Are we “chopped liver” or what?

Channel 3’s Dennis House takes on the Blue Black Square newcomer “New York Sports Clubs” here:

What do you think?



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71 responses to “Are we “chopped liver” or what?

  1. Rick Liftig

    Sadly, I think Mr. House could have found many more significant topics in the Hartford area to spend his time on. But I guess this is what a modern-day television anchor perceives as news.

    To answer your question, I mind the New York Sports Club moniker as much as I mind the Texas Road House Restaurant. Who cares?

  2. Osemasterofdoom

    Lame. Very lame. I gave up caring about these types of things when I was growing up in New Jersey and the Meadowlands played host to the “New York” Giants. If Hartford (along with NJ) didn’t have such an inferiority complex, then there wouldn’t be any news stories such as this.

  3. Jay

    As a native New Yorker who first came to Connecticut grudgingly,the name doesn’t bother me, either, but Rick I think you’re missing the point. I never knew until I read this that New York Sports Clubs were in other cities than NY and that they have different regional names. Philadelphia is closer to New York than West Hartford and they get their own name, so why can’t we. No wonder why Hartford and the entire state has an inferiority complex. Growing up in NY I had this view of Connecticut as a place of highways and strip malls and it wasn’t until my wife and I moved here that we fell in love with it and realized people have great lives here and they are not at all dependent on New York. We love West Hartford but constantly have to defend our area to folks back home who view Connecticut as simply rural New York and nothing more than a place to drive through. I think it hurts our state in terms of recruiting business when we are viewed that way.

  4. John Hardy

    Sort of ironic, in my opinion, that Mr. House would take issue with the club’s name.

    His employer, Channel 3, recently told the City of Hartford to – in effect – pound sand, and moved a long-term Hartford institution to Rocky Hill.

    And yet, they still refer to the station as based in Hartford.

  5. Jay

    It’s about time a newscaster said Blue Back is a good thing. They all seem so against it.

  6. Rick Liftig

    Well Dennis House may not have said it in so many words, but during the last 25 years our local and regional identity (and that of the whole country) has been diluted. In part this is due to the interstate highway system, in part consumer demand.

    West Hartford is fortunate to have locally owned businesses that can still make a go of it. However, competing with the likes of chain restaurants, Crate and Barrels, REI Sports is very difficult.

    And don’t get me started with the corporations who control the media. It feels like the whole country has become a version of USA Today!

  7. TWC

    “…Is something wrong with us?…”

    He’s kidding, right?

    Quick, you’re the marketing director for this company–what words come to mind when you hear the following words:

    New York

    Hmm…hip, smart, fun, safe (thanks to Rudy, the only Republican I would ever consider voting for in the ’08 election).


    Uhh…not sure…but clearly not safe.

    Sad, but true.

  8. Mr. House isn’t his employer so that comment isn’t relevant. And if the transmitters are actually in Hartford, then that’s where the broadcast should legally be identified based on FCC regs.

    It’s amusing that some people from West Hartford just about **** off when they think we/they are somehow being associated with New York. Who the hell wants to be associated with that place? It’s sort of pathetic.

    So you say, what’s in a name? As a good New Englander, and a true Nutmegger, anything with New York in its title should be avoided at all costs.

    Hartford may not be the “rising star” that the PR people claim it to be. But its still a nice place to live, and we could use a little of our own name recognition once in a while. Good for you, Dennis.

  9. John Hardy

    Sorry King, that my thoughts don’t pass your “relevance” test. M opinion stands, that he could apply the same litmus test to his own employer.

    And last I checked, their transmitter was up on top of Avon Mountain.

    And that’s MY view.

  10. Fred Garvin

    Who cares?

  11. Jay

    Fred, you hit the nail on the head. That’s why Connecticut is losing jobs, and local institutions to chains. No one cares.

  12. Ofk I have to rewrite my thought, as it was erased.

    West Hartford is one of the most interesting and intellectual communities in the united States Period…..

    If Hartford as a city wasnt so F’cked up, the rest of the world might take notice. Note though that Hartford (City) is alot like wall St. in NY, Dead after 5p, and also note most of the Financial instititions

  13. Most of the financial Intitions in NyC have relocated to MidTown. West Hartford is the Midtown and the Upper east side and West Side of our reagion. If Hartford continues the be listless as a city, more and more West Hartford has and be more and more the center of the region. We are better then Fairfield county minus the Old Money, hedgefunds and HIgh R. E. values and have a better Quality of life then anyplace in the north East. We also dont have wacky accents like in R.I., Mass or NJ.
    Thanks – Good Nightr Cleveland.

  14. David Jones

    I have no problem with Mr. House writing about this issue, but don’t we all believe this is fake outrage. Does Mr. House really think this is a big deal?

    This is simple marketing. This company believes there is more cache to the name New York than to Hartford. Is there? I suspect the answer is yes. My guess is there would be more opposition in West Hartford to Hartford SC than to New York SC.

    If you want to read a great blog from a local TV news anchor I suggest you check out Gerry Brooks at Gerry is very bright, funny, and an excellent writer. He has a bit of Larry David in him for those who are Curb Your Enthusiasm fans.

  15. Joe Visconti

    Nothing’s wrong with the New York Health Club name, this is America, pursue happiness New York Health Club owners; Besides Streetworks who semi-built/funded/etc Blue Back is located in White Plains New York.
    Also, Noah Webster lived in Manhatten and was Publisher of one of the most prominent Newspapers in the Country before working on his dictionary (Check out Carl Ungers Biography on Noah for more data). Moody’s who rates our AAA Bond rating is from New York and so are the Yankee’s (my Team).

  16. MJ

    Geez, I’ve always considered West Hartford to be more like Boston than New York, and everyone in my neighborhood is a Red Sox or Patriots fan. I agree with Mr. House, it is an insult to be viewed as a suburb of New York. If you don’t like the Hartford name why not call it New England Sports Clubs, and if you really hate the word Hartford then our town should drop the Hartford and just be West or how about Northeast New York! .

  17. Fred Garvin

    Sorry Jay:
    I don’t think a TV pretty boy lamenting the fact that this outfit didn’t name its gym for Hartford is in any way related to the loss of local institutions or jobs.
    He’s talking about the name of a business, and that’s window dressing. Who cares what they call it?

    I was in favor of Blue Back, from an economic development and tax relief perspective, but it’s going to make the center even more vanilla. The only businesses that will be able to afford to be there are national chains that can afford high rents. And the only people who will patronize those businesses are the rich and those who like to pretend they are. The only place I go any more is Harry’s, and that ain’t that great. (The Friendly’s, by the way, is a wonderland of filth. I can’t believe we can’t do any better than that dump.) I’ve also got to admit having the Crate and Barrel right out there on South Main, between the library and the town hall, is kind of jarring.

    This is where the folks in Elmwood or Bishop’s Corner, or someplace else, have an opportunity to attract unique businesses that offer services to Subaru-driving mortals such as me.

    But pretty boy’s whining, and my wondering what the big deal is, have nothing to do with addressing the problem.

    (By the way, what is up with Hartford Magazine and its infatuation with the “personalities” on Channel 3. Scot Haney has real talent and is a hoot, but pretty boy’s wife? Egads, what a waste of paper that magazine is.)

  18. turtle

    I don’t care a bit if I can’t afford to shop at Blue Back Square. Hello, rich people, come on over, bring your friends, bring your mother, come spend your money in West Hartford!

  19. I Love West Hartford

    Amen, Turtle:)

  20. MJ

    Scot Haney is a hoot. On his show he said he wouldn’t exercise at the new club unless they changed the name from New York to something else. He was so funny and I think made the point better than Mr. House did.

  21. MJ:

    If your neighbors are Sox fans, then you have good neighbors. Nice that they won the American League East (after nearly lettting its slip into oblivion). Tough road ahead though, they are pretty good at beating themselves.

    And if Coco continues to freaking bunt… errrrrr

  22. MJ:

    If your neighbors are Sox fans, then you have good neighbors. Nice that they won the American League East (after nearly lettting its slip into oblivion). Tough road ahead though, they are pretty good at beating themselves.

    And if Coco continues to freaking bunt.. Well, darn it

  23. MJ:

    If your neighbors are Sox fans, then you have good neighbors. Nice that they won the American League East (after nearly lettting its slip into oblivion). Tough road ahead though, they are pretty good at beating themselves.

    And if Coco continues to freaking bunt.. Well, darn it!

  24. Fred Garvin

    turtle offered:

    “I don’t care a bit if I can’t afford to shop at Blue Back Square. Hello, rich people, come on over, bring your friends, bring your mother, come spend your money in West Hartford!”

    You realize it won’t be staying in West Hartford, right? It’ll be off to the home office in East Jippip.

    I suppose the state will appreciate the sales tax.

  25. turtle

    I suppose the town will appreciate #1 on the grand list.

  26. JTS

    Go turtle! Right on.

  27. TWC

    “…Being able to learn to the best of your ability and live, work and dwell in any kind of community…”

    Theresa, reading about your desire to mold your son’s views on race and the establishment of a more tolerant and inclusive society reminds me of the same concerns my parents had in an era when segregation wasn’t merely de facto, it was de jure. Like so many of us, my parents were inspired by the enlightened leadership of Martin Luther King and believed they should “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk.” Thus, just like your son, I am the product of an elementary school where I was in the minority and learned hands-on the lessons of which you speak.

    But despite the genuineness and nobleness of your cause, I believe the method you are advocating for providing instruction on this critically important life-lesson—i.e., wrenching our kids them from their neighborhood schools, putting them on the foulest polluting device known to man, risking bodily injury as they are shipped across Town to schools consuming resources better devoted to improving the academic performance of the kids struggling academically in those neighborhoods—is outdated and provides a good example of a well-intentioned idea that becomes entrenched in a mindset unwilling to face the facts of today. Here’s why.

    (1) I suspect you share with me the conviction that the critically important lessons of racial tolerance and inclusion need to be taught and enforced in the home before they are addressed anywhere else in our society. So putting the burden on our schools to devote resources to teaching your son something that should have been your primary responsibility isn’t fair to the parents in this Town who have to watch as our neighborhood schools continue to degrade in comparison to Charter Oak and Smith. I am curious why you felt your son would be unable to learn to “…dwell in any kind of community…” in the absence of your shipping him off to Smith every day?

    (2) Perhaps you’re buried in the upper northwest corner of Town, so you haven’t noticed this fact, but West Hartford is hardly the white monolithic town of yesteryear. For example, my kids attend an elementary school that is one-third of color, and my kids play on sport teams that are equally diverse. Even the most segregated elementary school in West Hartford is just a few percentage points below the national average, and the economic trend in this Town is for all neighborhoods to become more diverse, not less. Are you still living in the same Town that I am?

    (3) Once the kids from even our most segregated elementary schools attend middle-school, there will be ample opportunities to apply the lessons their parents should have already taught them at a young age in a live school environment. Or do you seriously think it’s too late for kids from Duffy and Bugbee to learn whatever lessons you think your son picked up at Smith once they attend Sedgwick and KP?

    In summary, I see very little gain in the significant resources this Town spends (and wants to spend millions more on) to attract parents like you to Charter Oak and Smith if the primary goal is to promote racial tolerance and inclusion. I sincerely believe it would be far more productive on this front to direct a portion of these resources to the special needs of the kids struggling academically in these two schools, and then spread the remaining wealth (if anything is left) to all the other elementary schools in West Hartford that have equally deserving needs.

  28. Fred Garvin

    OK Turtle.

    I have failed to appreciate the beauty and wonder that is Blue Back Square. I will correct my improper views and embrace yours.

    Thank you for helping me see the one true path.

  29. JTS

    Yet another BBS conversion. Turtle, you rock.

  30. turtle

    Ha! Now if only I could turn Joe without Fred accusing me of being a Maoist.

    On the other hand, I read in today’s Courant that Joe is resigned to the inevitable and that we can look forward to seeing his mug right smack in the middle of the ribbon-cutting festivities. Who knows, maybe he’ll even buy a couple of dish towels and a condo while he’s at it.

  31. Fred Garvin

    Oh Turtle the great one:
    The only one I’ve accused of being anything is Joe. What are you speaking of when you mention me and Maoist my Kimosabbe?

  32. turtle

    Your self-criticism post at 3:17 is to blame for the inference, but what’s a little disconnect so long as you totally surrender.

  33. West Hartford Rocks !
    TWC get on the Bus!

  34. jay

    OMG! Scot Haney is calling for a boycott of the New York Sports Club.

  35. Anonymous

    More bait and switch.
    So let’s see, Healthtrax is now NY Health Club
    and Bow Tie Cinemas have also bailed from what I heard. Now it’ll be Criterion or something or other cinemas. Glad we got some real committed businesses.

    Looks Like BBS is off to a great start.
    The facade of the old Education Building is now a commercial piece of tripe. Good going folks.

  36. Elmwoodian

    So Anonymous, would you consider yourself a “Glass Half Full” person, a “Glass Half Empty” person or an “Oh My God the Glass Just Broke in My Hand and I am Bleeding All Over the Place” person? I’m going to put in my 2 cents and go with the latter.

    I’d be concerned if businesses were bailing and no replacements were stepping up (see: Grocery Store, Hartford 21). But, name choice aside, all I’ve seen is one lesser-known health club being replaced by a better-known club and one movie chain subbing for another. (Heck, how many names has the Loews/Crown/Bowtie on New Park had in the past 5 years?) What’s the problem? It’s the nature of business for names of the players to be fungible. The faces will often change in business–and Blue Back is no exception to this–so let’s not take it as a sign that the sky is falling.

  37. Fred Garvin

    My my my Turtle. Are you a box or a snapper?

  38. turtle

    The voice of Anonymous, rancorous, belligerent, pessimistic, sounds ever so familiar. It surfaces here from to time to time, in different guises, and I’ve got to wonder: could it be my old nemesis Judy Aron?!

    Are you a box or a snapper?

    What do you mean, exactly?

    OMG! Scot Haney is calling for a boycott of the New York Sports Club.

    Yet another reason to boycott Scot Haney.

  39. El Toro

    If anyone cares, Criterion Cinemas is part of Bow Tie Cinemas and has been since before they signed up at Blue Back Square.

  40. JTS

    Looks like Judy’s got lousy info. Thanks Bull.

  41. David Jones

    As for the cinemas at BBS, there is no change, Criterion and Bow Tie are the same company.

    From the beginning I’ve always heard both names, it’s just a matter of which name they are using for branding.

  42. Fred Garvin

    Yeah Turtle, we agree on that. Obnoxious, anonymous, know-it-all posters are pretty common around here.

  43. Look whats happening is the project is getting momemtum. NYSC is a much stronger brand then healthtrax is, Bow tie has locations in Fairfield county. It looks like whats happening is that bigger players are sensing the possibility of success and want in. no…

    I love it when the Nimby’s chime in on site issues like this. Anonymous there are plenty of towns that have the kind of charm you need , Newington, Rocky Hill, Bristol, Willimantic, moodus, dont worry.
    Vermont is still an option.

  44. Sorry to be posting so much. In thinking about it I believe the NYSC at Blue Back should be called West Hartford Sports Club. I agree with Haney on this one, I believe is is a small slight. We are not a suburb on NY.

    I believe we can get them to change. Lets not allow West Hartford to take beatings the way Hartford does.

  45. turtle

    Fred, touché.

    I do wish the Wadsworth Atheneum would open up a branch at BBS, now that their expansion plans have tragically collapsed.

    They could call it the “New York Wadsworth Atheneum”.

  46. Anonymous makes a point folks. I hope the businesses recently signed as replacements are as good and classy as those sought out and promised initially. Blueback is opening full steam soon! Like most I want it to be the best product it can be. Keep it high class and high end. Save me a piece of cheesecake.

  47. Art Halloran

    To The King,

    When you say that Anonymous make a point folks do you understand that the point made by anonymous was inaccurate?

    Judy, just how many names are you using to post comments on this blog?

  48. TWC

    Art, although you’re right about the key point Anonymous/Judy was trying to make, what about his or her comment that the “…facade of the old Education Building is now a commercial piece of tripe…”

    I find this Town’s meager stewardship and half-hearted efforts to preserve our historic infrastructure (neighborhoods, buildings, squares, trees) appalling. And although I haven’t seen the final product yet, the last time I drove by the old Education Building, it looked like it had been pretty thoroughly butchered.

  49. Fred Garvin

    Some people like tripe.

    “Who will join me in a dish of tripe? It soothes, appeases the anger of the outraged, stills the fear of death, and reminds us of tripe eaten in former days, when there was always a half-filled pot of it on the stove.”
    –Gunter Grass

  50. turtle

    I agree that the Crate & Barrel is jarring, and the break in continuity on the east side of S. Main is a loss. It doesn’t bother me much since I’m at home with urban incongruity, but I can see how people who cherish the village aura would be unhappy. On the other hand, the Ed Center didn’t seem all that distinguished a building (OK, fire away). It was nice, though.

    That modern block on the west side of S. Main south of Farmington is pretty pedestrian. Was there an outcry when that was built? The Blue Back buildings are better overall than I expected. Yes, it’s dense, but it looks good. All that action at Whole Foods is a harbinger of things to come. This is going to be great!

    TWC, I’m intrigued by your indignation at the town over historic preservation. What are you thinking of in particular, apart from BBS?

  51. TWC

    P.S. to my comment above.

    If the Town will dedicate the additional tax revenue they will be collecting from the “tripesized” version of the old Education Building to programs for gifted children, I promise not to gripe about it anymore.

  52. Fred Garvin

    I agree with everything Turtle just wrote.

    We’re buds again.

  53. John Hardy

    Hopefully there will be some landscaping in front of the Crate & Barrel store, as was shown in the original schematics and models (can be seen here still). In looking at the space between the building and the street yesterday – still under construction – I agree that they do have a long way to go to make it look attractive.

    Also, that building on the west side Turtle refers to replaced the old First National, which was really gross as I recall.

  54. TWC

    Turtle, here is my gripe list (for what it’s worth):

    Neighborhoods: I shudder whenever I drive around Town and see an otherwise intact neighborhood of wonderful early-20th century architecture shattered by a split-level piece of crap that was probably erected on what was once a double-lot. (And, no, I’m not apologizing to anyone living in a split-level.) And there are several other examples of this Town not having any respect for preserving the esthetic integrity of our neighborhoods.

    Buildings: Again, I haven’t seen it yet, but the old Education Building concerns me. Another building that’s on this Town’s soon-to-be-butchered list is Charter Oak.

    At a BOE meeting on the proposal to dump millions more into Charter Oak, one of the administrator’s referred to Charter Oak as “tired.” I think the more proper way to describe Charter Oak is “historically inspirational;” I would be thrilled to send my kids to Charter Oak if it was in my neighborhood.

    Squares: The replacement of what “once was” at the north-west corner of Main and Farmington was handled very badly, as this Town cow-towed (as they always do) to whatever the Vietnam War veterans want in this Town.

    Trees: The utter lack of respect for the role our historic trees play in this Town is best represented by the before and after state of the square mentioned above. And while I am encouraged by this Town’s recent efforts to restore the elms to Elmwood, what about the apparent rush everywhere else in Town to take down any stately tree exhibiting the least bit of distress?

    In addition, many towns treat the historic trees even on private property as important components for preserving the historic and esthetic integrity of a town. Not West Hartford.

    In short, I believe this Town doesn’t give itself enough credit for what we’ve got that’s worth preserving, not does it seem to really care. Am I wrong?

  55. turtle

    We’re buds again.


    TWC, I wouldn’t categorically denounce split-levels, even in an otherwise architecturally consistent neighborhood. My question would be, is it a good building or not on its own terms? For instance, there’s some pretty stark eclecticism on the tony side of Mohegan or thereabouts that looks great. (Of course, the house I’m thinking of isn’t exactly pre-fab.) Meanwhile, the attraction of modern houses is perfectly understandable, and I say this as a lover of domestic architecture from the late 19th-century-1940s. I live in a small old house that is a big money pit with no end in sight, so I can appreciate the beauty of an efficient and spacious split-level.

    On the other hand, I agree with you that it would be a terrible mistake to demo Charter Oak and was unaware that such draconian measures were being considered. Charter Oak is a beautiful building that should be preserved. It’s bad enough that Smith’s building from the same era was torn down to make way for a functional but uninspiring box.

    I disagree with you about the veterans memorial. Even if I didn’t have any sentiment about veterans I would still appreciate the memorial on a sculptural level. It’s great to have an open, serene space on that corner, and the design is very muted. The town got that one right.

  56. I’m a first time writer here. I’m also the VP of Marketing at Town Sports International, the company that owns and operates New York Sports Clubs.

    We really are excited about coming to West Hartford and becoming a part of the community. In fact, a bunch of us are marching in the parade tomorrow.

    I’ve been reading your blog with great interest. While I know that some of the comments are being said in good fun, there are some great points being made about our name that I’d like to address.

    As you know, we operate under 3 different brand names in the Northeast other than New York Sports Clubs. The Philadelphia Sports Clubs banner is the most recent of the four and was created in 1999. Since 1999, we have added 78 clubs– many in communities like West Hartford with strong identities, rich heritage and passionate neighbors. Given the growth of the company’s locations (currently 150), we opted to stay with the names we have. We have 8 other locations in Connecticut named New York Sports Clubs and we thought it made sense to keep West Hartford in that group.

    We believe our club brings a range of fitness options and programs that you’ll enjoy. I hope you stop by and see for yourself.

    Thank you for the opportunity to join your conversation and I hope to meet some of you in person. And if you’re out at the parade tomorrow, wave. I’ll make sure to wave back.

  57. turtle

    Hello, Merrill Richmond! Welcome to West Hartford!

  58. Joe Visconti

    Welcome to West Hartford Merrill

  59. WH Mom

    BBS is great. I had to put up a fence to ward off dust and traffic that has already started. Can’t wait until I cannot even park in front of my house. Makes me also wonder why we have all this extra income coming in from this newly designed square yet my taxes are on a steady incline???
    Can’t wait to see what the cost is to see a movie. That’s ok, when my daughter is old enough to go to the movies with her friends I am sure it will be shut down, just like the last movie theater was in West Hartford Center.

  60. JTS

    Must be some fence if it’s keeping the dust out.

    By the way, anybody who hasn’t had their USDA recommended allowance of irony, it was Taubman who got the theater in the Center shut down when he opened the theater in the mall, now long gone. He pretty much gutted the rest of the Center too, though WH Mom sounds too young or too new to town to remember all that.

  61. Jay

    Hi Merrill, Thank you for your response. I was wondering was there any consideration of naming the West Hartford club Boston Sports Clubs, since we are closer to Boston? Like in New Jersey where the clubs closer to Philiadelphia are Philadelphia Sports Clubs and the ones closer to New York are New York Sports Clubs?

  62. Art,

    I like the analogy that I’m Judy Aron. Thanks for the compliment!

    Jay: Great idea. I’d like to see what Merrill’s response to whether or not the gym could be named West Hartford Sports Club. I’m still for dropping the New York title.

  63. jay

    I’m for dropping the NY title, but I’m not sure it should be called West Hartford sports club. The company says it plans to open other clubs in the Hartford area, and it wouldn’t make sense to call each one Tolland sports club, Glastonbury Sports, etc, so maybe they call them Connecticut Sports Clubs, Hartford Sports Clubs, or throw in the Boston ones and call them New England Sports Clubs. Merrill is reading this blog, and I await his response too.

  64. WH Mom

    Thanks JTS. Not all of us are fossils; just tax payers.

  65. mj

    My question for Mr. Richmond is do you think West Hartford is a suburb of New York City?

  66. Jay

    Merrill, You are aware you are in Red Sox nation, right?

  67. Good point. Although “Boston” has a better ring to it for my taste, I’d still be for it being called West Hartford/Greater Hartford/Hartford Area Sports Club. C’mon Merrill, drop the NY tag line.


    by NYSC

    Get a Marketing clue. NYSC has no brand catche here. HELLLOOOOOOO

  69. Appreciate the suggestions and comments on alternative approaches to the name. We looked at those as well but, for the reasons I mentioned in the prior post, we’re New York Sports Clubs.

    I’m a big fan of the Red Sox. Like UConn too. Big day today for both.

  70. jay

    The naming of the health club won’t impact the average person, but it isn’t good for the business climate in our region. Other companies looking at Greater Hartford will see how NYSC views West Hartford as an extension of New York, and it could impact how they invest, or don’t invest here. Any time we are branded as New York it can be a turnoff. Concert promoters, investors, job applicants could look at Hartford and say these people are basically New Yorkers, so why bother.Remember the Madison Square Garden problems with the Civic Center. They were against pursuing professional hockey because of New York. I work for a downtown corporation that has real trouble retaining and hiring young employees because of the lack “of things to do here.” The Hartford area needs to stand up for itself rather than rely on NY.

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