Blue Back rents are out of sight

According to the Courant, competition among potential tenants “is pushing office leasing rates up to nearly $40 a square foot, the highest seen in the region.”

It’s ultra hot real estate, which is great for our town.

Other developers can’t help noticing the riches, of course, which may mean more prime office space gets built in town before long.

But it also means that commercial office space is going to be worth more here than it has been — and that will eventually help cushion homeowners from future property tax hikes.

In short, it’s thrilling news to see that the project is paying off.

Naysayers, your turn now….



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27 responses to “Blue Back rents are out of sight

  1. EJ

    It is certainly nice to see the area is that hot. And I agree it should bring more commercial development.

    On the down side, will these businesses be able to keep up with the high rents. you’re already paying close to $5 for an ice cream cone at B&Js, The price is knocking my cholestrerol way down.

  2. Harry Captain

    One of the simple pleasures my family enjoys is an ice cream and an evening stroll around the Center.

    I LOVE B&J’s ice cream (who doesn’t?) and I’ve been in the South Main Street store… once. I concur; $4+ for the smallest ice cream cone is ludicrous. I paid less for B&J’s inside the park at Universal Studios Hollywood this summer.

    So when I’m in the mood to splurge, it’s Maggie Moo’s. Otherwise, it’s the “kid size” cone at Friendly’s – which is a bargain… shush – don’t tell anybody!

    P.S. – Watch for B&J’s pints when they go on sale – $2.50 at Waldbaum’s last week – and stock the freezer.

  3. JTS

    I say 59’ers, good UConn Ice cream, nice staff, locally owned too.

  4. Elmwoodian

    Though the name stinks, I 2nd the vote for 59ers. And the owners are some great West Hartford folks, to boot. Their son is actually a police officer in town.

    Now, if we’re talking South of Boulevard, it’s ACPs, hands down. Hope those high rents drive stores to Park Road and Elmwood!

  5. JTS

    ACP is tough to beat, good call.

  6. Harry Captain

    ACP for Butterscotch topping and their hand whipped cream – Tops!

  7. I’m concerned in general that locally owned stores are going to be driven out of business by rent increases and the center is going to become a land of Gap and Banana Republic type stores and not a place where stores like Pfaus or Papaya Patch can survive. So…the high rents are a mixed blessing.

  8. Rick Liftig

    I’ve received several calls from businesses in the center looking to re-locate to Elmwood (or Park Road or Bishop’s Corner). This renewal of the neighborhood commercial zones is proving to be an unexpected bonus from Blueback.

  9. Joe Visconti

    Some Hartford Fishwrap Blog Comments on Blue Back, oh look it’s your truly in the starting lineup.

    Blue Back Scramble Is On —
    August is usually one of the slowest months for office leasing in Greater Hartford.
    Full story: Hartford Courant – 20 hrs ago
    Showing posts 1 – 6 of 6 Joe Visconti
    AOL Reply »
    12 hrs ago

    Possible tennants have proposals? who are they? Looks like the Courant needs to rehash old lease stories to fill it’s business section, tell us some new news and stop placing free advertising for Blue Back.
    New Haven, CT Reply »
    9 hrs ago

    wa! wa! somebody call the waambulance!

    It’s over Joe, and in case you hadn’t noticed: so are you. wa! wa!
    Blast 55 – West Hartford
    New Britain, CT Reply »
    9 hrs ago

    Is this why my tax bill went through the roof this year? WH is not an affordable town to raise a family anymore. Pay more / get less!
    Windsor, CT Reply »
    9 hrs ago

    If this project is such a rip roaring success, why then did the residents of WH have to subsidize it. It seems like this developer is going to make a very tidy profit by turning WH center into a congested heck hole.
    Storrs Mansfield, CT Reply »
    9 hrs ago

    WH is so completely overrated…….if you want a nice town, choose Avon, Glastonbury, or Simsbury…WH has crime and schools that don’t measure up to the hype of the town.
    East Berlin, CT Reply »
    7 hrs ago

    carrie wrote:
    WH is so completely overrated…….if you want a nice town, choose Avon, Glastonbury, or Simsbury…WH has crime and schools that don’t measure up to the hype of the town.
    Amen. As a former resident and someone who owns a consulting business based out of WHC, I had to get the heck out of dodge.

    Showing posts 1 – 6 of 6 Type in your comments to post to the forum

  10. JTS

    Can anyone tell me if adult continuing ed in WH has a class that will teach Joe how to cut and paste a link?

  11. Joe Visconti

    No they wont, but they can teach you Mrs. JTS to find the courage to use your real name in a public forum when criticizing others.

  12. JTS

    They won’t teach you Joe? Must be because of those budget cuts forced by the anti’s in town. My stars you must feel foolish.

  13. Joe Visconti

    Hey JTS (Jive Tax Syndrome) you got the extra bucks donate it to the Town for a nice tax deduction then show up to vote down the budget next time and lose again. BTW, There’s no rules to cut and paste darling justa like there’s a no rules for Pseudonym posters lika you.

  14. Joe,

    Darn, I thought for sure you were going to invest in a penthouse suite atop of blueback. Then you can rain empty dixie cups on the would-be mega-income grossing structure. (Free parking for the Visconti-mobile – equiped with Blue Brothers style Megaphone to get the facts out to the people).

    And wondered if anyone knows what is supposed to go in the empty Pet Store that was over near Marshals? Too bad that store didn’t make it.

    Cheerfully signed,
    Joe’s number one favorite pseudonym poster

  15. HI All – Again Good News on Blue Back Square!!
    -Again all we hear from the Nimby’s

    oh .. the rents will drive out Mom and Pops.

    Oh – This is a great opportunity to get my name out to build an anti development – voting base.

    Oh – this ,
    Oh That,

    OHHHHH Move to Newington already!!

  16. turtle

    But can the Negativity Gnomes alone sweep Visconti to victory? They may have to join forces with the Anti-Pseudonymous Posting constituency if Joe is to stand a chance.

  17. I’m a little late but guess I can join the great frozen treat debate. Look, 59ers has real soft-serve and that does it for me. Well, that and AC Pete’s R-E-A-L whipped cream.

  18. Joe Visconti

    Klondike’s for me at Stop and Shop when I’m not gathering signatures!

  19. Joe Visconti

    Klondike’s for me from Stop & Shop, especially when I”m over there collecting signatures.

  20. Joe Visconti

    Actually, Klondikes for me anytime from anywhere!

  21. EJ

    Gee Joe, someone might get the idea that you like Klondikes. Save one for me.

  22. 5 bucks for a cone – that’s incredible. Have been thinking about WH Center – and the days gone by. Scooting over to the Central from my house on Brunswick Ave and catching a Saturday afternoon flick for 50 cents. Going to the Farm Shop and just hanging out…looking at some of the pictures on the web make me feel like Rip Van Winkle. Have been in Pittsburgh for the last 21 years – do miss West Hartford. I guess Blue Back Sq is a sign of progress. Almost too upscale for its own good. Just my humble opinion. Along with AC Petersens, I recall Lincoln Dairy made a super banana milk shake…

  23. Deb

    On a separate note (from ice cream, that is) has anyone heard about what happened with Healthtrax? I had signed up on their e-mail list to find out when they started giving memberships, and I got an e-mail from them tonight that they have “sold their interest in the West Hartford location” and that I should try Avon. I checked out their website and it appears to be true.

  24. Deb

    By the way, B&J’s Chocolate Therapy wins hands down…

  25. Archie

    On the ice cream debate I have to side with B&J’s NY Super Fudge Chunk, but I was blown away when it cost my wife and I nine bucks and change for 2 cones the other night. As a UCONN alum I’l have to give 59ers a chance.

    Also, there is another thread regarding Healthtrax, which was apparently sold to New York Sports Club.

  26. West Hartford a New York suburb?

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