin cycle because someone is asking questions and demanding responsible leadership. If West Hartford does not begin to handle it’s educational issue’s from a non knee jerk approach then it will lose it’s place and continue it’s slide towards a Hartford Educational System.

  30. WH Parent

    Turtle, I think the guy at the end of the link posted above will feign some reason to be somewhere else once greeted by one of these new security greeters, particularly if the greeter is a beefy ex-cop.

    So I think the deterrent effect alone is worth the small pittance being paid for these services.

  31. Joe Visconti

    Beefy cop, as if such Gaurd would somehow use force against someone whom believes their services are not needed? Hmn, I feel so safe now.

    What’s next Gaurds at Town Hall or the Parks?

  32. WH Parent

    …as if such Gaurd would somehow use force against someone whom believes their services are not needed… Huh?

    Could one of you who have been responding to Visconti-speak longer than I have please parse this sentence for me and share with us what Joe is trying to say?

    Thank you.

  33. Joe Visconti

    makes you think to hard and out of your box whparent?

    I’t Joe slaw not Visconti speak (although that’s flattering), get used to it as I seek to deprogram you from “your” group think education. My typo’s, mispellings and grammar abominations are placed appropriatley to frustrate the Educational Cartel, are you one of them too?

  34. Joe Visconti

    WHparent, do you like the to instead of too? Lets play finds the typos!!!

  35. turtle

    My typo’s, mispellings and grammar abominations are placed appropriatley to frustrate the Educational Cartel, are you one of them too?

    On second thought, let’s bring back the giant political signs. I would love to see this one rise over Trout Brook Road.

    But then, where would we put “Me No Want to Pay”?

  36. Joe Visconti

    oh turtle, are you searching the archives for my famous quotes? Wait till you see and hear my new soundbites and slogans up in lights, your gonna love em, Trust me.

  37. WH Parent

    Education Cartel?

    No, Joe, I’m just an average West Hartford parent who has dreams and aspirations for my children that extend beyond the regressive vision you have for this Town.

    And it’s not your typos or even poor grammar that get to me. This is a blog–we all make these mistakes. It’s your failure to communicate whatever point it was that you were trying to make in response to my comment regarding the deterrent effect of the new security greeters.

    I’ve always believed that true leadership is 10% inspiration and 90% communication. Is this an example of the type of thing we can all look forward to if you get elected to the Town Council?

  38. Joe Visconti

    When I get elected to Town Council.

    Regressive vision, hmn, by that you must mean the status quo tax and spend policies of the Democratic Party, What great sentence structure I employ.

    And furthermore, this is a blog, the co-oped wild west forum that calls for free expression. You can see my Councilman style tonight at 8pm on whct, what you get here is my citizen activism side, isnt it nice to be able to communicate like this?

  39. Bystander

    Here’s the thing…Visconti’s got the right idea by acting as a legitimate watchdog and generating discussion on some real important issues. It just seems that he tends to toe a little too close to the line on the rhetoric and sarcasm. The ideas are valid but the delivery is flawed.
    If seems that he continuously is trying to draw and bait others into a virtual p*ssing contest (that’s not the kind of leadership this town needs). If he wants to do that, he should just continue punditing (it makes for good blogging and good discussion generating, which is needed). But if he wants to actually run for office, he needs to refine his delivery to not come across as a sarcastic Limbaughesqe talkinghead. I might vote for him for his ideas and leadership (if he can show he can be less polarizing), but not for his ideas and subsequent vitriol…

  40. Can anyone tell us what the “greeters” are empowered to do? I’d like to know more about this security force and how it will respond to an emergency or threatening situation.

    No, this is not a loaded question. But the posts around this issue raises the question of its usefulness. Harry, or someone, please give us the insight into this so that parents can understand the value – please tell us more.

    My position is plain though, if there is a major security issue going on – I’m for hiring police officers to stand by at the door, well-trained, properly armed, and with a walkie-talkie ready to call for back up. If there isn’t a security risk, then greeters are questionable.

    (As an aside, please let them be better than Walmart Greeters – who are useless.)

  41. Harry Captain

    The main purpose of the Security Greeter is to be the “gate-keeper” at the school entrance; controlling appropriate access of individuals to the building. As stated previously above, there is a security weakness at most elementary schools in that people can walk right into the building without detection.

    Responses to an emergency would be handled by the appropriate emergency response team (fire/police/ambulance) called to the site.

    The value is PREVENTION. Preventing an abduction – by stranger or by non-custodial parent. Preventing a pedophile, rapist, sexual offender or some other creep from entering the building and assaulting a child or person that works in the building.

    So is there a daily/weekly/monthly security “event” going on? No.

    Is there a security weakness in the buildings? Yes.

    Do we want to reduce the weakness and possibly prevent a security event from occurring? Yes, and we want to do it in a “family friendly” way with a person, rather than by electronic/physical means that one would associate more with a correctional facility than a school.

    Do we want a uniformed, armed, police officer at the door? Not at this point in time. From a risk/cost perspective, the Security Greeter is a more cost effective way to improve security.

    You know, last Fridays tractor trailer event at the base of Avon Mountain triggered an outcry of questions: “How could this happen again?” “Why hasn’t any done something to prevent this from occurring?” “Why are trucks still allowed on the mountain?” “How many deaths/accidents have to happen before someone does something?”

    The “non-event” at Web Hill was our wake up call. There was opportunity, in the security vulnerability, for the situation to occur. We have a responsibility to reduce the security exposure.

  42. turtle

    Harry, you make a compelling case! But the dealbreaker for me was meeting our Catcher in the Rye, a thoughtful (and imposing) former police officer who gave every impression of seriousness and good will, and who I definitely prefer to a buzzer.

  43. For the purposes stated, I would rather support the hiring of plain clothed police officers as greeters if the need is there. I wouldn’t want to put an ordinary citizen in such a role. Plus the police officer would be able to make the arrest on the spot.

  44. Elmwoodian

    Now that would be a waste of money and a travesty.

  45. Elmwoodian

    Cops would be a tad bit of overkill in this situation. We’re not trying to protect the Bastille from the plebian hoards trying to burn it down. Even the CT and federal courthouses don’t have cops. It is far more than is necessary. We just need a first line of prevention at the front door, like all courthouses and many of the corporate buildings in downtown Hartford have.

  46. Right, but the corporate buildings here have security guards, some armed. The courthouses have armed police and sheriffs. I used to work in one – there’s a bastille for you.

    My point is IF its needed for the reasons stated above, I’d rather have plain clothed police officers whether than civilian greeters.

  47. Elmwoodian

    I think that some on the board are still hung up on the clear euphemistic use of the word “greeter”. We’re not talking crossing guard stock here. Most of these guys are probably pulled from the same stock as the security guards in the courthouses and corporate buildings. The schools are obviously just using the term “greeter” as a way to make it seem more, as Harry put it, “family friendly.”

    Moreover, I’ve been in a lot of corporate buildings and courthouses all over CT, and while many are former cops, those guards at the front are definitely not packing. I’m not saying that no one in the courthouse is carrying, but the guys at the front are unarmed.

  48. maximus

    paranoia has won the day!!! i’m alot more worried about my children being hit by a speeding self absorbed parent on their cell phone. a huge waste of money. gulags for all!!!

  49. busy mom

    As a WH parent with children in 2 West Hartford schools, I have to say I am very happy there are “greeters” protecting their doors. They aren’t going to be able to do anything about an armed intruder but they can keep out pedofiles,etc. It is a little bit of security. Thank you to the town and BOE for protecting our children. Quest would have been a good thing to keep, as well, but the greeters are there for ALL the children in town, not just the selected children. Parents can provide enrichment for their children at home but we can’t protect them when they are in school.

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