Last day of school to be set tonight

Had this forwarded to me today. I think it’s an interesting issue, but I’m pretty sure the school year should end on June 24th, despite any hardships it might create for a few. I’m not particularly worried about when camps start.

Dear friends,

The West Hartford Board of Ed will be meeting tonight, Thurs. evening (4/24).  One of the issues they will be discussing is the scheduled last day of school for the Town of West Hartford which is now Tues. June 24.  This has been rescheduled from the original date of  Friday June 20 in order to make up for our two snow days.  This schedule allows for the schools to maintain their 184 day calendar, four more than that required by the state.

Many of the camps that the West Hartford children typically attend for the summer begin prior to June 24.  This creates quite a conflict for these families.  Multiple families have said that their children will just miss the last 2 days.  Instead, the Board has the ability to forgive these 2 days in the schedule to reduce the conflict.  They have done so in the past when it has conflicted with the start of summer school.

In addition, all three town middle school graduations are now scheduled for Monday night, June 23.  In order for 8th graders to attend their graduation, they will need to miss the beginning of camp.  For some families this is not even an option due to parent work conflicts or camp restrictions.

If you have feelings regarding this issue, I ask that you consider sending an email to express them to the addresses listed below prior to the meeting on Thurs 4/24. (this will then automatically forward to all 7 Board members)

Thank you for your attention.



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7 responses to “Last day of school to be set tonight

  1. The standard is 180 days. The WH school year is 184 days.

    Given the flagrant waste of time that the last couple of days of school typically are, I’d really rather have them just stick to the originally published date. Our kids aren’t going to be missing out on anything.

  2. WH Alum

    Sklarz, whom I do not always agree with, said it well last night at the BOE meeting. It doesn’t matter when the last 2 days of school are, they are still the last 2 days and similar activities will be happening no matter when they fall. Transition, class parties, yearbook signing, locker clean out… When I was growing up in WH the snow days were built in and we didn’t have to make them up unless they went past a certain number. Sounds like we should consider going back to that.

  3. A Hall Student

    Seriously, Elementary and Middle Schools don’t do anything the last two weeks of school anyway. Also, I’m going to have to take some finals early, because I have plans starting the 22nd, and now I’m going to miss some valuable in class review.

    Also, WH Alum, nobody agrees with Dr. Sklarz, who I’ve never seen until this year, he was not what I expected at all (hahahaha). I hate it when we have 90 minute delays instead of 2 hr delays, because I can never calculate how much time I have more to sleep.

  4. Cynic

    Sounds like Sklarz could have done a better job with your math education.

  5. Murp

    Ok, everyone knows it snows in New England. Plan accordingly.= IF your kid misses the first day or two of camp=- so be it. What is the message parents are sending to their kids. School ends when it ends, its the town’s job to let us know not the parents job to try to get them to rearrange the schedule so some kids can attend camp! Please ,are you serious? Really!

  6. A Hall Student

    At the high school level, we don’t attend camp, we work there. I can’t miss the first day, and I only get one day off per week, and I don’t plan to hang around hall on my day off.
    Cynic: hahahahaa.

  7. John Hardy

    Well, talking to my kids and looking at their school schedules for June, it looks like there are way too many: take down the bulletin boards and clean-up the classroom days/field days/trips to the beach-carousel-ice cream stand days (the 3rd grader)/trip to Winding Trails day (the 5th grader)/”Special Days”/end-of year Danceathons/etc. And those “controversial” Monday and Tuesday dates are to be 1/2 days anyway.

    I guess I’m looking for 180 – or 182 or 184, whatever – days of quality school. The last two days should be full days, and those can be the screw-around days. It’s pretty clear to most who pay attention here and elsewhere that I’m a vocal supporter of the WHPS. They can reciprocate by actually EDUCATING my children through Friday June 20 this year.

    I know that everyone’s attention (teachers and student) wanes in late June…but if that’s the justification, maybe it means we really ought to be at 180 quality days, not 184 days with nonsense scheduled by the schools!

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