Rock for Rights!

Rock for Rights! 2007

Rock out, get educated, and change the world!

“Rock for Rights!” is a new organization targeting high school students in the West Hartford community.  The event on December 15th will be a fair to get students educated about some of the issues that plague our global society, as well as how they can get involved and get active about what concerns them.  The “Rock” part refers to a concert that will be occurring at the same time and location as the fair.  High school bands from town, as well as larger, regional bands will be playing throughout the afternoon.  There will also be speakers and clips from movies to further educate kids.  Our motivation is the idea that high school students have incredible passion and potential for activism… they simply need to be educated about the issues and inspired to do something about it. 

Another layer of “R4R” is that the students are working very hard to pull the West Hartford community together.  Students from Hall, Conard, Kingswood-Oxford, Northwest Catholic and Watkinson are working together to speak to local businesses, activists, organizations, and politicians.  Most of the foci of the tables will be on human rights, peace, environmental issues and sustainability projects, amnesty (letter writing to incarcerated peoples around the world), soldiers’ rights, students’ rights, hunger (both home and abroad), and women’s health issues (again, home and abroad), as well as organizations that use various media to reach youth.

In addition to tables and bands, we are working to secure many donations for raffles from local businesses and restaurants in West Hartford Center, Blue Back Square, and Bishops Corner.  We will also be selling unique “Rock for Rights!  2007” t-shirts at the event.  The front will have our hand-heart-music note logo, and the back will publicly thank all of those businesses, organizations, and community members who have helped us make this event a reality, as well as names of all the bands who perform.  (Sweatshop free shirts, of course!)  Any money that is raised through tickets and t-shirts for this event will be used to put the show on (paying for bands, sound, shirts, etc.) and any profit that is made will be fed directly into the schools that helped produce it.  Each school has a human rights / global improvement club; they can do what they want with their portion of the proceeds.


When:  December 15, 2007   12pm-7pm

Where:  West Hartford Town Hall

Bands:  ZOX, Barefoot Truth, Among Criminals + local student bands

Tickets:  $20; includes “Rock for Rights! 2007” t-shirt (adult sizes)

T-shirts:  $10 on day of event

 For more information email or Facebook us at Rock West Hartford

If you are interested in giving donations or hosting a table, please email us!


Supervising Faculty:  Steph Sperber (Social Studies, Hall HS)



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7 responses to “Rock for Rights!

  1. David Jones

    As a parent of two kids, one still in HS, I am interested in learning more about this.

    When I see the word “educate” I think of a balanced presentation with opposing views being presented, allowing the students to reach their own conclusions.

    When I see the word “activism” I think of a more one sided presentation, one in which a conclusion on a given topic has already been reached and the goal is get students active in advancing that point of view.

    I would be interested in knowing who is speaking and what film clips are being presented.

  2. At the center

    I think this an extracurricular activity, which doesn’t need to be balanced like a classroom.

  3. David Jones

    I understand this is extracurricular and I didn’t say it has to be balanced. As a parent I want to know exactly what it it?

    Is there an agenda or is this a balanced presentation. The group sponsoring it has the right for it to be either, but I want to know.

  4. Rock for Rights

    WH Parents:

    Do not be frightened! The intent of R4R is simply to provide information. We have no political alliance or leanings… in fact, we aren’t even an organization! The only reason Rock for Rights exists is because students across town have expressed an interest in finding out how they can become active members of the community they live in.

    The planning committee consists of about 50 students from all around town, and we have been open to any organization that would like to come and speak with students. Some examples are:

    -My Sister’s Place (Homelessness)
    -Empty Bowls (students to end hunger)
    -Aids Awareness (student group)
    -Letter writing / Card making for an Iraq troop (whose platoon leader is a Hall graduate)
    -Working Villages International (sustainable living)
    -Hall Environmental Club
    -One student’s initiative to build a shelter in Uganda
    -Circle of Health (women’s health education in disaster areas)

    (We ended up scrapping the movie clips idea… too much technological difficulties!)

    We simply want to get some ideas out in the air, foster discussion, and inspire youth to get involved in something they are passionate about that could make an impact on their future world.

    I’m sorry the original posting was not as detailed. Does that clarify a little bit? Students are being interviewed this week to be aired on Channel 5… When I know the air dates I will post them, so you can get a little insight into our intentions.

    Please feel free to email if you still have questions!


  5. Joe Visconti


    It is great to hear and see West Hartford Students seeking to make a differece in the World. Whether through Activism or Humanitarian efforts “The Readiness is all” (Shakespeare). As for me I will be sponsoring your activity.

  6. David Jones

    Thank you for the information.

  7. Rock for Rights

    To purchase tickets online, please visit

    you can also purchase your unique, one-time only R4R t-shirt! (They are likely to sell out at the event)

    Thanks for the support and enthusiasm!
    Steph + Rock For Rights 07

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