So what are we to make of the CMT scores?

There are so many numbers to take into account that it’s hard to get a real sense of what it all means.

Note: The original heading said “CAPT scores” by mistake but it is now fixed. Sorry for the error. I need to stop rushing these entries! – whdad



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10 responses to “So what are we to make of the CMT scores?

  1. Joe Visconti

    The Education Cartel doesn’t want us to know what all the numbers mean dadio, that’s why they do the Hoakie Pokie and they turn us all around cause thats what it’s all about!!!!!

  2. Hey Now

    It is a shame that we are in the bottom third. You can go to where you can slice and dice the data any way that you want. Still comes up the same.

  3. I think I found Joe Visconti’s take on our school system’s low ratings.. great jingle Joe….

  4. Hey Now


    At least you can dish it out as well as take it.

  5. Harry Captain

    Would anyone mind if we moved this discussion on CMT performance to a better titled topic? Such as ?

    We’ve been all over the place on many topics under this title and some good discussion is getting buried.

  6. EJ

    Sounds like you want to cut one section of town away from the rest. Which section is that? Which schools?
    What is planned to bring underperformers up?
    Is the BOE planning on showing anyone this data?

    Again it sounds like you are blaming the poor and minorities, as you did the other day, just this time your not stating it so obviously.

  7. Joe Visconti


    Forgive Harry, he’s only doing someone else’s Job.

  8. eponymous

    Have CAPT scores been released? I’ve seen the link on CMT scores, but haven’t seen any data on CAPT as yet.

  9. Harry Captain

    No CAPT scores yet that I am aware of.
    I think the topic is probably CMTs.

  10. Harry Captain

    Todays Courant has an expanded story on WH specific 2007 Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) results:,0,4164553.story

    When BOE meetings resume in the fall, a full blown analysis of 2007 CMTs will be presented and covered live/tape by WHC-TV.

    No one was happy with the 2006 scores. Not the BOE, the administration, the faculty. The dis-satisfaction with 2006 results was addressed head-on from the very 1st BOE meeting last fall and throughout the year.

    Each school, each class, each student’s results and needs were evaluated and plans were put in motion to address areas where performance needed to improve. At points throughout the year, student’s progress was measured and school/classroom plans were refined accordingly.

    Last years hard work performed by students, faculty, and administration yielded significant improvement in academic performance. I continue to congratulate the community for the result of their efforts last year and their continued vigilance to ensure each and every student is challenged and working to achieve their full potential.

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