Future of Bishops Corner on agenda tonight

The Bishops Corner Neighborhood Group and the Bishops Corner Branch library invite you to attend a discussion of plans for the reconstruction and development of 2558 Albany Avenue (the property next to Staples) on Thursday, April 10. The discussion will be led by Gregg Nanni of Project Enterprise. Please join us at 7:00 p.m. and take this opportunity to share your ideas for Bishops Corner with your neighbors. The meeting will be held in the Senior Center’s large meeting room.

If anyone goes and wants to tell us what happened, that would be wonderful.



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13 responses to “Future of Bishops Corner on agenda tonight

  1. BC

    Somebody should go, I’m busy, and I would like to hear whats going on.
    WHDad You should go!

  2. BC

    Thanks, we will be expecting a report, LOL. I’ve heard of so many rumors, Target, Town Center, Condos, Office, EXC.

  3. cha buma baba uu gamma

  4. No more development

    Bishops Corner can stand an upgrade, but not more development. The town in it’s craze for more revenues gave the go ahead for condons that are contributing to traffic and congestion. If a developer wants to use existing developed space, fine, but stop the cutting of trees and building of stores with empty parking lots.

  5. Fred Garvin

    No update in 10 days. Stick a fork in it WHDad. Your blog is dead. You don’t care.

    Why should anyone else?

  6. Fred you're my hero

    You go Fred – I’m with you and mad as hell. WHDad, you should keep this pathetic blog updated. Fred and I are entitled, ENTITLED I SAY, to constant updates and information 24/7.

  7. Fred Garvin

    So much for the “alternative media.”

    As I’ve said before, the Courant is imperfect and its coverage of West Hartford is deficient. But at least they bother to come out each day.

    The West Hartford News, on the other had, should just go the way of WHDad.

  8. Blogs are free. You can start one if you’d like, no one is stopping you.

  9. Gee whiz, a guy can’t go on vacation over spring break?

  10. Fred Garvin

    Your vacation is six months?

    Yeah right.

    You’ve given up Dad. Admit it.

    Amy, I don’t care to start a blog as I know I can’t commit to properly keeping it up.

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