Teens willing to do yard work and such

Though I probably should have them cut my grass or something in return for free advertising, I like these kids’ initiative so I’m posting their message to me: 

My friends and I are trying to earn a little extra cash this summer, so we are doing some lawn work. I was hoping that you could help us out by putting our email address up on your site. We all live in West Hartford and are in Highschool we are 16, 15, and 14 years old, so being kids we could use the cash 🙂 so if you could help us that would be great. Well here is some info if you decide to help:

Email : lawnmowkids@hotmail.com
Phone# : (860) 508-8343 ask for Daniel or (860) 561-4868 ask for Kevin

We charge $20.00 – $25.00 per mow. and up to $10.00 extra for any other misc. work



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5 responses to “Teens willing to do yard work and such

  1. It’s good to see some young people willing to work to earn a few bucks. What a refreshing sight! Good for them. I hope your post helps give them a booming business!

    And if your yard is bigger than your average West Hartford sub-plot then you might want to throw in a few extra bucks for the kids.

  2. Kevin

    I’m with this group here and I would like to state the following – we are considering changes to the payment. Mowing lawns will still remain a flat rate of $20-$25 – however, other types of work we will charge by the hour. The amount per hour will vary based on the number and type of job you have in mind.

  3. John Hardy

    Hey, maybe bagging leaves? I’m thinking there’s going to be a big demand for those services…..

  4. Joe Visconti

    Now that the Board of Ed has taken over Town Hall and many Town Departments will over the next 10 years be eliminated or turned into fee for service’s (Business Model)maybe these young men can in the future bid on Town Hall and Park grass cutting maintenence as well as school lawn cutting. The future looks bright for the Young, maybe we can bring em back after college, just need to keep out all the illegal immigrants which are and will be their number 1 competitors.

    Lastly make sure you have good homeowners that protects for youth’s cutting grass/painting houses in case there are any accidents and they cannot provide for insurance Being under 18 can you buy Insurance?).

  5. Rosanne Lorraine

    It is certainly great to hear that getting the yard work done would be must simpler because services such as yours exists. If you are gonna be into this for the long run, you might want to consider buying WORX lawn movers, hedge trimmers, and such though.

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