Bicycling in West Hartford

The new West Hartford Cycling Task Force is looking for ways to make the town more friendly for cyclists, which would be a good thing on many levels, including the reality that making cyclists safer will also make pedestrians safer.

Jamie Sullivan will serve as chairman, with Charles Beristain, Richard L. Hughes III, Richard Raport and Carmen Yiamouyiannis also on the panel, according to a Courant story.

“We’d like to see them come back to us in the next 90 days, with suggestions for how we can make it safer and more accessible,” said council member Chuck Coursey, according to the paper.

The task force’s first meeting is tentatively set for 7 p.m. Sept. 12 at town hall. If you care about cycling, go! But if you take your bicycle to attend, be damn careful. Drivers are crazy around here!

I’m curious to know more about the greenway trail along Trout Brook. When is that going to be done?



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5 responses to “Bicycling in West Hartford

  1. Beth Bye

    I’ll be at this one. Great to have a task force. We really need to work on this. I ride to work on many days and simple things make such a difference.

  2. Joe Visconti

    I ‘m glad too, I have a bicycle built for two from the sixties which my kids and I drive around the Center with. It will be a pleasure and safer when bike lanes can be put in to designate the Zones.

    I Also wonder if we can get “bike racks in the Center” and maybe even do as in some Countries, leave community bikes for tourists and residents to tool around with.
    Lastly maybe like in the malls we can have a wheelchair system for the handicapped or elderly available in designated spots around the Center.

  3. Chuck Coursey

    I wanted to get back to whdad’s request for an update on the Trout Brook Greenway.

    The Town has submitted a preliminary plan to the State Department of Transportation (DOT) for a walkway from New Park Avenue to South Quaker Lane with side path to Elmwood Community Center. Both the State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and DOT must approve the plan before we can move forward. Once DEP and DOT have approved the plan the Town will need to hold a public informational meeting.

    Given all of this, we would expect construction in the summer of 2008.

    We are also intending on finishing a walk from Park Road under the Boulevard bridge and connecting to the existing walk along the brook as soon as public works can schedule the time.

    The rest from South Quaker Lane/Beechland Park to Park Road is a bit more complicated. The town will be looking at engineering options along the Trout Brook (the brook not the road) vs. Trout Brook (the road not the brook).

  4. Thank you for the information, Chuck. I appreciate it.

  5. Give me an old cool bicycle, and I’ll ride around the city for days.

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