Strong opinions, yes; slurs and hate, no

Please, folks, if this place doesn’t treat those who disagree with a reasonable amount of respect — or at least without viciousness and name-calling — I’ll  either stop doing it or change the format so it’s not so wide open. I’d really like to avoid that.

So from now on, if a comment includes personal slurs or curses, I’ll delete it.

And if I can’t stop it from happening by asking for better manners, I’ll do something drastic. I don’t want anyone to feel like posting here will lead to personal attacks or slurs. That’s not right and it’s not what I want to see any longer.



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16 responses to “Strong opinions, yes; slurs and hate, no

  1. WH Alum

    Thank you for that! 🙂

    I hate to see it go – maybe you can just block people who are abusing it…?

  2. 1. add haloscan to your site.

    2. turn on moderation, which will allow you to first approve each comment before it’s added to the site.

    3. with haloscan, you can ban people from adding comments to the site.

  3. Fred Garvin

    Well, I guess my post is what prompted this. Your point is fair and well taken.

    I will respect your request.

    I do wish, however, that those who have offered up what has been described as misinformation about the budget would explain themselves.

    People should be voting on the budget based on valid information. There are fair criticisms to be made of this and any budget. Town officials should be held to account.

    But so should those who claim to speak for a segment of our community and who carry on a campaign urging people to vote no. They should be expected to be truthful. I don’t think I’m asking for too much.


    P. S. All the best to all … even Joe, EJ and Judy.

  4. EJ

    Thank you Fred,

    But if you look at the posts answers have been offered. You can choose not to read them or accept/not accept them.

    In which case, I will again say fork over the $10 to the town, and go get your own copy of the budget, look it over and see what you come away with.
    you could have and can still show up at WHTA meetings, the monthly meeting is open.

    Again, Jim Francis was at the last meeting and gave answers that were posted on this blog.

    As you, the people showing up at the WHTA meetings are concerned about this town and where it is going. They want to maintain sschool and services, but they don’t want to lose their homes either.

    There is a compromise in there somewhere and no matter what is done there will be dissatissfied people, but the sides will have to talk civilly to each other if anything will be accomplished.

  5. Fred Garvin


    Posts from taxpayer association members are irrelevant.

    I seek truth.

    Truth is not what we’ve recieved from the WHTA.

    And that’s a real shame.

    I don’t believe the doom and gloom statements of our elected leaders. But I also do not believe the claims of the WHTA.

    It’s a shame there couldn’t have been a bit more honesty in the process.

    I’ve done my own research. I’ll continue to do more.

    It’s too bad the WHTA didn’t use its position to elevate the discussion.


  6. EJ

    Fred, last night you had a link to the WH web site. Not sure why it is not there this morning.

    But, my apologize, we were aware of the cuts you showed in that link. Now go back and look at them again. Many of them are items that are simply being pushed off for a year, that is well and good. Others are simply “adjustments” to the numbers.

    None of them addressed questions raised by the WHTA. there is no accounting as to why the Town managers office needed another 18%, they claim it was not for salaries. No mention as to why his budget for food was doubled, I believe the figure was to $5K. There is no mention as to what is happening to the $ saved from snow plowing ~400-500K. Is the funding of Westmore Park in violation of the Hunter Trust? Was there or was there not open bidding on the trash hauling, the State’s Attorney may be looking into this? This apparently was a statistical reval, the 2nd in a row, was this in violation of State law?The list continues, you’ve seen it and I’m not going to try to repeat it again here.

    Sir, you can consider us liers, morons, idiots or whatever, but reasonable questions of accountability have been asked, answers have not been forthcoming

  7. Fred Garvin

    EJ said:
    “Sir, you can consider us liers, morons, idiots or whatever, but reasonable questions of accountability have been asked, answers have not been forthcoming.”

    There’s a bit of that going around. I’m still waiting for an answer as to how outdated and incorrect information was disseminated by the taxpayer association as fact.

    It seems none of us will be getting the answers we desire.


  8. Blogger23

    I imagine that whdad doesn’t want to moderate every comment because there are a lot of them and this doesn’t appear to be his job. If you start moderating them all, it dampens discussions because even at its best, it slows everything down.
    I don’t know what haloscan is, but I’m sure it’s worth looking at.
    I should add, though, that this is a great local blog — I’m in Missouri and don’t even care about West Hartford — and it would be nice if it could switch into the for-profit world and let the blogger who does it make a living from it. That’s the only way these things do well over the long run.

  9. I own a local blog in Danbury CT…a city where illegal immigration is the topic of choice so you could imagine the toxic comments I have to deal with.

    Haloscan is good because it keeps track of every person’s IP address and gives you a wide range of ways you can ban someone who gets out of line.

    Just sayin’…

  10. Joe Visconti

    This is just a little heat wave in bloggworld, thats all, after tommorrow when the budget gets approved by voters all will be fine on Planet West Hartford. Go Go PTO, GO GO PTO!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Peter G.

    Whdad, thanks for taking seriously the problem of creating a forum for discussion in which expressing one’s opinion does not make one a target for name-calling and slurs.

  12. John Hardy

    Whdad – I absolutely appreciate this valuable blog and support any and all actions needed to maintain interaction on a civil basis.

    There have been plenty of important ideas put forth here over the past several weeks from both sides of the argument. As I stated in the BoE public hearing recently, I am an education supporter – but also a business realist. After the budget passes tomorrow :>) I hope that we can all continue a constructive dialogue in determining ways of making our Town and Schools efficient and accountable to the “owners” (the taxpayers). This conversation should be a year-round one, and not restricted to the stressful spring budget period.

    I for one make a commitment to that discussion process.

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