Blue Back Square

It’s open.

Are you impressed? Is it better than you expected? A monstrosity? A wonder? What?

I took a little walk and found it reasonably human in its scale. That surprised me. I also learned that there’s almost nothing at Crate and Barrel that I can afford.



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  1. Hey Now

    I really didn’t think that the scale was really “human” more like inhumane. It is way too dense–and by the way I am/was a supporter of “Black and Blue Square.”

    I also drove down Memorial Road and it will be a complete nightmare. The lights are all timed wrong-the light at Memorial Road and Main Street is at least 3 minutes long. I predict massive traffic back ups. When will the traffic engineers learn that it is the timing of lights that is what is really important not calming measures–Its traffic flow not traffic stoppage.

    I am wondering how long before people avoid Black and Blue Square like the plague–may be we should call it Black Plague Square!!!

  2. Ah, so that’s wife my wife was so happy to see Crate and Barrel arrive. Another opportunity to purchase more “necessities” at great prices. Yeah right. Cha-Ching.

    When the whole thing goes live, I’m really interested in the impact to traffic flow. I’m excited to see data on this blog that talks before and after. I saw Mike Seder waving to cars by the offramp from 84, I hope he was counting cars for us.

    Of course, aside from the data, I might be subject to dealing with it in the evening commute (I expect morning won’t be a problem). Oh well, there are other routes if it becomes a problem.

  3. eafinct

    This was all there for folks to see on the plan and scale models. I originally supported BBS based on the initial descriptions and the reputation of the developer, and the parcel badly needed development. But after attending the meetings at Town Hall in fall 2004 with the scale model, I changed my mind completely. This was not the development we needed. My change of mind had nothing to do with people’s arguments for or against it or the lawsuits or Taubman or anything. It was just all right there for to see but few bothered. Now we have to live with it. The density and traffic are no worse than the predictions of the folks who opposed BBS said it would be. I guess most people have trouble visualizing things. All my neighbors who supported BBS were horrified when they saw the actual holes in the ground and parking garages rising and the trees being leveled. Well….what did they expect?

  4. Hey Now

    Agree eafinct. The one thing that really irked me was how Hartford Hospital sneaked in a surgi-center. As I remember that was never part of the master plan and was never voted on by the town.

    I don’t know if anyone else remembers but I thought that there was supposed to be green space in the middle of Blue Back–but I can’t see any green space.

  5. Jay

    The model just didn’t look that big to me, either. Didn’t know about the surgi-center. What kind of surgery? I hope it doesn’t dilute the care at the real Hartford Hospital. I’d rather have one big really good hospital than a bunch of weak satellites. I thought it was just a clinic type of thing.

  6. It looks like the model to me. Maybe I was prepared because I saw another development by this company in San Jose, CA, but it looks just like what I expected.

    And why are people surprised that Crate and Barrel is expensive?

  7. JTS

    There was never supposed to be green space in the middle of blue back. Check the model, renderings, etc. There was supposed to be the park, across from the police station, which I can only guess will come to fruition once the construction is over, but the public space in the middle of the project is a square, not green space.

    And hartford hospital sneaked in a surgi center? It’s all outpatient stuff. We’re we supposed to vote in favor b/c there’s outpatient podiatry but then get pissed b/c the master agreement didn’t say there’s also outpatient optometry? Should the master agreement have included the use of tongue depressors? Authorization to take blood pressure? A waiver by the town to allow for reflex tests?

    It’s as simple as this, if you voted against this thing, and you continue to oppose it – don’t shop there. Or go the movies, etc. This would show that you have principles. I’d argue that you are wrong, but at least I’d respect you for boycotting something you think is hurting our town.

    Conversely, if you voted against this thing, and you continue to oppose it and you do go – you stop in to Barnes and Noble, you get an ice cream, whatever – you’re a hypocrite. Very simple.

    The nice thing is, we all know who a lot of the opponents who continue to throw stones are, so they’ll be easily spotted. And mocked.

  8. Elmwoodian

    That’s some tough love JTS. Tough love.

  9. It’s not only that its expensive; its that its ugly.

    Here is a beautiful old an historic brick structure, and next to it, is this big white K-Mart looking metal modern structure.

    First impression… that ugly thing is sucking the charm out of that area of the center. If your whole live is centered around shopping and expensive pottery, you probably have a different perspective.

    They couldn’t have done anything to make Crate and Barrel look like the rest of the beautiful structures near it? Terrible.

  10. Hey Now

    Blue Back Square surgi-cener will have 3 operating rooms and one procedure room. Take a look at the web site

    For, example outpatient surgery can range from laser surgery to arthroscopic repair of a major joint–a surgery that can last up to 2-3 hours. And what happens if a patient has a complication–you need an ambulance entrance to transport that person to the hospital. Its is a little bit more that just tongue depressors and blood pressure cuffs.

  11. BLa, Bla Bla, I’m a Connecticut Yankee, I dont like change. Bla Bla Bla Traffic, Bla Bla Bla People.

    Why cant we be more like Bristol or Moodus. I’m scared of people. I like the way the center was bla bla bla. I dont like those new styles, I wear kakis.

    Bla Bla Bla I dont like different. Bla, Bla Bla George Bush will improve your life.

  12. So far I’m not impressed with Blue Back Square. The Crate and Barrel is like a big white elephant . . . I mean donkey . . . or should we say jackass . . . in the middle of West Hartford Center’s most stately 100-year-old red brick buildings. The glowing Hartford Courant piece was a payoff for their advertising $$$ and the Center now reeks of Hartford and Bridgeport style payola.

    Doug Wrenn had an interesting piece regarding this kind of planning The Great Retail Utopia Myth.

  13. Rick Liftig

    Don –

    I don’t want to get into the bit about how BBS property was transferred, etc. , but I want to aim the discussion at property rights.

    So do you really think that the government/town should be able to dictate to private property owners how they should use their property or whom they should rent to? How far should a government go to make a town ‘look’ a certain way?

    Let’s say the government doesn’t like the fact that your house is yellow with black shutters instead of white with black shutters (this is the case in Litchfield, CT). Can they can force you to repaint it?

    As a property owner, I have the right to develop my property within certain parameters (before 1920, there were no parameters, but that is another story). I have no desire to return to the time when it was allowed to have a junk heap in your front yard and a decrepit shack for a house. BUT, dictating the use and specific design of buildings on a property similarly has its limits.

    There was a time when the brick buildings on Main Street were new and had taken the place of the wooden structures (more like 70 years ago, not 100). Do we still lament the loss of Hunter’s Grocery and the Finast that replaced it? What about the Dutchland Farms at Bishop’s Corner that was replaced by Lord and Taylor (now Marshall’s)? And, during the hearings about placing a Car Wash on Park Road, some residents lamented the loss of the former ‘Burger King’ on that site.

    My point here is that it is all perspective. This country has always been about re-inventing itself and embracing the new. When you stifle that spirit and force everyone to conform to a mythical past, you merely end up with Disney’s Main Street, USA.

    I agree with some of the points in Wrenn’s article about the myth of retail. Retail in the United States has always been ephemeral and it is a poor bet to build a town upon. But the property rights arguments in this country stretch back to 1620. I think in your criticism of BBS, you need to divorce the two.

    And, my prediction is that within ten years, the Crate and Barrel building will be painted brick red.

  14. turtle

    Who is Doug Wrenn? That piece is one nasty polemic that says a lot more about the author’s numerous resentments than about the economic effects of retail developments.

  15. Dan

    Just walked through as much of Blue Back as we could today. I thought was is pretty well done. Crate and Barrell sticks out a little and it’s not really my style of architecture, but differences are what make things great.
    All in all I say well done. Much better than the old used car lot that it used to be. Are all these naysayers nostalgic for the Grody Chevrolet sign?
    By the way, as far as smart growth and sprawl is concerned, I’ll take Blue Back Square over the molesting of real open space that goes on in Farm. Valley and other places.

  16. Shocked

    I am shocked at all of you who are making negative comments regarding this center. while there are certainly negatives, and the traffic is certainly one of them, the benefits far outwiegh them. The amount of money this will bring to our small town is stupendous. Property values will rise. this in turn affects things like education, infrastructure. Already we have brand new lights in downtown, better crosswalks. you don’t like Crate & Barrel’s brand of architechture, tough. The truth is, while someone pointed out, you can choose not to aavail yourself of all that Blue Back brings, but you are going to benefit from it anyway. Lucky you. If you want less traffic, less modern looking buildings, less healthcare, less resources, by all means move further out. I promise you’ll get what you ask for.

  17. Cool. If you can promise less traffic, less resources, less crosswalks, less healthcare (??less than what – we are 10 mins from three hospitals??) and less Crate and Barrel style structures… if you can promise all of that, we can place an order for a wrecking ball today.

    Shocked, we are shocked by the “modern Crate and Barrel building” just doesn’t look right. It diminishes the look of a beautiful New England Center. Hey, I’m not even an Artsy-Fartsy type.

    There aren’t too many people applauding the new look on S. Main Street. But alas we are stuck with the monstrosity. Maybe someone will take a red can of paint to it.

    The rest of “mini-Metropolis” looks ok. I hope it doesn’t kill the rest of the shops on Farmington Avenue and the surrounding streets. Only time will tell, right?

  18. Truman's Mom

    I am shocked, shocked that from Main Street – it doesn’t look very big and imposing.

    I’ve been impressed that driving toward town on South Main, the Congregational church’s steeple appears alone in the sky. It still looks like a small town center as the hill’s slope hides the Blue Back buildings well.

    I’m looking forward to shopping at Crate and Barrel but at this point I think I’ll wait for sales or clearance items before visiting. It is not a cheap store by any means, but it is still fun to visit and has affordable trinkets. A bus stop poll indicates my neighbors feel it’s an ugly building. It does rather stick out – pehaps it is the worst thing about BBS so far.

    I’m not complaining about driving in the Center since I live around the corner. My car remains in my garage; however, I’m thrilled with the new crosswalk/stop light in front of the library on Main. It will be handy to actually walk across the street there instead of risking your life jaywalking or having to trek to the corner to cross safely. I imagine the lights on Memorial are to provide for safe walking or are another traffic calming method.

    Blue Back will improve greatly once the Main Library returns! I can always afford to spend time there – even with my hefty late fines.

    Has anyone seen the trolley yet?

  19. Joe Visconti

    Glad everyone like the better lights and cross walks cause we paid for em.

  20. JTS

    Kind of like how we paid for 2 referendums and to defend ourselves against lawsuits from Save the Center’s corporate sponsor. Thanks again Joe, you sure know how to look out for WH.

  21. It depends on your perspective, some things are worth preserving and fighting for. Once altered, rarely can you reclaim the lost ground.

    In the end, with regard to BBS the modern movement won the day.

    I understand there are two schools of thought on this. Some people could care less about historic structures, history, and bridges to the past. In fact some people would rather ignore the past all together. For my tastes, I like preservation… I feel the same for parks, forests, and wildlife refuges as I do historic structures.

    You have to admire a City like Boston that managed to build around historic greens and structures. Sure some were lost, but they managed to preserve a great deal that generations will enjoy. Their planners had foresight but also respect for the past. The old cobblestone streets are still there.

    In contrast, look at old drawings of the City of Hartford and what must have been a beautiful riverfront, homes, shops, small businesses and so forth. It’s all documented for those who don’t believe me – you can go the Wadsworth Atheneum or browse the archives of Hartford Public Library (like I have) and look for yourself. It’s nearly all gone. All of it. Sadly, few structures of the “old City” remain in downtown (and streets)…. there are some preserved buildings just below the old graveyard which retain their original doors.

    Generally, the modernists move in and bulldozer under the past. Why do they win? Money. History can rarely stand up to the big pay off. West Hartford is no different.

  22. turtle

    “The modern movement won the day”? Sheesh. There was practically nothing there before BBS! And King, try to break free of binary mode and consider that there may be more than “two schools of thought” about preservation and development. You know what? I like preservation and BBS. Go figure!

    Cheer up people, BBS is a good thing, and we are lucky ducks to live in West Hartford.

  23. WH Alum

    In light of King’s summary of the Hartford travesty – I guess WH has fared pretty well. We lost only one building, and gained a heck of a lot where there was nothing. That being said, C & B is hideous and does not blend well at all. In consideration of the other architecture, you’d think they could’ve come up with something better. I have not yet had the pleasure to walk around BB – but am definitely looking forward to it.

  24. Joe Visconti

    Democracy has it’s price, which Richard Heapes and Bob Weiner were willing to pay. Bob Weiner wasn’t too happy with me showing up at the Crate and Barrel Fundraiser for West Hartford Public Schools which I got an invite for from Crate and Barrel. You think he would have been happy I was attempting to heal the rift of the past, na not Bob, he likes to use 7 letter words in front of women. Bob could have asked me outside before he told me he had been waiting a long time to tell me how much he liked me. Not a nice man, maybe he was just upset he lost $ 25 million in fighting Democracy.

  25. Elmwoodian

    Granted, it was juvenile, but I agree with Uncle D.’s comment from 10/22. Quit yer whinin’.

  26. Joe Visconti

    So you were there?

  27. turtle

    he likes to use 7 letter words in front of women

    Joe does not appear to be a participant in the modern movement.

  28. Jay

    I think Blue Black will help some property values, not all. Houses on the Boulevard, Burr, etc. will be less desirable because of traffic. Picture Buckland Hills at Christmas. Those properties will appeal to retail buyers who may want to buy homes on the busy road, raise them and add their own stores.
    Overall in the town, property values will rise, though.

  29. No doubt should be had that housing values around the center will rise. This is the only town in Central Ct, with any real vibrancy. Young people and others will find it extremely desireable.

    Every out of town executive that is brought to Hartford to win them over. It is unfortunate that West Hartford has to put the shine on the greater hartford area.

    The office space has also been in demand. I believe this will lead to more growth in the additional spaces around the Center. It would be great if we could grab some Hedge Funds and Highend money management companies here. Our tax base and grand list needs all them help it can get.

    I wish we could have a trolley down Farmington avenue to Downtown Hartford. It would be great, let be unique, lets be different, let energize central ct. and show em how its done.

  30. Jay

    A trolley is a great idea. While we all want the Center to be vibrant, we don’t want it to become a city . A connector between the Center and downtown would be great for Metro Hartford.

  31. The only word you cannot (FORBOTTEN) use in front of women (and I don’t swear generally in front of women or children – and I just don’t swear anyway for whatever reason – never formed the habit) is the “C” word. There aren’t any other words that are so upseting as that one. The A word is used by them quite regularly.

  32. Actually that was Verbotten – Yikes! Colonel Klink forgive me!!

  33. Greg

    I live within walking distance of Blue Back Square and am thrilled with the development. Not only will it increase the property value in the immediate area it completely adds new life to West Hartford Center. In my opinion BBS adds a lot of excitement and energy which really makes West Hartford a great place to live. I also think the development is tastefully done and well organized. I have nothing but the highest praise and excitement for BBS.

  34. srage

    Richard Heapes, ladies and gentlemen…

  35. Fonz

    “It is unfortunate that West Hartford has to put the shine on the greater Hartford area.” Talk about smug comments. Well, shine it up all you want Uncle D., but consider it to be somewhat your fault for “showing ’em how its done.” Hoo-Rah for West Hartford! Give us some hedge fund operators! Now, that’s the sort of community town green West Hartford really takes pride in, as in the color of George Washingtons. Can I, from outside West Hartford’s golden shores, recollect the day when a couple knelt in the street, handcuffed together on Farmington Avenue and were shot to death in broad daylight? Or the day when another couple were killed in their stately West Hartford home in a home invasion? Or the son of the rabbi arrested for painting swasticas on synagogue grounds?
    Just a guess, but perhaps underneath all the shine of West Hartford, a worm or two might be twisting this way the that down in your apple.

  36. Richie Cunningham

    Wow Fonz, those are some bitter words? Leather jacket too tight? Or maybe you’ve just jumped the shark?

    No question in a town of 60-some odd thousand that there will be tales of woe. But also no question that West Hartford is, overall, an oasis of success as compared to Hartford and its other inner-ring suburbs.

    Better head on over to Arnolds for a consolation burger. Maybe Pinkie will be there.

  37. WH Lifer

    All you supporters must not live near enough to be affected by the adverse traffic. Before 7am on a weekday, traffic on Park Road going straight is backed up from Trout Brook to South Main Street. This before the stores had even opened. I hope they get the traffic straightened out.

    And, how dare you tell me to move from MY town because I don’t like the traffic caused by BBS. Instead, why not fund additional studies to fix the problems?

  38. WH Lifer

    All you supporters must not live near enough to be affected by the adverse traffic. Before 7am on a weekday, traffic on Park Road going straight is backed up from Trout Brook to South Main Street. This before the stores had even opened. I hope they get the traffic straightened out.

    And, how dare you tell me to move from MY town because I don’t like the traffic caused by BBS. Instead, why not fund additional studies to fix the problems?

  39. Don Carter

    I don’t remember the model representing the Crate and Barrel the way it was actually built. Does anybody else?

    And I am still peeved that our esteemed local politicians assured me that the old town hall was not going to be “demolished” in all of my emails urging them to reconsider taking down the classic structure. Obviously they have a different definition of the word (see Webster’s dictionary).

    I am also wondering how accessible the library will be with young children for quick visits. And paying for parking for said visits doesn’t sit well with me either.

    As I walk through the almost complete Blue Back Square, I have very mixed feelings. I think the scale works better than I thought it would (once you’re inside its confines). I like the way sections of it feels like a city…with retail at street level and residential and office space above. But I can’t help having flashbacks to a recent trip to DisneyWorld when I look around BBS. There is something very surreal about it’s urban resemblance…almost like a Hollywood backlot. It feels fake. I hope that’s only because it is not finished. And I hope the charm never wears off and people actually spend money in the stores so we aren’t stuck with more empty high-rent storefronts.

  40. mooosie

    Why should I quit complaining? I wanted a dog park instead of B-BS. At least my dog would’ve been happy.

    Where’s the shuttle? Can I take my doggie on it? I moved here to get away from NY not to find myself in the middle of the West End.

    How can we complain constructively? I’m all for that!

  41. Don Carter

    Correction…. My correspondence with town politicians was regarding the “demolition” of the old Board of Ed building, not Town Hall. (Although wouldn’t that make a great LL Bean Store?)

  42. nancyB

    Alot of people were against Wholefood’s when they came in and now you can’t find a parking space, because everyone loves this place. So relax everyone if you don’t like Blue Back Square don’t shop there, be rest assured other people will. I hope the rumor is true that Tiffany’s is coming.

  43. nnb

    hey Moosie as I understand it they are still looking for a dog park location.. maybe it’s time to go to a meeting and find out.

  44. Hey Now

    nancyB – the reason you can’t find a parking spot a WFM is not that everyone loves the place but that everyone loves the FREE parking. It will only get worse as BBS gets into full swing. I hope my organic ice cream doesn’t melt as I make the treck up to the third floor of the parking structure.

    Are you kidding about Tiffany’s?? Give me a break.

  45. Kevin Walsh

    Tiffany To Open Store In Central Connecticut Retail Center
    Jeweler set to enter Westfarms luxury retail center in May 2008

    NEW YORK, NY (November 1, 2007) — Tiffany & Co. (NYSE:TIF) today announced plans to open an approximately 6,000-square-foot store in Westfarms, central Connecticut’s premier luxury retail center, in May 2008. Owned and managed by Taubman Centers, Inc. (NYSE:TCO), the center is bounded by West Hartford and Farmington, Connecticut.

    “Westfarms is ideally situated to serve our growing customer base in the important New England market, and now these customers will have the convenience of shopping at Tiffany closer to home,” said Beth O. Canavan, executive vice president of Tiffany & Co. “We look forward to serving them, as well as visitors to the area, with the product quality and craftsmanship for which Tiffany is renowned.”

    “For generations Tiffany has defined elegance, style and service,” said William Taubman, chief operating officer of Taubman Centers. “We are thrilled to bring this iconic retailer to one of the leading shopping centers in the country.”

    Tiffany & Co. operates jewelry and specialty retail stores and manufactures products through its subsidiary corporations. Its principal subsidiary is Tiffany and Company. The Company operates TIFFANY & CO. retail stores and boutiques in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe and engages in direct selling through Internet, catalog and business gift operations. Other operations include consolidated results from ventures operated under trademarks or trade names other than TIFFANY & CO. For additional information, please visit or call our shareholder information line at 800-TIF-0110.

    Taubman Centers, a real estate investment trust, owns and/or manages 24 regional and super regional shopping centers in 11 states. The company is headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Additional information about Taubman Centers can be obtained from the company’s website at

    Mark L. Aaron
    (212) 230-5301

    Shannon Catanella
    (212) 277-5917

  46. Elisa

    As a young married resident of West Hartford who also is also employed in the healthcare field I think Blueback is just what this area needs. I don’t know if you are aware of it but as populations get older there needs to be some sort of attractions for younger people to move here and remain here to work after graduation. This shopping plaza offers some stores and residences not found anywhere else in the Greater Hartford Area. It is similar to many of the centers found in other areas of the country, in THRIVING towns. The surgicenter is a non-issue. they decrease congestion at the major hospital OR’s and provide a great service in the community that shouldn’t be overlooked. It will be very convenient for many people, especially those who need multiple simple procedures and don’t want to drive into the main hospital. It will just bring more people in to utilize this towns new great resource.

  47. Mom and pops stores are all over “west hartford center” interesting blue back square offers almost none (munsons). In time the glimmer of bbs will be over. oh, and it feels fake cause it is. reminds me of “thriving” town centers in places liek florida.

  48. O.P. Taylor

    Get over it. You lost.

  49. Ryan

    Yeah, you know me.

  50. paul

    I think it looks great and has wonderful retail and restaurant stops, much better than others in the area. Its not a mall and I don’t think it was ever supposed to be a mall. No food court or traditional anchor stores. This is a fun place to browse and grab a lunch not take the kids for back to school (elementary/middle). One concern is the size of the road between it and wholefoods. i would think it will get congested unless it is altered. I live in fairfield but use to live in wethersfield and would gladly take blueback down here if you do not want it.

  51. James T.

    Maybe we send BB to Fairfield so you can deal with the traffic. Stay at home, please…

  52. Cynic

    BBS certainly is not amenable to a quick drive by/pop in type of visit.

  53. Comrade

    Maybe we keep BB here, send James T. to Fairfield, no? Maybe we put to vote, Joe V., you collect signature, town have another $20k referendum, ya?

  54. Shut up

    Shut your whining already. I can’t believe how many complainers there are. Was the area supposed to sit vacant forever? I love Blue Back, and I think it feels a lot like Boston. I also love Crate and Barrel (architecture and all). I have to laugh when people say we’re ruining the architecture of WH Center. Look across the street at the Dunkin Donuts shopping center? Is that an architectural gem? Give me a friggin break. Please, all of you complainers, stay out of my way while I work out, drink my coffee, shop and go to the movies. It’ll be a much nicer place without you.

  55. I agree with Shut Up, I must admit. I am a huge fan of Blue Back Square. I can’t imagine how its critics continue to muster the energy to bash it. Does it really hurt you? If you’ve lived in this town long enough to feel the need to poo-poo the development, why haven’t you figured out ways around Main Street?


  56. Ooops, tired. I meant to say, why can’t you find a way around the traffic?

  57. Cynic

    Sorry, not trying to bash BB.

    The set up is not condicive to a quick in and out so I simply avoid it. Wasn’t complainig, just stating fact.

    If someone wants to wait 3 hours to be seated at Cheesecake or an hour at Olive Garden that’s their right. I won’t, there are plenty of other restaurants to choose from and I do.

    When the weather warms up i’ll probably walk through it though, and I do like the looks of it with the exception of Crate & Barrel

  58. Chalenois

    Cynic, I am amused that you like the faux italienate look of BBS…to my eye it is very schlocky and the Crate & Barrel store is sleek and ultra mod (for the US). But differences are what keep life interesting. 🙂

  59. Retro

    hello all we have a mayor who thinks your square is the balls, maybe you can set the record straight.

    Blue Back Square, a mixture

    of retail, office and residential

    space in West

    Hartford, is the model for

    Waypointe financing plan,

    according to Moccia. He

    said he visited that development

    last weekend.

    “It was active, new

    streets, plenty of parking,

    upscale stores but some

    local stores, a movie theater,

    a library nearby, the

    Historical Society offices,”

    Moccia said. “They used the

    same process, a special

    services district financing.

    It worked for them, and I’m

    not ashamed to say I’m

    copying them.”

    we are building just like West hartford did and our blog is always slanted towards building but not infrastructure.

    good or bad our city would like to know are you better off now than before?

    Did you have to hire more police?

  60. HH Student

    With all due respect, i’m not fond of Blue Back Square. I feel like it’s an overpriced venue targeted mainly toward yuppies and anyone else with an expendable wallet. It’s eerily reminicent of something you’d see in New York and makes people forget that they’re in this town. Sure it has a restaurant that people love, a book store and a jean company but what’s the good? I feel like a better and more environmentally conscience decision should have been considered. To all the people who argue that this is a great place for everyone, who are you kidding? At the least, admit that it’s NOT. Stop pretending like you care about what the West Hartford youth want so you can justify spending a fortune at Crate & Barrel. I realize Blue Back brings tax relief and financial revenue, but when did we become more concerned about modernizing our town for something so immaterial? Also, to those who complain about the issue of traffic, you are traffic! You drive the cars and contribute, so if you want change then WALK! And what is the point of a trollie? We’re not in San Fransisco and have the ability to move a couple hundred feet! I also realize that there was a town ‘vote’ and that BB irreversible (for the most part) but i feel it is important that the concerns of my peers who aren’t of a high financial standing are adressed. Also, let’s stop being so ridiculous, people.

  61. mike

    Hey everyone. I’m not from the area but i feel compelled to comment. After living in los Angeles in the nineties and touring and exploring all of southern Cal, I learned one thing-most new trends really do start from out west. It seems this outdoor mall-minicity center stuff started in the early nineties. Sort of an upscale way of feeling better about being outdoors and not in a mall, I guess. I hear that indoor malls are really starting to struggle. Although some of these developments are really beautiful in California, I think the weather helps alot. How BBS does in the winter will tell alot. By the way, I’ve been coming to Westfarms-from western Mass- to go to California Pizza Kitchen. Don’t laugh, I guess I grew an affinity for the place in Cali. The quality and consistancy has really been going downhill. What a shame. I guess I’ll have to switch my favorite chain restaurant to cheesecake factory!

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    I consider myself a bit of a road warrior. I am on and off jets and through airports at least twice,
    usually 4 times a week. I can catch up on news, watch a Discovery program, check up on the stock market or just find something interesting.
    The live guide works like cable at home and the connection speed is very good. All in ALL – I RATE A 5 Star program!

    but I do not want to leave any links here, so you can email me
    and i will give you the site of this unusual program 🙂

    (but please don’t PM me, because it’s so difficult to communicate in such kind of way)

    so, I hope I was helpful to you)) see you in next posts ..

    your Alexis….

    p.s. English is not my native language, so sorry for any mistakes 🙂

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