What’s up with West Hartford’s closets?

I’m sort of afraid to peer too deeply into that funny old closet beside my dryer that I can’t open because the machine’s in the way.

After all, police found a kidnapped girl living in a closet under the stairs in a house in Elmwood not long ago. And now we find out that a doctor who lived on Griswold Drive left a cache of child porn slides and films featuring his young patients, paperboys and anyone else he could photograph.

Imagine buying your dream house — a typical old place in town that requires way too much renovation and upkeep — and when you start ripping down some ugly old thing in the basement, a flood of perversion falls all over your floor. Fun times, eh?

Anyway, I’m officially proclaiming a moratorium on opening old closets in West Hartford. They’re like Pandora’s Box. You just don’t know what you’ll find.



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20 responses to “What’s up with West Hartford’s closets?

  1. Ryan

    I blame Blue Back Square. Think about it. Everything was fine before BBS, now look what we’re dealing with. Kids under stairs, kiddy porn stashes and rampant misspellings. Thank YOU very much Richard Heapes.

  2. Oh, My God, that has to be the funniest post in my lifetime. What’s all the fuss about Blue Back Anyways, it looks like it livened up West Hartford. I went there to get me a book at Barnes and Nobles when I found out it had moved from Bishop’s Corner(or was it Corbin’s?) and I liked the atmosphere. I felt like I had stepped in on the Set of “Back to the Future II” LOL, it was nice though. I heard there’s a clothing store opening up and everything and I’m OK with it , but I’d like to know what’s so wrong about it. The only place I’d ever shopped in West Hartford was the Comic Book Store across from the Elmwood Theatre(I forgot the name but I loved those old ladies holding on to my comics) and Radio Shack in West Hartford Center. the next thing you know, West Hartford Center died and then came back.
    I’d like to know what’s the big fuss over Blue Back though, seriously. is it that it’s taking business away from small mom & pop shops or something?

  3. Joe Visconti

    MPC 2000

    Hope you like Blue Back, if you are a West Hartford Resident you helped pay for it ($48 million).

  4. David Jones

    If you are a West Hartford resident your $48 million was spent in this manner.

    $21,911,000 Two parking garages owned by WH
    13,162,000 Site Improvements-Roads, etc.
    7,213,000 Library Expansion
    2,900,000 Renovations to Town Hall
    2,000,000 Senior Center
    1,134,000 Closing and Interest
    500,000 Probate Court

    Just thought some of you might like to know how the money was actually spent. And this $48 million isn’t being paid by you, it’s being paid from various revenues associated with BBS.

    And yes, if those revenues didn’t materialize it would then be paid by you. Thus far the revenue numbers look better than the original projections, which is not surprising since the original projections were made using conservative numbers.

  5. Joe Visconti

    If you are a resident and pay to park at our new town garages you subsidize Blue Back Square LLC and their tennants bottom line,take a walk down memory lane and try shopping at Westfarms or Bishop corner for that old time feel of free parking.

  6. turtle

    Joe, are you trying to discourage residents from parking in the garages at Blue Back Square? That’s not very civic of you, Councilor.

  7. I Love West Hartford

    I haven’t had to “pay” any more to park to shop at BBS than I do WHC, I’ve not yet needed to use the garages, as I continue to pay the metered parking on N. Main Street.

    Why does every post turn into a BBS bashing session? Let’s take a moment to think about the “closet” and the effects it has had and is having on so many lives…

    It’s not ALL about BBS, boys.

  8. Ryan

    Is it just me, or is JV still dutifully doing his corporate masters’ bidding:

    “…try shopping at Westfarms…”

  9. David Jones

    I grew up in a small town in Kentucky, about 10,000 people. As a child, many years ago, when we went downtown we paid to park, when we went to a strip mall on the edge of town the parking was free. Apparently we were subsidizing downtown and were just unaware.

    The fact that we pay to park in West Harford Center while enjoying free parking at Westfarms is not a new concept. And the idea that paying to park is a subsidy for BBS is ludicrous. It’s a user fee that is paid to the town of West Hartford. Does this mean when we pay to park in the surface lots we’re subsidizing the center merchants? Who are we subsidizing when we choose metered on street parking? When I go downtown Hartford and pay to park which building or business am I subsidizing?

    Developments make decisions, and one is whether to buy a lot of extra land to provide free parking. Needless to say this results in higher rents for the tenants.

    For those who are motivated by the availability of free parking you have that choice. Go to the mall, go to the strip malls, shop online. We’re fortunate to live in a world full of choices. Apparently Crate & Barrel, one of the nation’s most successful retailers, felt it could make more money in West Hartford Center where we pay for parking than at Westfarms where the parking is free.

    But please stop this constant whining. Go to the center and pay for parking or find legitimate free parking, or shop someplace else. Just choose whatever is right for you and shut the _ _ _ _ up.

    And who’s the real idiot in all of this. It’s me for taking 10 minutes of my day to respond to councilor _ _ _ _ for brains.

  10. turtle


    That was pretty heated for Mr. Jones.

  11. WH Alum

    I’m confused cuz I thought Ryan’s initial post up there was just a joke…. yes? no?

    Other than that, it’s very sad what they found in Dr. Reardon’s house and to think of the number of young kids who grew up in WH and nearby towns that were his victims. It’s too bad he died before they found the proof. If you believe in judgement day, he must’ve gotten his on the other side.

  12. Joe Visconti

    Oh David David will you never learn?

  13. Joe Visconti


    While you are at it, please tell the public what happened to the $10,ooo,ooo.00 plus that we ( The Town) got from the sale of the Board of Education building and adjacent property. Like the Hartford Courant’s tag line goes ” Cause you want to know”.

  14. C. Gull

    What a councilman we’ve elected. He spends 12 hours thinking about the comments and this is what he comes up with.

    The $10 million (what $10 million?) you refer to must be hidden in an offshore account. Thought you claimed to know the deal inside and out.

    Well, I’m sure you’ll uncover everything now that you’re on the inside.

    Interesting the way you work. You throw out some crap, it gets shot down, you throw out more crap, it gets shot down, and you just keep throwing out crap.

    Are you ever crapped out?

  15. Osemasterofdoom

    Whatever is next to come out of West Hartford’s closets, the pressing question is whether or not it can pay the family rate at Cornerstone.

  16. Joe Visconti

    Gullivers Travel

    Check your sources sir/mame. where did the $10 million go? We who pay attention know.

  17. C. Gull


    I assumed you had no clue what you were talking about.

    And you proved it with your standard answer.

    The question isn’t where did it go, the question is what $10,000,000 are you talking about?

    Perhaps you can enlighten us!!!

  18. Ryan

    Joey – You say $10M went missing and and that “we (you) who pay attention know.”

    Are you telling us that you are aware of $10M in town funds that took a stroll and you still managed to come in last?

    Maybe you should have stuck with the horse after all…

  19. K

    Re: the parking. Seems it’s doing the town just fine, thank you very much. Even general WH gadfly Jennifer Abel of the Hartford Advocate seems to agree:


    Can’t argue with the numbers (well, unless you’re, Mr. Jones put it, “Councilor [bleepity bleep]”). $166k/month in interest on the bond alone? This is a bad deal?

  20. Interested in Knowing



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