Dump DeLuca

 Is there any doubt that State Senator Louis DeLuca should be tossed out of the General Assembly without delay?

The senator’s obtuseness is amazing.

It’s clear that DeLuca had a long-standing relationship with the mob-connected James Galante, who sounds like a character on The Sopranos.

When DeLuca thought his granddaughter’s husband was abusing her, he didn’t turn to the police or other family members. Instead, he asked Galante to pay the guy a visit.

FBI surveillance tapes later picked up Galante telling associates the possibly nasty husband should be “bitch slapped,” though that never actually happened.

Recognizing that DeLuca is a fundamentally dishonest politician, an undercover agent tried to bribe him to help Galante with special legislation.

DeLuca’s answer?

Not “I’m calling the police” or “how dare you?”

Instead, the senator said, “Anytime he needs anything — anything — within my power, that I can do, I will do.”

No doubt.

That’s why he should have no power at all.Since DeLuca doesn’t have the sense to resign, the Senate should expel him. Every day that DeLuca continues to serve brings further dishonor on the Senate and the state.

Isn’t it about time we demanded ethics and honesty from all of our political leaders?



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11 responses to “Dump DeLuca

  1. There isn’t all that much to say on this subject. You can’t assess a value or degree to political corruption. Trading favors is just as corrupt as steering contracts or accepting money and both DeLuca and that “Billy” DiBella should withdraw from public life.

    However, it seems to me that the real issue is the government’s inability to deal with corruption and neither Party – having a stake in that corruption – is willing do anything substantive to correct it. Connecticut and political corruption have become synonymous.

    Government should about the people and this power should rest with the voter. Like many states Connecticut voters should be able to force a statewide referendum and recall candidates like DeLuca on the state and local level.

  2. Dodd is right on this one Whdad, your post should read “Dumb DeLuca and DiBella” to be fair and balanced.

  3. A reader near Fernwood

    To be fair to whdad, he did call for DiBella to resign: https://whdad.wordpress.com/2007/05/30/dibella-should-resign/

  4. Joe Visconti

    A State Convention next year to line up State Charter Revisions will be coming if we all continue to press our State Legislators. Recalling Elected officials is one of 3 targeted changes. The second is the ability to hold State Budget Referendums with the ability for Voters to overide Binding Arbitration laws in their communities. The third Revision should be for voters at the State level to decide on major issues such as Marriage. Trust the public.

  5. Rick Liftig

    Hmmm… doesn’t this sound like a California proposition?

  6. turtle

    And we all know what happened to California’s once-proud public schools.


    Last Friday (Oct 19,) as I was returning home from work at about 7:30 a.m. I spotted four men holding up signs for Sen. Deluca and for someone named Williams, I noticed that they were engaged in conversations with several other men. Upon walking past them not ONE man in the group had a good morning or anything else to say to me, and and were each standing on one of the four corners on Pratt and East Main streets. If these people think I’m going to vote for them they are out of their minds. As a matter of fact My Four children who are all of voting age refuse to vote for them as well. They should mind who they ignore. This is going to cost BOTH candidates BIG. If they don’t hear what I have to say, I’ll find a WORTHY candidate who wants my input and won’t be a thief.
    At least I would not have to be snubbed. I live in Meriden and work here too. I might be proud of my community, But I’m not proud of these people.

  8. TWC

    It simply boggles my mind that there is any debate over the need for both Deluca and Dibella to resign. Yet the Courant reports that the Senate is wringing their hands over turning on one of their own, and I haven’t heard a thing about anyone putting any pressure on Dibella to resign.

    Listen up Senator Harrison. If Deluca or Dibella stay put, you can count on this issue coming up in your next campaign, because your constituents are sick and tired of the sleaze that these two men represent.

  9. Senator Harrison? You must mean Jonathan Harris, our state senator. And I agree. I love the guy, but he better vote to toss DeLuca out.

  10. TWC

    Hey, whdad, I am prepared to stand corrected for slipping in my “…on” when you are prepared to offer the poor readers of this blog a “Preview” feature.

  11. turtle

    DeLuca has finally resigned.

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