AC Petersen gets iffy review

Trinity College’s paper gives our local eatery mediocre marks in this review.



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12 responses to “AC Petersen gets iffy review

  1. Gary Reger

    I notice the main complaint isn’t quality but quantity — portions too small. Given that the review was written by two college students, we need to take that complaint with (you’ll excuse the expression) a grain of salt.

  2. I Love West Hartford

    I’ve only lived in town for 15 months, but I am yet to realize why WH thinks ACP’s is anything to rave about. Breakfast is decent, but I have not had a decent meal there otherwise… and their service has always been less than stellar… Although, their Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream and home made whipped cream is TO DIE FOR!

  3. Elliot Check

    It is what it is, a small creamery/dinner. You don’t go there if you’re looking for haute cuisine, just hot cuisine.

    The food is good, but you get what you pay for, a decent quick meal at a decent price that can fit most budgets.

    It’s a nice place to meet up with friends without breaking the bank.

  4. Elmwoodian

    ACP’s is a WH institution and this wasn’t exactly Zagats. I’m not sweating it. Next topic!

  5. Hmmm. Hundreds of reviews about West Hartford restaurants and you pick this one? Random content, or are you in agreement on this one Whdad? I’d like to see your throughts on ACP.

    I happen to like AC Petersen, particularly as a place that welcomes families with small children. It’s not cheap, but neither is running a business these days, whether it’s in WH or elsewhere. The breakfast choices are perfect, the staff (many I think are long-timers there) are friendly, courteous, and helpful. Lunch is fine, Dinner is what you would expect from a diner – good e’nuff – there no gimmicks or bad choices on the menu. And the ice cream is fantastic anytime!

    I may be wrong here, but I see Petersen as catering to the older community too. So if your main clientele are children and older folks, then I guess I can understand why the portions aren’t huge. But again, we all seem to have this expectation that large portions are needed to fill our stomachs.

    Lastly, AC Petersens has been around for years as a great local eatery. Yep food quality may dip here and there, but you need to lend support to places
    like these that have been part of the community for so long. And for years, Pedersens has given to the community – baseball teams, soccer teams, etc.

    Yep, its not all-you-can-eat like in the dining halls of Trinity. Don’t worry about they words of a few college (transient) kiddies who are just learning to pull their pants up.

  6. TWC

    Sorry, folks, but “mediocre” is fair.

    Great ice cream though!

  7. I like ACP. I only posted the review link because I figured nobody reads the Trinity paper. There’s no point in posting links to Courant reviews.

  8. SeamusOK

    I used to make ice cream for a living. ACP’s is mediocre at best. Praline’s in the mall, Mortensens in Newington, that farm in Simsbury that I can’t remember the name of, are all better.
    Try Dr. Mikes in Bethel, or Ashleys in New Haven.

    I do like the atmosphere at Petersens though…

  9. WHres

    Been to most of these ice cream establishments and to me J. Foster’s in Simsbury is by far the best.

  10. Jay

    AC’s is such a cool blast from the past, and it is reasonable for families. This is a real West Hartford treasure you don’t find in too many places.

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