10-year plan needs public input

Just want to help make sure people are aware of this one, because dull as it sounds, it’s actually a crucial planning document that will make a real difference in our town’s future: 

Community Forum
Wednesday, January 16, 7:00 PM
West Hartford Town Hall, Room 400

The West Hartford Town Plan & Zoning Commission has begun an eight-month process to update the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development, a document that spans 2008-2018 guiding town leaders on decisions regarding land use.

You are invited to a Community Forum on Wednesday, January 16 at 7 PM at Town Hall, Room 400 to voice your thoughts, ideas, recommendations and questions. 

Comments from this forum will guide the commission as it begins to draft a long-range plan on how land will be used in West Hartford for the next ten years.

A draft report will be shared at the following meetings held at March 26 and May 14 at 7 PM at Town Hall, Room 400. Mark your calendar!

If you cannot attend these meetings, but would like to express your opinions, please send a letter to:

Town Plan & Zoning Commission
West Hartford Town Hall
50 South Main Street
West Hartford, CT 06107

or email to:

Town Planner Mila Limson at mila@westhartford.org <mailto:mila@westhartford.org>

For more information, call (860) 561-7555

I trust that when the draft report is ready for the March meeting, a copy will be online so those of us who shun government meetings can see what’s going on. I’d hate to trust the lackluster or altogether absent reporters the Courant has in our town.



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7 responses to “10-year plan needs public input

  1. Fred Garvin

    How about a Cheesecake Factory on every corner? That will cut the 90 minute wait.

    By the way, I went there. It ain’t that special. It’s Chili’s, 99 or Ruby Tuesday with HUGE portions.

    Are we so lame that Cheesecake Factory is something special in our town? We’ve got much better home-grown restaurants.

    Any ideas who is going to move into Bishop’s Corner now that another chain place, the macaroni grill place, is leaving? And what’s up with Puerto Vallarta in the center. Did that give up the ghost?

  2. Elliot Check

    Fred , I have to agree with you.

    None of these places are worth the wait for a table. Olive Garden in Corbins Corner is another one, I never could understand people waiting on line for mediocre food.

    There are so ,any other choices nearby, it doesn’t make any sense. Maybe the term “sheeple” is appropriate for these individuals.

  3. Fred Garvin

    I realize our locally based restaurant owners compete with each other, but it would be nice to see them join together to spread the word. They offer so much more than these horrid chains.

    I had a guest in town and wanted to take him someplace that wasn’t a chance that wouldn’t cost a fortune either. We ended up at Barb’s, but I would have preferred something else. I blanked through. We almost ended up going to Rein’s in Vernon, which is a great place and ALMOST came to West Hartford. But that’s another story.

  4. Elliot Check

    Another point Fred,

    A couple of weeks ago I wanted to do Cheesecake factory ToGo. The drive up area is a disaster waiting to happen. Hard to find parking in the waiting area, tough maneuvering, and very congested.

    Around the same time I wanted to do a quick pop in to REI to check on a Ski Rack for my kid. No easy way to do a quick park and look. Had to park on Main after circling 3 times and run in.

    The area is not conducive for quick stop ins. Much easier to go to Sports authority.

  5. Fred Garvin

    This blog is dead. Weeks of inactivity seem to have killed it. Sorry WHDad. It was nice while you were interested.

    I’ll continue to check back, but at the moment there’s little reason to. Guess I’ll have to back to the conventional source of information, the Courant, which although flawed, at least shows up every morning with some new information.


  6. Truman's Mom

    Welcome back, WHDad – I hope you’re back for awhile.

    I don’t think the blog’s dead – although several people have developed their own blogs and may not regularly appear anymore – it’s just that no matter what the topic the comment is ALWAYS on BBS.

    The Plan of Conservation and Development is a big deal! For those of you not planning to sell their homes and move to Farmington, Newington, etc. pay attention to this document. If you’re planning on moving, consider checking out the PCD of your future home – all towns have them.

    You might be surprised by what you find!

  7. Fred Garvin

    Yeah Truman’s Mom, I guess you’re right. This blog isn’t dead. Traffic is just overwhelming me.

    Nice shot at the Courant too WHDad.

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