Official Red Sox rule thread

With the pitching back to strength, Manny healed and momentum building, it’s going to be another fun fall for Sox fans.

Yankee fans are free to post. I just feel sorry for them.



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59 responses to “Official Red Sox rule thread

  1. Anonymous

    It’s not over till the fat lady sings..

  2. Elmwoodian

    . . . And a Yankee fan at that!

  3. Anonymous is right. As a lifelong Sox fan, we darn well know – it can always go either way. But I’d rather be in a leading 2-0 position heading to Anaheim. And what about Manny? Not his usual season but he takes Escobar not just deep but cranks a moonshot to win the game.

    How many of you ever thought you’d see pitchers work-around someone (even Ortiz) to pitch to Manny. Nice that he made him pay.

    As for the Yankees, don’t count those devils out just because their two games down. The Stadium is bewitched. Wonder if A-Rod will get out of his post-season drought. Doesn’t make sense to see a guy who is probably AL best hitter stink up the field during post-season.

  4. turtle

    I’m with Judy!

  5. Nice win by the Sox as they sweep Anaheim 3-0. Old Schilling looked good tonight. Gagne still iffy, but I’ll take the win.

    9-1 is a pretty box score!

  6. anonymous

    Just keep the flies out of the game and the Yanks might actually fare better.

  7. Yanks might fare better if they could pitch. Poor old Roger. What a legacy. Oh no, my leg hurts – what BS. We all know that he new he didn’t belong out there. He was sending sign after sign – SOS, get me out of the game. Help me, help me.

    Poor old Roger. He went for the money. And the Yankees set the standard for the most outrageous salary ever paid a part time pitcher with a mediocre record of 6-6.

    He could have went down a hero in Boston, now he’s a mistake in New York. Precious.

  8. Elmwoodian

    Hey King, would you sit with a Democrat for three hours for this?

    I’ll bet you would! What a fantastically simple, yet inspired fundraising gambit!

  9. anonymous

    I couldn’t think of a more miserable afternoon – Red Sox and Dodd – blech!
    I’d rather have a root canal done.

  10. I checked the link, it didn’t seem to go anywhere. What was the gist?

  11. Elmwoodian

    King, just getting back to my computer today, I just got an email from the Dodd campaign that MLB pulled the plug on the promotion. Must be Republicans! 😉

    Dang! That would have been pretty neat.

  12. Hmmm. Here’s my view on mixing politics and baseball… phoey! Double phoey!

    I’m glad MLB told the Dodd campaign to take a hike. And it has nothing to do with Dodd being a pretender to the Presidency on the Democratic side. Politicians don’t belong on the baseball diamond. Period. Ever wonder why just about everytime a Republican or Democrat goes out there to throw the first pitch, they get boo’d off the mound? Because baseball fans know better – its all PR and self-promotion. And unlike our Congressional Buildings, baseball fields are sacred ground. There’s only one status … loyal fan.

    Hillary got shelled in New York too. It was music to our ears. Seeing that carpetbagger wearing a Yankees hat was all New Yorker needed to see (and most of them supported her – but their patience only go so far).

    Even Shoeless Joe Jackson turns over in his grave when the politicians take to the mound

    While the stars of the Sox are either Republicans or apathetic, Theo and some of the brass are diehard liberals. (As long as Theo keep Glen Geffner in the announcers booth, he continues to lose credibility with Red Sox Nation. Joe Castiglione has to carry that guy for 9 innings.) In fact, I don’t know who’s more obnoxious – Glenn Geffner or the annoying woman who does Yankee radio broadcasts.

  13. Elmwoodian

    King, you and I are one mind on the Sox, but come on, Geffner is an improvement over Trup. If I heard one more corny comment/pun from him, I was going to throw my radio through the window.

    At any rate, at least we have Fox’s team to make any announcer sound like Curt Gowdy. Man are they god-awful. During Fox games, I mute the sound on the TV and listen to the radio, despite the delay. Those two always rankle me, especially during the Sox-Yanks games.

  14. Geffner better than Trup?? What??? You’ve got to be sh++ing me. Geffner is like finger nails against a chalk board. Never in Sox history has there been such an uproar over an announcer…

    From Can’t Stoop the Bleeding…
    This week the “Get Rid of Glenn” movement got a bit more formal at Ian Bethune’s Sox & Dawgs in the form of an on-line petition that garnered more than 225 signatures in the first 48 hours of its posting. (A cohort going only by Steve did the writing of the letter directed at The Trio of Henry, Werner and Lucchino.)

    Shots has good news for the Geffner gadflies, as a source familiar with the specifics of Dave O’Brien’s contract has confirmed that “Obie” will be in the Sox radio booth for at least 135 games next season. The source also verified that stalwart Joe Castiglione will be returning and that Geffner’s role will be either greatly reduced or non-existent. “If [Obie’s] ESPN duties (which will be reduced next season) allow him to do more than 135 – say 162, or 150, or 139 – then he will,” said the source. “It really depends on what is manageable for him.”

    Geffner, who has been a target of Sox radio listeners all season, is a victim of the booth-share agreement that offers up the booming, made-for-radio voice of O’Brien in sharp contrast to the not-yet-ready-for-a-major-market pipes of Geffner.

    Also check out Geffner watch at

  15. Elmwoodian

    Wow, I had no idea that there was such a groundswell. I guess I just was so tired of drop-dead bad jokes that I was just happy to get anyone (you could just feel Joe C. cringing). I like OB though. I’d make that trade.

    Let’s raise a glass for Ned Martin. ( Now there was a play caller. Mercy. I would have liked to hear his take in 2004.

    I still miss Sean McDonough too. He and the Dawg were the best pair. Orsillo is fine, but he’s a just a little too gee-shucks for me. There was an been-there edge to McDonough. I caddied for his dad, Will, once. It was a Patriots-branded bag that weighed like 14 tons. Great sportswriter.

    What’s Sean McD up to these days anyway?

  16. I agree with you on Ned Martin. He belongs in the Radio Hall of Fame.

    Sean McD is working for ABC/ESPN. He does his share of NCAA basketball games, NHL, and college football games. He’s still the same.

    I remember he and Bob Montgomery when the games used to be on TV-38 WSBK.

    Don’t know when you are catching this, but why the &^5$ is Drew still in the line up when Ellsbury is available? WEEI has been projecting their guest analysis all day that Varitek would be in line up tonight… I guess they have a short memory of just how well ‘Tek (or anyone else) catches Wakefield.

    So another night of a strong front 4, followed by 4-5 easy outs. Maybe they’ll surprise me. Let’s hope there’s a warm front in Cleveland, because Wake stinks in the cold weather.

    Damn it, should have won last night.

  17. town guy

    i dont about the game guys, you think it’ll be rained out?

  18. Seeing what I’m seeing tonight, I wish it was.

  19. All that’s missing is another pointless bunt attempt by Crisp. Oh, WEEI 103.7 FM will be cranking tomorrow. Oh boy. Crank up the whiner line.

  20. Elmwoodian (my favorite Atheist):


  21. Elmwoodian

    Big momentum swing tonight. I feel it. Josh Beckett, deliver me from Cl-evil-and! (see, not an atheist. I have faith in the Sox!).

  22. Beckett will come through. Have faith.
    Now whether we can take two games at Fenway with iffy pitching…. I’m not too sure.
    Have to hand it to the Indians. They’ve played superbly.

  23. You were right. It was a great game to watch. There is still life in the Beantown 9 yet. Now stitch me together a pitching plan that works.

    Schilling on Saturday, then who on Sunday?

    I’m still worried about the end of the line up as far as offense is concerned. Maybe a return to Fenway will give them some momentum. We’ll see.

  24. Elmwoodian

    This was a HUGE momentum shift. Schill is the man here. He has to deliver. If we can’t rely on our 2 and 3 guys, then we don’t deserve to be in the big show. Again, I can’t fully explain it, but in my gut I am absolutely convinced that we are going to take Saturday and Sunday. (and if I’m wrong, I’m going to the gastro immediately!)

  25. Elmwoodian

    Plus, who wants to see a Cleveland/Colorado WS? Yawn. Baseball Gods, grant us our wish!

  26. I’m hoping the Hall of Fame loans Schill back his bloody sock just for nostalgia on Saturday.

    I want Becks in there for at least two on Sunday. I fear Dice K.

    Just think about how the TV market feels about a Rockies/Indians World Series.. Yawn is right. Who wants to see all those corn flakes commercials, anyway.

  27. I’m hoping the Hall of Fame loans Schill back his bloody sock just for nostalgia on Saturday.

    I want Becks in there for at least two on Sunday. I fear Dice K.

  28. The King

    It’s looking good so far. Wow. JD Drew came to life tonight. Schill looks like he can handle the pressure.

    Becket again tomorrow?

  29. Elmwoodian

    JD Drew as Fox’s MVP! Parallel universe time! Woohoo!

  30. Elmwoodian

    No, no Beckett tomorrow. Dice K and his new Fu-manchu are going to carry us through.

  31. Sox have momentum. ESPN is predicting a Sox win, but that’s almost a kiss of death.

    No starting line ups available online. Coco in? Ellsbury?

    Everyone available except Schilling who deserves night off.

    Looks like Paul Byrd is another cheater….

    What a revelation on the eve of Game 7. Nothing like some additional distraction to take Cleveland off its game.

  32. Elmwoodian

    They…will…go…all…the…way! Bring on the Rox!

  33. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Tired this morning! But worth it was worth it! Sox storm back to overcome the usual odds they face and take the Penant!

    What a game! And what a celebration. You’ve got to LOVE Pedroia – that kid deserves the high spot. Both he and JD Drew dug deep down these past two days. Becket is the MVP – no question there. What a performance! And even Dice K pitched the game of his life! Youk being Youk! Manny and Ortiz just about had the night off – and that’s the makings of a well rounded team when anyone can pick you up. Post Season Rookie of the year should go to Ellsbury – what a pick me up KID!

    And what about KEVIN MILLAR, an active Baltimore Oriole who competes against the Sox in the same division – throwing out the first pitch. WTF – how awesome was that? I see the Sun is giving him a little grief : . But it was like old times, and how the hell does he get the spot to read the starting line up on Fox. Only Kevin Millar could land the spot. When he retires, I bet NESN finds him a spot.

    ROCKS AND SOX. This will be a mountain to climb, but with RED SOX NATION behind them – we can take Mt. Everest!!!


  34. turtle

    Wow, your guys did it again. Congratulations.

    On the other hand…

    A pox on those Sox!

  35. Elmwoodian

    I’m emailing every Yankee fan I know and asking them if they opened the Courant this morning and felt an eerie sense of deja vu wash over them. To quote Johnny Drama from Entourage: “Victory!”

  36. I heard a rumor that the Sox tried to get Pedro to throw out a first pitch this past week, and he would have done it except the Mets refused to give him permission to do so. If that story is true, it can’t bode well for Petey’s relationship with the Mets Organization.

    Pedro had it made in Beantown, now just like Johnny Damon he privately regrets every minute of taking a few extra bucks over the Fenway Faithful.

  37. Elmwoodian

    I’m happy he didn’t. It would have been all about Pedro, rather than the Sox. It was much more appropriate to have Millar and Mueller up there. Now we just need to call up Dave Roberts, Mark Bellhorn and Derek Lowe!

  38. Bellhorn was awful, but he did extend us in 2004 – that HR will be his only claim to fame in the majors.

    Yep, Pedro is Pedro, but we couldn’t have done it without him.

    Poor Derek Lowe, that darn blister of his is still giving him trouble.

    I’d like to know why major league baseball won’t allow Johnny Pesky to sit in the dugout like he used to be able to do? It’s pathetic to treat Johnny this way. Do you know why they suddenly changed the rule this year?

  39. the boston bruins are a disgrace to all new england fans. we at HABSFANS.COM and HABS INSIDE/OUT want to thank the bruins for being in the league, as they continue to be our whipping boys.

  40. Elmwoodian

    He must be talking about that old sport played by our ancestors called “hockey” or some such. Rumors have it that it was very popular at some point. There is no known record of why it was popular or exactly when it died out, but I’m pretty sure there was ice involved. Isn’t that nuts? Those crazy cavemen.

  41. Tidbits:

    Ellsbury is starting over Crisp in Center. Crisp will be used as a defensive replacement.

    Tim Wakefield is not going to be on the roster for Boston during the World Series.

    Pitching Rotation:

    Game 1: Beckett
    Game 2: Schilling
    Game 3: Matsuzaka

    Game 4: Could be Jon Lester who through a simulated game today.

    Kyle Snyder will replace Wakefield in the pen, but probably not in the rotation.

  42. Where are you watching the game, Elmwoodian?

  43. Elmwoodian

    I lost this thread, as it isn’t showing up on the home page anymore. Well, it is very late after game 2 and I am going to be dragging at work. But, who the heck cares!? I’ll take 2-1 just as readily as 13-1! Bring on that thin air!

  44. A “w” is a “w”.

    I’d rather be going back to Colorado 2-0. But I have to say that with all the hype and merit (Colorado is a great team), I’m not seeing much out of this team.

    It’s sort of bizarre. DH/AL rules and NL rules aside, the Rockies should be making this competitive with their history of solid offensive play. It’s not like we use different balls in the American League.

    You have to give credit to our pitching though. It’s been fabulous. Okie has been lights out in the pen and so has Papelbon. Meanwhile, the Rox Pen is getting a heck of a workout.

    I guess we’ll find out who sits over the next day or so.

    Things the Sox will have to contend with:

    1. Frigid tempetures
    2. Huge outfield to cover (Manny having to really hustle in left)
    3. No DH/Pitchers hit
    4. Youk or Papi out of the line up
    5. Annoying bandwagon Rockies fans

  45. Elmwoodian

    1. Cold will be a factor, to be sure, but I think that it will affect both teams, as it is not like the Rockies have been playing in those temps all year long.
    2. That definitely is a concern of mine; but, the first mistake anyone makes is to underestimate Manny–he tends to keep expectations low and then surprise us.
    3. Definitely a concern, but at least Dice-K has some recent hitting experience.
    4. I think Papi will stay in the lineup and Youk & Lowell will alternate; well, at least that’s how I’d do it were I manager.
    5. Nothing to be done about them but to shut them up and send them home early with a thin-air hitting attack.

  46. Nice start for the boys from Boston. Now it’s on to Denver, where I hope they wrap it up.

  47. For Game 3, it looks like Youk will sit, Papi is in at first.

    Colorado will send in the “Dragon Slayer” : . And we’ll send in our Samari – Dice K to get the win.

  48. Feeling pumped! Never expected the Rockies to fold like that. Pedroia and Ellsbury are nearly co-MVPs with stats like that. Let’s hope these rookies stay around for awhile.

    I’m looking forward to tonight. Our starting pitcher Jon Lester is a great story in itself – he comes back from recovering from cancer and finds himself pitching Game 4 of the World Series. Of course win or lose, he’s an inspiration to all of us.

    Go Jon! Go Sox! I guess I might be taking time off to go to another Sox parade down Boylston Street.

    I found this link for Colorado Rockies fans:

  49. Elmwoodian

    By the time they get done assembling that thing, the Rockies will be out of the World Series!

  50. For anyone remotely interested, as part of the fun of watching the game, has a great chatroom to hang out in and read comments of Red Sox Nation… usually pitch by pitch.

    Be nice to Dottie, our moderator, she has a heck of time deleting Yankee fans derogatory comments and maintaining civility online:

  51. Harry Captain

    I don’t know… but I think I can finally start to get over 1986!

    Thank you Red Sox!

  52. Great point, Harry. This is a winning franchise that wants to keep winning – not a fluke or one trick pony. Bless you Henry, Lucchiano, and Werner!

    What an awesome team!! Everyone contributed – from Lugo’s defense to Paps Ks.

    I’m happy for Jon Lester for his personal comback, and for Mike Lowell who they said was “through” in the NL because of age. Must be nice to be thrown into a trade [for Beckett] and end up being hot at 3rd, the Sox 2007 RBI man, and then being named the WS MVP. I hope the Sox break their own age rules and re-sign him.

    The mayor’s office is going to announce the parade date this morning.

    Thank you and congrats Red Sox and Red Sox Nation!!!!!

  53. xztheericzx

    i’m eric. joining a couple boards and looking
    forward to participating. hehe unless i get
    too distracted!


  54. jealkentutt

    How are you?

  55. oOgerryOo

    I’m Gerry.

    Just saying hello – I’m new.

  56. oOgerryOo

    I’m Gerry.

    Just saying hi – I’m new.

  57. aABeckerkoo


    Just stopping in to say hi to y’all as a new member.


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