Gridlock near I-84

I don’t understand why the congestion that surrounds the I-84 entrance and exit on Park Street has gotten so much worse than it was before the reconstruction. But it absolutely has.

It’s ridiculous at many times of the day.

What’s happened is that there are more cars lined up for the left turn onto Trout Brook Drive, causing them to back up and block the entrance ramp for people trying to turn left onto the ramp from Park.

Because these folks can’t turn left, traffic is also backing up to the east and sometimes blocking Trout Brook Drive as well.

The lights seem to be the problem. They’re ill-timed, out of sync, almost random when a finely tuned machine is crucial.

It’s too hard to go east on Park, too hard to turn onto Park from Trout Brook, too hard to turn onto the highway entrance ramp if you’re heading west on Park and on and on and on.

I’m also sick of people taking right turns on red from the middle lane of the I-84 exit ramp as if there wasn’t another lane to their right where cars can legally turn right on red.

What’s most annoying of all is that I never see cops handing out tickets for all the stupid, illegal things drivers do there now. And I have yet to see any evidence that traffic engineers are watching how screwed up everything is.

Blue Back Square is opening soon. It’s long past time to fix this monstrously poor reconstruction or we’re going to have gridlock in every direction.

Speaking of that, let’s get upgrade the lights along Fern Street and Asylum Avenue, because more of us than ever are going to be trying to avoid going near the mess in the Center.



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14 responses to “Gridlock near I-84

  1. Joe Visconti

    Hey dadio, weren’t you paying attention during the Blue Back Civil war? This was their answer for traffic; but don’t worry when I get on Council with my fellow Republican’s we will straighten out all the mess the Dems made.

  2. Joe, You’re so crazy I just might vote for you. I’ve always thought politicians should at least be entertaining, since they’re not much good for anything else.

  3. anonymous

    Whdad – Joe isn’t crazy – He told us this would happen. The traffic studies were BS and the “remedies” for BBS traffic were BS.

    The traffic mess alone is a good reason to bounce the Democrats out of office!

  4. Embedded video didn’t work. BBS traffic could be worse…

  5. Elmwoodian

    At least it’s moving! 😉

  6. WH Alum

    Good point, Elmwoodian! It’s pretty comical, really, Amy. Thanks for a giggle.

  7. Hey Now

    It was my understanding that any money that is collected by the W. Hartford police for traffic violations sent to the state–maybe this is why not a lot of traffic tickets are not given out. Correct me if this is wrong.

  8. Mike

    Actually, towns are now permitted to add a surcharge on moving violations that is returned directly to the town. And from experience, yes, West Hartford now tacks on the surcharge.

  9. B. Holland

    Sounds like another billion dollar bond issue and a whole bunch of eminent domaine activity on park and Troutbrook plus about 5 years of construction will just about solve the problem. Heads up those of you near the Main, Corbins Corner and Prospect exits, you will soon be seeing an even larger increase in traffic. Oh, those of you on Boulevard will become substantially more annoyed as well.

  10. B

    I would like to hear more from the town engineers on this one. If it is just a result of bad timing on the lights, that’s great news and easily corrected.

    and whdad, if Joe were crazy, would he post this picture on his web page?

  11. K

    Where did he get that quote, an El Duce biography?

  12. TWC

    There’s a time for Consensus and there’s a time for Leadership

    Perhaps Joe already had his web site in the works, but it’s interesting to me that his theme may have been the product of a debate we recently had here on this blog.

    Long live the WH Blog!

  13. jay

    When I voted for Blue Back I always expected there to be more traffic. I guess we can’t have one without the other.

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