Davidoff the new minority leader

Leon Davidoff, who will become minority leader of the town council, is a complete unknown to me, and probably many others.

The Hartford Courant repors that he is “a veteran of the rough-and-tumble politics of neighboring Newington,” which is an odd qualification to help run West Hartford, but since we’re a welcoming sort of place, I don’t mind.

It is pleasing to see that the 45-year-old Davidoff, a store owner, wants to avoid the partisan craziness that can wreck a town. Good luck keeping Visconti in check, fella.

Steve Adler could have been minority leader — since he got the most votes among the Republicans who earned a seat — but let Davidoff have the job because of his Newington experience. That’s a class decision.

According to the Courant, “Davidoff sat on the town’s plan and zoning commission from 1999 to 2004, serving as chairman from 2001 to 2003” so he’s got a solid background to draw on.

I wish him luck. It looks like Davidoff and Adler will be able to work with the Democrats to make this town better. I hope Visconti can do more than throw verbal bombs.




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19 responses to “Davidoff the new minority leader

  1. WH Politico

    Davidoff was the only choice that made sense. He has credibility with the Democrats so they will try to work with him. Mayor Slifka was very complimentary of Davidoff in the Courant. I can assure you that the Mayor would have had no such kind words for Adler or Visconti. Adler’s effectiveness was compromised with his campaign antics, intentionally misinforming the voters regarding the budget votes and fanning the flames in the seniors vs. parents battle.

    It goes without saying that Visconti has 0 credibility with about 90% of the town.

    The Courant article mentions that Visconti may be a bigger problem for the R’s than the D’s. No doubt about it. Mr. Visconti craves the bright lights and will periodically be an embarassment to his Republican colleagues. And do they really want his support on an issue? He’s burned so many bridges that if he favors a proposal many will automatically assume it’s a bad thing and oppose it.

    And realistically Mr. Visconti is in a no win situation. If he should decide to behave like a normal human being he will disappoint many who supported him. If he acts as he always does more citizens than ever will understand how damaging he really is for this community.

    It will be an interesting two years.

  2. turtle

    You’re right, despite his isolation Joe V. will be a distraction. For the sake of West Hartford I hope he keeps his buffoonery to a minimum. Meanwhile, the Visconti-istas are busy plotting a Republican triumph in ’09.

    So my question remains: will moderate WH Republicans remain complacent in the face of ongoing incursions by zealots in their party? I read the comments in that huddle over at The King’s View, and Peter Martin’s remark that “Your most recent blog is definitely a step in the right direction” confirmed my suspicion that an ostensibly toned-down King is behind Talk of West Hartford. King 2.0 may be an improvement over the scurrilous global warming-denier who trolled this blog until after the election, but he and the other reactionaries who dominant conservative discourse in WH continue to wage war on the public sector, and they are not going away.

    Yes, West Hartford isn’t buying it, but who knows what two more years of reval hikes may bring? Who ever thought Visconti would get this far? It will be interesting to observe developments at the Republican Town Committee. Mr. Davidoff’s willingness to engage in a constructive relationship with the majority is encouraging; we’ll see if he can keep the howling wolves at bay.

  3. anonymous

    You guys might as well just rename this the Visconti Blog – since you can’t seem to talk about anything else.
    It must really annoy you that he has a seat at the table now, and that he got the amount of votes that he did. I hope he continues to get under your craw and drive you insane, although admittedly it would be a very short drive.

  4. WH Politico

    Annoy isn’t the word. FRIGHTEN is more like it.

    As for the number of votes, his showing was actually quite poor, but fortunately for him there were three R’s who did even worse.

    He beat an unknown who didn’t even campaign by 240-250 votes, not exactly a ringing endorsement.

    But all he needed was a top 9 finish which he achieved, so let’s see what he does. We’ve heard a lot of big talk from this guy, can he deliver anything?

  5. turtle

    I hope he continues to get under your craw and drive you insane, although admittedly it would be a very short drive.

    Clearly an alumnus of the Judy Aron Homeschool of Charm.

    Hey Judy, what do you make of Eddie Perez’s Superdistrict proposal? Your taxes would go down!

  6. Vince

    “. . . the Judy Aron Homeschool of Charm.”

    Hey turtle, that sounds like a great new reality show. Contestants would spend weeks in Judy’s house, being tested in all sorts of simulated homeschooling situations, such as by living your entire “high school” existence without a girlfirend/boyfriend, or by getting into a top-notch community college. Contestants will be judged on their ability to remain dour throughout even the most happy of circumstances (e.g., being reunited with a long lost twin, being given a lifetime supply of Sam Adams, or living in a town with fantastic schools, dedicated town staff, and wonderful new economic development).

    The winner would be given the pick of the litter of rabbits Judy keeps on her front porch.

  7. BMHW

    So you’re going to go after Judy’s kids? It’s come to that? For the record, they happen to be successful, major college educated, and socially popular. I can understand the theory that they’re isolated, but having been around them, they aren’t like that at all. You could say they have the restrain and calm demeanor that has escaped their mother at times.

    Look, I think she’s a bit of a nut, but I’m not going to throw verbal bombs at her kids. That’s just unnecessary and cruel.

  8. Elliot Check

    From time to time I’ve seen shots taken at home schoolers on this blog.

    In 30yrs of practice, I’ve had a fair number of home schooled kids as patients. They have all been well adjusted, and I believe all have gone on to college and productive lives. None of them have dropped out of school.

    I have had patients arrested for drug use, bomb making, assault and gun violence. Funny that none of them were home schooled

  9. B

    I guess I don’t see Dr. Check as an authority on homeschooling, and I’ll happily continue to see homeschoolers as generally weird (though really good spellers), but that doesn’t excuse Vince’s comments. And frankly, comments (whether true or not I don’t know) about what’s on her front porch are way, way out of line.

  10. Philk

    While I agree homeschooling is weird, I don’t think Dr. Check’s expertise matters here. If we all needed to be “authorities” to post here, it would be a quiet blog indeed.

  11. B

    Good point Philk, it was unnecessary snark.

    What is necessary, however, is to point out that Dr. Check noted (quite accurately) that of the homeschoolers he has known, “none of them have dropped out of school”.

    I can’t believe I missed that the first time.

  12. Elliot Check

    My kids were not home schooled and we never looked at home schooling, and 1 just finished Conard and the other is a junior at Conard.

    The point was made by others that home schooled kids have all sorts of social problems (Vince, this time)
    ” such as by living your entire “high school” existence without a girlfirend/boyfriend, or by getting into a top-notch community college. Contestants will be judged on their ability to remain dour throughout even the most happy of circumstances ”

    I was simply stating an observation made from over 30 years of practice. I don’t even know if the # of students would be statistically significant, probably not. I certainly did not claim expertise in the subject. But, the home schooled kids I have encountered have been social, intelligent, well mannered, and all have gone on to college. The parents have made major commitments in time and effort to educate their children and apparently from what I have seen they have done a decent job.

    Home schooling certainly is not a threat to the Public School system and is not for everyone. So why do so many seem to get so negative about it. It is an alternative that works for some, and can produce very good results.

  13. turtle

    Hey I don’t think Vince skewered Judy’s kids, just the kind of stuff Judy puts on her blog, which, after all, is fair game.

    I’m flexible about homeschooling, depending on the circumstances, but yes I have a problem with homeschoolers who are ideologically averse to the public schools. Such people tend to be Grover Norquist drown-the-government-in-a-bathtub types and we all know where that mania has led us.

  14. TwoCents

    Sounds like your just averse to anyone who does not share your ideological beliefs.

  15. Vince

    Anyone who thought I was taking a shot at kids Judy Aron may or may not have (I honestly have no idea) must have been homeschooled.

  16. turtle

    Well no, TwoCents, but am I averse to the Norquist Stranglers?

    Hell yes.

  17. thedude110

    Lots of presumption in this thread about the quality of education community colleges offer. Vince uses it as a put down, BMHW does the same implicitly.

    The more I think about it, a pretty disgusting presumption. As though college is the only proper avenue for a young person, or that there’s only one proper avenue through college, and it starts at 18 at a four year school (almost at though our community colleges are badges of shame/skeletons in our closet rather than a radically necessary part of our local and national democracies).

    The thing about your post, Vince, is that it’s shallow. Which isn’t to impinge on your freedom to say whatever you want, but is to hope you realize that when you click “submit comment” there are other people at the end of your keyboard, taking their breaths with your words …

  18. BMHW


    1. There’s nothing wrong with community colleges. They serve as a great bridge to oppurtunities for thousands of students in the State of Connecticut.

    2. Grover is terrifying, and I think that school of thought is part of why Judy is a homeschooler (has doubts about most forms of government intervention above the crosswalk guards), but she did a heck of a job with her kids.

  19. Leon Davidoff is well qualified to lead. I’ve known him for several years and he will work to serve the best interest of tax payers in West Hartford. With the right support from his party, despite being in the minority, he will make a difference.

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