Hall Human Rights Coalition taking action

The Hall Human Rights Coalition has been doing “teach-ins” at Hall, KP and some elementary schools in the past two weeks about their new initiative – Pennies for Peace.  Inspired by Greg Mortenson’s book “Three Cups of Tea,” students have been raising awareness about the need for education in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  They have been collecting pennies to send to the Central Asia Institute, and are having a culminating event on April 8th at Barnes & Noble in Blue Back Square.  We will have some guest readers (town council members, hopefully board of ed memebers, favorite teachers, etc.) reading selections from Mortenson’s book, and students sharing their poetry, prose, and music about what they do to make small change in their community and the world.
More information can be found on our website: http://www.rockandlearn.org/index_files/Page745.htm


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5 responses to “Hall Human Rights Coalition taking action

  1. MeMe

    King Philip is a terrible school, I would never send my kids there (and I don’t), Not only does it have the worst looking building, and a curriculum witch needs so much improvement, and I’ve gone in there twice, I still wonder how all those students and teachers smell that terrible smell day to day. It’s unbelievable that King Philip is in West Hartford.

  2. WH Alum

    Wow aren’t you miss (or mister) happy sunshine. You’ve been in there all of – twice? and totally trashing it because it was sort of mentioned that the Hall Coalition kids spoke there?

  3. Ryan

    What’s with the same guy in two different posts spelling “witch” instead of which? BC Kind and MeMe, it’s called spellcheck, and it’s not hard to use.

  4. Ryan

    king not kind

  5. A Mom

    My KP 6th grader can appropriately use and spell the word “which”.

    I happen to have bought my home where I did to ensure that my children go to KP.

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