So Visconti’s on the ticket, eh?

Joe Visconti’s on the Republican slate now, a bonafide contender. Has he got a prayer of winning?



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30 responses to “So Visconti’s on the ticket, eh?

  1. Rick Liftig

    Connecticut is full of ‘Joementum’, eh?

  2. EJ

    After the referendum he should have a very good chance of winning.

    Especially if the Dems run on the platform of we’re #56 and proud of it!

  3. Visconti for Mayor! I want a sign!

    “Stop the Cartel, Vote for Visconti”

  4. LXD

    Go Joe, Go! His involvement with the WHTA will discredit the entire Republican party.

  5. EJ

    The WHTA won’t dicredit anyone.
    In case you forgot the Referendum was 3-1 agains with more Dems and Indies voting no than Republicans.

  6. His involvement on behalf of families will earn him a spot on the Council. Joe actually cares about challenging the status quo and trying to rid us of people who think “raise taxes” everytime the teacher’s union squaks or things get tight. It will be good to see someone with the “people’s viewpoint” for a real change. But LXD keep up the full court press on Joe…. I think it motivates him and his base.

  7. LXD

    Despite the fact that I disagree with Joe and his clothes 😉 I do give Joe a lot of credit for standing up for what he believes and taking the time to run for office. But I think you may be wrong about that referendum question turnout. I know a lot of people who, for some unknown reason, thought that by not voting in the referendum, they were voting “yes”. I would suggest to those people, if there is an opportunity to vote, then vote!

  8. You don’t like Joe’s clothes? How so? Inside joke?

  9. EJ

    Elections are funny things, you never know what’s going to happen until it’s over.

    But, you had a 33% voter turnout for the referendum, over 10,000 voters. The vote was 3-1 against! I don’t think enough voters could have made the mistake you’re alluding to to have made a difference. I think people knew eaxactly what they were voting for.

  10. Joe Visconti


    Thanx for appreciating my time commitment.
    Also can you tell all the Democratic Voters in West Hartford that by not showing up to vote on November 6th they can ensure my defeat, Please?

  11. LXD

    Well, unfortunately, the Democratic voters may not show up unless we get some real (i.e. non-Blue Back) Democratic candidates. Where are the Working Families and Green parties when you need them? Maybe a write-in candidate is what we need! In Springfield, MA, there was a write-in campaign for a dog for mayor, and the dog got 400 votes!

  12. JTS

    I agree, we need some “real” democrats, as in anti-Blue Back democrats, so they can repeal all of the Blue Back agreements and begin tearing it down immediately. Then it will become a beautiful meadow in which Joe and his dog may frolic. LXD, how did we get by w/o you?

  13. David Jones

    Can Joe Visconti win a seat on the town council? The answer is yes. And it will be Republicans and Independents who decide, not Democrats.

    While I’m sure the Republicans aren’t conceding any seats, the odds are that the breakdown will be 6 D’s and 3 R’s. For Joe to be a member of the town council he must defeat 3 Republicans. And Joe is the only candidate on the Republican ticket with name recognition.

    Clearly the inner circle Republicans don’t want Joe as they have gone to great lengths to keep him off the ticket this year, as well as two years ago. But how do rank and file Republicans feel?

    Those who read this blog are among the minority of citizens in town who closely follow all that happens. Most of the West Hartford blog readers know enough about Joe to decide if they want him to be on the town council. But while I believe this town has a very involved citizenry, more so than many towns, the majority of people don’t know as much about Joe as we do. Yet many will recognize the name. And he now has a party affiliation, and we all know that many people blindly cast their ballots on a straight party line.

    So we have the perfect storm.
    – Name recognition
    – Party affiliation
    -Only five incumbents
    -Republican candidates lacking name recognition
    -No independents to syphon off votes.

    As much as anything, this election will be a referendum for Republicans to decide the future direction of the Republican party.

    As a Republican myself I will be very interested to see which direction the party chooses.

  14. EJ

    Given the situation in town I think you’ll find the Republicans ready to work together whoever is elected.

  15. JTS

    @ EJ: “In case you forgot the Referendum was 3-1 agains with more Dems and Indies voting no than Republicans.”

    Was there exit polling conducted that the public is not aware of? If not, how do you know which way people voted?

  16. EJ

    Town hall has the stats, they know who voted, not necessarily how they voted.

    So if 10K voters show up at the polls, they ID themselves and go vote. The registrar knows the registration of those voters but not how they voted.

    After that it is simple math to see how many from each category shows up to vote

  17. Joe Visconti

    Hey David
    You didnt say if you would vote for mua? Thanx for the encouragement though, I don’t know if my name recognition will benefit me over some of the unknown New Republican Candidates.
    The Republican Party is going through some growing pains and I am confident that as it gets it’s legs back West Hartford will benifit from a strong two Party system once more.
    As for the new Candidates, I believe we have a very strong group. It is my intention to help make being a West Hartford Republican something to be proud of again.

  18. David Jones


    No, I won’t be voting for you.

    First let me say this. On the personal side I wish you nothing but the best. I sincerely wish you good health, prosperity and happiness.

    I think you know that I try to avoid personal attacks and wish to do so now. But I will give some of the reasons I couldn’t vote for you. I will do my best to keep them factual and try to stay away from anything that involves personal attacks and name calling.

    I believe it would very bad for the town of West Hartford for you to serve on the town council for the following reasons.

    1. While I think you occasionally have a valid idea it is my belief that most of your ideas are not well thought out and are frequently impractical. Candidly I don’t believe you’re a sound rational thinker.

    2. You ran a personal smear campaign against Barry Feldman in your effort to stop BBS. This was one of the most disgusting things I have seen in local politics.

    3. You and your organization promoted the idea that BBS could cause people to lose their homes. While I am obviously a staunch supporter of the project I acknowledge that there are valid reasons to oppose it. But trying to convince people that their homes are at risk was way over the line.

    4. You frequently engage in personal attacks against our elected officials and our town administration. You don’t just question their judgement but you question their motives with no evidence to back up such charges. You have accused many of them of unethical behavior of which you have no evidence.

    5. You seem to want to do the Rush Limbaugh thing and attach little derogatory names to people or groups with whom you disagree. Rather than advancing debate this tactic creates silly little arguments.

    6. Your anti BBS group was primarily funded by Westfarms Mall, something you denied until the filings proved this to be the case. You should have been upfront about this from the beginning, not hide and deny such a pertinent fact.

    7. During BBS you frequently mentioned that you actually favored BBS but just felt the town didn’t negotiate a good enough deal. You acknowledged it would be a success while trying to scare people into voting against it.

    8. You will have no chance of accomplishing anything as a town council member because people won’t work with you because of your history of personal attacks.

    9. It is my belief that your viewpoint of our elected officials, our town administration, and our town is not representative of most West Hartford Republicans. I feel it would be a significant blow to the future of the party if you’re sitting there as a representative of the Republican party. As a Republican, it is my hope that you are not what our party stands for and that you’re not what West Hartford stands for.

    But ultimately the citizens will decide.

  19. Joe Visconti

    OK so you want to take a trip down memory lane before I launch my new campaign for Town Council? sure, just for you.

    A Smear campaign? No, facts on Mr Feldman were not disgusting but accurate, they were sourced and footnoted in our 5 page Spotlight flyer for the public to verify. Let’s not forget the truly smear campaign of Mr Anthony Taubman put out in flyers by Blue Back months before my alleged smear campaign, do all recall those flyers on Southeby’s put out when the Mall objected to the project?

    Also, the past history of Scott Slifka was relevant with his being taken off a case by Authorities for his conflicts. Next we had our now State Senator Jonathan Harris who was working for the Kroll and McNamara law firm, a firm which at the time represented Blue Back square partner JDA Associates, aka Bob Wienner and also Healthtrax, you know the Hospital that just opened in Blue Back.
    Mr Harris was the Mayor at the time and derived income from this law firm, he should have recused himself before leading the hearing on Blue Back but he didnt.

    Were Jonathans actions against the law? Were they ethical? I don’t know how the bar would have handled Jonathans legal conflict if I made a complaint but I didnt. As far as being ethical, with Jonathan at the time as a member of the West Hartford Board of Ethics if not the head of it I thought my complaint to the local ethics Board would fall on deaf ears.

    My Characterizations of Barbara Carpenter and Joe Verrengia for being Union Dems has shown that Barbara went deeper into her Teachers Union role now as it’s President and if never a conflict of Interest now clearly one, Mr Verrengia has shown his true colors after years voting with the Dems, he has now become one formerly and is running for office while being a Republican on the Council. Lets; see we now have Joe Verrengia voting as a Republican and running as a Democrat.

    Does anyone think the Public is not gettimg more angered over these conflicts as they see their taxes go through the roof, the Noah Webster Main Public Library Branch short of hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete the promised renovations, the Bait and switch on the condo’s to rentals, the new Blue Back application for changes to the project which has burried in it plans to increase density….. need I go on here?

    Next , Westfarms, yes I declared when asked on the Brad Davis show that Save the Center received a donation from Taubman, and where better to let the public know than through the media, We also received much support from many, many Residents. Lets not forget Blue Back spent Millions on Ads and 4 color flyers with our Councilors ( Except Kevin Conners who had the ethical understanding not to authorize the use of his image, which Blue Back did in one flyer and kevin went on Channel 3 11 Oclock news to protest about) portrayed backing the project.

    Conflicts? As Al Gore said when caught renting out the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House: “There was no governing authority ” same here in West Hartford during the Blue Back Civil War and with Joe Verrrengia Voting on Council as a Republican while running as a Democrat today, no Governing authority.
    When The Hartford Courant looked the other way on reporting some of the above events which most were considered news at the time, we at Save the Center took it in our own hands to let the public know.
    As to my being elected being a blow to the Republican party I believe your opinion on that is clouded by your resentment of me. Who won on Blue Back, twice? David, please stop being a sore winner.

    I have just republished here on this blog facts committed by sound and rational thinkers like Jonathan Harris, Scott Slifka, Barbara Carpenter and Joe Verrengia. If the public want’s more of this brand of thinking it’s up to them to endorse them.

    The Campaign ideas which I have been formulating including feedback from thousands of West Hartford residents which I polled during my Primary petion gathering activity this month will soon be put out to the public for review.

    Who Loves You West Hartford? Joe Visconti Does!

  20. Joe Visconti’s election would be the best thing that’s happened to the Republican Party in this town. Fact is, that the Republican Party in this town has been ineffective in 1) taking back the majority, 2) keeping its own rank and file from jumping to the other side, 3) finding candidates that stand for something beyond what the opposition party represents, 4) Effectively stopping the Democratic steamrolling tax and spend machine.

    David, you’ve got to be kidding. BBS is coming, no one is going to hold that one against Joe. No one cares, that’s ancient history. And as for holding every freaking word or comment he’s ever made against him is a PATHETIC tact. That is why you can’t get good candidates to run on either side because there’s always someone out there taking everything you say or imply out of context. Who hasn’t said something off-color, nasty or otherwise against another human being? Please introduce me. And it seems that some scruntinies appear to be much greater against GOP candidates. Hmm. Wonder why? Probably not because the media votes 95% Democratic? I’m sure its for some other reason.

    Do you Jonathan Harris was squeaky clean. Hey, there’s a guy who barely paid a penny of taxes and lived at home yet became Mayor. Isn’t America great? No one cared. He’s a fine guy. But hey I’ve talked to him and guess what — he’s actually human. He’s talk like a human and he doesn’t hold back after having a few. So, let’s not go overboard, eh?

    So now here comes outspoken Joe Visconti. Unorthodox, non-Establishment, says what he believes and puts his name to it, unafraid and willing to work his rear off to make a difference. Joe, thanks for your passion.

    Sure, I sound like a Visconti-hack, but come the day after election, you’ll be hearing from Councilor-Elect Joe Visconti.

  21. turtle

    I won’t vote for Joe on the basis of his syntax.

  22. EJ

    King, all good points.

    This is also why the town GOP committe wanted new names and preferred to keep Joe off the ticket. They wanted to try to bring out a ticket of new faces without any bagage. Frankly, I think the situation was handled poorly, but hopefully the raw nerves are healing over and the campaign can get going.

    Whoever gets in it will be important for them to work together and keep the pressure on the Dems should they retain the majority.

  23. WH Alum

    Simply by the nature of Joe’s posts on this blog, I couldn’t vote for him. The overly dramatic rants and trashing of the teachers and other town – union – employees was very disturbing. That would be tough to see in our council chambers.

  24. Becca

    No WHAlum – that is precisely what this town needs at the moment instead of the uninspiring “yes men’ with conflict of interests that have been in the chambers.

  25. WH Alum

    Becca – There is certainly a need for some change and some serious dialogue about our budget process, etc – but I don’t believe Joe is the answer. Look back at his posts through the budget hearings. They were hardly readable. Too emotional for the council chambers in my opinion. But I’m one person. If the voters put him in, good for him.

  26. Just think of the ratings Joe will bring to Comcast Access Channel when he IS elected. There isn’t squat to watch on TV these days. People will tune in weekly to watch Joe go!

    Joe, after you win, how about your own show fielding calls on various topics. I don’t know if you’ve seen “Ralph Talk” on Rocky Hill public access but its very popular and tends to allow viewers the opportunity to bring issues to elected and unelected officials.

    The shows we have on West Hartford public access lack energy. Scott’s show is about as boring as watching paint dry; can’t he show some enthusiasm once in a while? Then I saw three woman whining yesterday – complaining that there isn’t free healthcare in the world and one of them was whining that her college grad won’t be covered right out of college. Oh I sniffed a ton of tears over this nonsense. When the kid gets a job, she’ll have healthcare. Just like the rest of us.

    Anyways, “Visconti’s View” or “Morning in America with Joe”. You can play a theme song on your guitar. It would be great. Anything but the boring crap we see from the peacenuts.

  27. Joe Visconti

    This is long overdue, maybe Jonathan can learn all about the conflicts of Interest I sited above?

    State Sen. Jonathan A. Harris (D-West Hartford) has been selected from among a national pool of hundreds of state legislators to participate in an Emerging Political Leaders program to be held this July at the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia. The Emerging Political Leaders program brings together up-and-coming political leaders from around the country to discuss the moral, ethical and democratic principles that help make exceptional leaders. One of the primary criteria for selection is a candidate’s long-term commitment to public service and a keen interest in self-development.

  28. Ready

    One can only hope that Joe Visconti’s personal conduct during his anti BBS days (he knows what I’m talking about, quite a few people do actually) is fully brought to light so that everyone in WH can get a recent, interesting and seriously depressing example of hypocrisy.

  29. TWC

    Please, Ready, tell us more.

    Why wait for someone else to bring whatever it is that concerns you “…to light…?”

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