Why has Chris Dodd proved a dud?

Frankly, I’m surprised how badly Senator Dodd is faring on the campaign trail.

Every time I’ve run across him over the years — at least a dozen times — he’s proven to be crackerjack smart, funny, enthusiastic and right on the money about almost everything he says.

But out on the Democratic hustings, Sen. Dodd is coming up with … nothing.

Why? Well, it’s mostly that Hillary and Obama are so overwhelming that they drown out everybody else except John Edwards, who’s struggling for breath despite his high profile in 2004. There’s no room for anyone else, especially another New England liberal (Dukakis and Kerry’s campaigns might doom the region’s chances for the White House for a long time to come).

At this point, I can’t imagine that Dodd is running to win. Maybe he’s out there in hopes of becoming secretary of state, or maybe candidates can’t help thinking lightning will strike if they just stay out in the field long enough during the storm. It happens, no doubt. But most people who stay outside in a storm just wind up drenched.



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26 responses to “Why has Chris Dodd proved a dud?

  1. I just think Dodd’s probably cashed in all his favors to get as far as he has. If seniority didn’t count up there, he’d be just another Senator wandering Connecticut Boulevard, wheeling and dealing favors.

    Simply put, he looks tired up there. You have to rewind his TV appearances to figure out what he’s saying because he’s so boring that its easy to lose focus after 30 seconds of his endless dribble.

    He’d better be careful, he’s a perfect candidate for the Yankees rotation… old, tired, mediocre, and tedious.

  2. Joe Visconti

    Dodd’s got the curse of the lamebino

  3. Friend from the North

    I’m from New Hampshire and I’m supporting Chris Dodd. I stumbled across your website looking to see what people in Connecticut think about his run.

    I have to disagree with your idea that Dodd isn’t running to win. He’s been up here in New Hampshire more than any other candidate and has been actively making the rounds trying to meet as many primary voters as possible. His campaign has done a very good job with reaching out to the netroots in New Hampshire, which played a strong role in the Democratic sweep we experienced in the last election. He’s running a very good ground campaign too.

    It’s too early to write anybody off, and history has shown before that the New Hampshire primary can throw the media narrative off course. It makes me wonder what people in Arkansas were thinking in 1991/1992 when Bill Clinton was campaigning for President before his big second-place “win” (he came in after Paul Tsongas). We like underdogs in New Hampshire.

    Chris Dodd hasn’t proved a dud. I suspect that because he’s not the media’s darling you’re not hearing about the things he’s doing in New Hampshire. I wouldn’t write him off so soon.

  4. Joe Visconti

    Without a real name sir/mame, one must assume you didn’t just stumble across West Hartford’s Blog. Big leap of faith here, you work for his campaign.
    Please stumble back to New Hampshire and take Chris Dud with ya.

  5. turtle

    Joe, that was rude!!

    It’s always good to have a Friend from the North. Anyway, he or she is completely right about the spin. Most of these media clowns are demagogues and product-pushers pure and simple. They do the country a great disservice by their insidious, inane babbling.

  6. Joe Visconti


    Prove he/she doesn’t work for Dud’s Campaign. Without a real name you can buy in to the Sales pitch for Dud because you also hide behind a pseudonym. Time for you my dear to climb back into your shell like a good little Turtle.

  7. turtle

    I couldn’t care less if Friend is from Dodd’s campaign. The important thing is whether or not what Friend says is true.

    And please don’t talk down to me, thanks.

  8. Peter G.

    I’m not sure what “working for Dodd’s campaign” even means in this context or why it would matter. When it comes to politics, whether someone is a paid staffer, a dedicated volunteer, or just a strong personal enthusiast, I would certainly expect them to express opinions that reflect their views.

    And before you ask, Joe, no I’m not going to post my full name, yes I do live in West Hartford, and no I am not only not “working for Dodd’s campaign” but I don’t even support the guy.

  9. Lori

    If Dodd is doing so much in New Hampshire, why are the polls showing him trailing so badly? I’m curious. I support Dodd, but I’m sad that so few others seem to be backing him.

  10. Joe Visconti

    Paid Staffer reflects their views. Hmn, right, nothing wrong with that Mr Pseudonym.
    Sorry Turtle, I always talk down to Turtle’s.

  11. turtle

    I suppose turtles are the only thing you can talk down to.

  12. Joe Visconti

    It’s a Joke, I love ya, you know it, your my favorite Pseudonymist(does such a word exist ?)
    Cause you got me under your spell….., you Blue Back Speller you!

  13. turtle

    I do love flattery. So, OK!

  14. Joe Visconti

    Hey Turtle, when is Whdad going to Post the Benedict Verrengia Deal? My fingers are itchy already!!!

  15. turtle

    From the Courant:

    [Verrengia] said he was concerned that the Republican committee “is being used as a springboard” by some members of the local taxpayers’ organization and people who opposed Blue Back Square.


  16. Joe Visconti

    Hey Turtle not fair,wait for the Benedict Verrengia Post.

  17. Joe Visconti

    Sorry, something’s up with the posting, must be the spam man cometh!

  18. Friend from the North

    Hey, I had to put in an e-mail to post–if the blog’s author wants me to confirm I’m not a shill, he can e-mail me. I just wanted to see what the attitude in CT is toward Dodd’s Presidential run. I ended up here through Google. I don’t know you guys, so I wasn’t going to use my real name.

    I don’t work for Dodd, I just intend to vote for him in the primary. I was compelled to reply because of the gloomy attitude expressed here. The sense of inevitable defeat before the first votes are even cast is really disturbing.

    As far as polls go, this time 2003, Wes Clark was polling at 2% in NH and Joe Lieberman at 12%. When we had our primary, Clark beat Lieberman by about 9,000 votes and had managed to make it to 3rd place after Kerry and Dean compared to Lieberman’s 5th place (after John Edwards and before Dennis Kucinich).

    In 1964, the Republicans voted for Henry Cabot Lodge over Nelson Rockefeller and Barry Goldwater with a write-in campaign. We’ve always produced surprises.

  19. Joe Visconti

    Friend from the North
    It’s easy,use your real name, what do you fear? Why do you hide your identity?

  20. turtle

    There goes Joe riding that hobby horse down Main Street again. It’s conventional to use handles on the internet. People have all kinds of good reasons for doing so. Think of all the crackpots out there!

    I could not agree more with Friend of the North. I’m leaning toward Obama, but Dodd is a good guy and deserves a fair shake.

  21. Joe Visconti

    Crackpots out there? Dah, tell me about it.

    Obama, he’s a flash in the pan, he won’t even beat Billary out of the starting gate.

  22. Joe Visconti

    Oh by the way Turtle

    Did you see the nice piece in the Fishwrap today that told how Wethersfield will have horse and Buggy rides through their historic distric? Some of our Board of Ed history was carted away by Manafort but we still have the BLVD ans Noah’s Home.We all may ride Horse’s next with the price of Gas.

    A horse is a horse of course of course and Joe is ahead of the Curve of course, but there’s no such thing as Blue Back remorse just talk to MR Heapes!

  23. Joe Visconti

    and, sheesh

  24. turtle

    Won’t it be ironic when the guy who enjoys himself the most at Blue Back Square is named Joe Visconti.

  25. Joe Visconti

    Hey, we paid for it, might as well enjoy it. Think Richard will let me speak at the Grand Opening?

    Sample Joe Visconti’s Blue Back grand Opening speech:
    Dearly Beloved we are gathered here today to…..

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