Let’s get rolling again

Without my colorful, useful calendar from the town — discontinued to save money, without any warning at all — I only just realized that it’s 2008 and that this blog needs some attention.

It looks like we’re going to have a ton to talk about, from a looming redistricting to how much to tip a peddle cab in West Hartford Center. I probably should just get a job cycling since that would, in short order, allow me to keep my resolution to exercise more. On the other hand, it might kill me.

I’ve had my ear to the ground lately, listening to neighbors, friends and even politicians (yes, I’m out and about sometimes, secretly) and I know we have an awful lot to talk about here. And I promise to do a much better job of posting the topics of the moment to spur some discussion so we can all learn more about what’s going on and why.


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One response to “Let’s get rolling again

  1. Mike

    Not sure where to put this, but here seems as good a place as any – The Board of Ed caved to irate parents and abandonned their ill-advised redistricting plan based on overcrowding. I know I originally was extremely critical of the immediate post-election timing of raising the issue, but I am happy to see that ended up listening to parents in the end. So what now? A few million dollars to cart in portable classrooms and shoehorn some kids into previously unused space.

    What will be the BoE’s excuse when they have to take up redistricting based on racial inbalance? They seemed to have willingly punted away using overcrowding as the reason….

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