Happy with the latest budget?

I’m still trying to find out details, but at least education doesn’t appear to be suffering as much as I feared.



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  1. Joe Visconti

    I just paid to have a certified appraisal done on my home, with physical inspections and all, market value came in @ $292,000.
    The Town is using it’s appraisal of my home
    (however they did a market value) of $342,000, a difference of $50,000. The taxes/mill rate scheme for mua’s house are off base by $50k. I wont go into the rubics cube formula for figuring how much I am being overtaxed but this should give people pause in regards to what their home’s may truly be worth.
    Without physical inspections we can never arrive at the fairest market value of our homes.
    The Commercial Property I (ass-ume) has been appraised more fair?

    We are employing unrealistic methods for appraising and will not find a true foundation to estimate true value, or a true mill rate. On top of this we let Blinding Arbitration and collective bargaining with closed door Union deals to occur off tax season? The system is modeled after “3 card monty” all the way, as we have the State and Feds in a far far away Galaxy of Bureacracy allowing more & more bureaucratic unfunded Blackmail on us. This is where all residents need to focus their attention from here on out.

  2. Rick Liftig

    Joe –

    Commercial property appraisals are much harder to figure out. The property turns over far less often and comparable sales are difficult to find. Different commercial appraisers may come up with very different figures for a property and each one can be justified. Commercial property appraisal tends towards estimation and guesswork. But remember, in the Grand List, business property includes equipment, vehicles and inventory, not just the property and structure.

  3. Joe Visconti

    No excuse Rick, the appraisal process for residents has been completed by a fraudulent practice masked as “Formula driven & more effective”. The Public has been denied ” factual economic due process”.
    The Commercial Guesswork can always be complimented with Bank/Loan Appraisals, the cost to Taxpayers for the process is worth it’s weight in Fairness. If the Town employed certified/On the Property appraisers for all Properties, the numbers would be different for most.
    The State did mandate that we should have been on the ground with the appraisals and I believe someone was looking at suing the Town. Better to spend the litigation money going over the whole Town property values and rebate/retax all errors in the Phase 2 year. This revale/rebate/retax correction can create much goodwill from all residents to the administration. Everyone please jump on board with your ideas/insults/praises.

  4. Rick Liftig

    Just telling you what the commercial appraiser would tell you. Don’t shoot the messenger, please.

  5. Joe Visconti

    Me, shoot the messenger? come on, not me.

  6. WH Homeowner

    As will probably be of no surprise to anyone who read the comments to the last post, I am not the least bit satisfied with the way the budget has worked out (although I will agree with WH Dad that it could have been worse).

    For those who didn’t read the comments to the last post, let me repeat where I and every other typical homeowner in WH will end up after the dust settles on this year’s budget fight:

    (1) If you’re a parent with kids in the public schools, the cuts made by the BOE will result in the quality of your kids’ education going down next year.

    (2) Even though this Town isn’t increasing the amount of property taxes that will be collected next year, you still get to pay 4.5% more in real property taxes due to the revaluations (which I agree with Joe–have probably been exaggerated).

    (3) The additional real property taxes you will be paying next year will be funding a tax cut for the commercial property owners whose reassessed values did not increase at the same rate as your homes.

    In other words, while you’re paying more and getting less, the Taubmans of West Hartford will be laughing all the way to the bank.

    And if suffering through this absurd result next year isn’t enough, guess what? You and I could be facing a very similar result in each of the following four years!

  7. EJ

    Not Could be, WILL BE!!!

  8. Joe Visconti

    Next year, ah that’s next year. Don’t worry, Blue Back will be fully Operational (Like The Death Star) and save us!

  9. Citizen Kane

    The revaluation itself was flawed.. and that is a major issue here to begin with. No one wanted to look at that can of worms except maybe George Kennedy.

    The salaries and benefits of town management and school administrators are another issue in this town that have gotten out of control, and Mr. Goshdigian has all that information but no one wants to address that issue at all.

    This was the time to rein in spending. The Council did a little bit to do that with some prodding by an overwhelming majority in the referendum, but the next couple of years are going to be even more challenging with our portion of the MDC project and other things coming down the pike.

    The whole fear about declining school quality is a bunch of hype. Our schools have already been in decline – the scores show it. It hasn’t been because of lack of funding either. Pouring more money into curriculum and programs that are ineffective is folly anyway. As for the Quest people.. why don’t they make the whole curriculum challenging for all kids instead of a select few anyway? Maybe raise the bar for everyone, now there’s a thought. Have parents volunteer their time to do Odyssey of the Mind and other Competitive programs to help challenge kids in an after school setting. You really don’t need specific dedicated teachers for every program.

    So which of you will be running for public office to help make some significant changes in the way we do things in town. Our town is changing and we clearly have not been bold enough to change it’s management or how our money is being spent.
    The revenue pie has got to be examined to see how we can better feed all these hungry mouths. We also have to figure out how to bake a better pie to begin with.. Any of you have some new ideas for increasing town revenue besides reaching into taxpayer pockets? or going begging to the state? (although I agree we should get our own money back from them).

  10. Joe Visconti


  11. Citizen Kane

    Hey all you people out there still not happy with a 4.54% tax increase can always move to do a referendum.. I’d sign a petition.

  12. eafinct

    How about passing a law so we could seize idle commercial property after three years under eminent domain? Just a thought….

  13. Citizen Kane

    How about we pass a law to take away all of eafinct’s property?

  14. Cha Ching

    Good idea eafinct, lets start with the Town Hall, they’ve been in Park for years now. We can do a lease/purchase deal with Blue Back, if they have any money left!

  15. Citizen Kane

    Ya know… since “The Bridge” just got awarded $40,000 from the state, thanks to West Hartford legislators, perhaps the Town can stop giving money to that organization this 07-08 budget year in the town’s budget line item for defined contributions to civic organizations. They should eliminate that line item all together
    I honestly don’t know why taxpayers are forced to fund these organizations. Why don’t they do their own fundraising and stop looking for local municipal handouts ? If people want to donate to The Bridge or to Noah Webster – they should do that – but don’t use my taxes to fund them!

  16. EJ

    The answer is simple, once the gvt funds start flowing they never stop and the receipient starts feeling entitled. Thereby the calling of them entitlment programs.

    After all it is much easier to get a handout than to actually have to do your own fund raisers. And what if there was no private interest in supporting the program might actually disappear.

    The program I love is the radio advertising for food stamps. Your tax $ at work. Heaven forbid that should they have surplus of funds they return it to the tax payer, instead they spend it on advertising and trolling for receipients.

  17. Can't buy me Love

    We need to start locating all those with lots of money who want to accelerate the support of Education and then solicite them for donations.

    Don’t forget teacher’s dont work 12 months a year, and many are competing with private company’s right now as a second career, talk about private public partnerships; they get the cush and perks during the cold days and then cherrypick summer cash competing against Contractors, Landscapers and other struggling business’s.
    60k a year I guess isn’t enough for them to pay their taxes, whose fault is that?

  18. Can't buy me Love

    Lets ask em to work a full year for the same salary, Bind that!!!!!!!

  19. Rick Liftig

    Maybe you should become a teacher so that you can cash in on the big bucks and benefits.

  20. eponymous

    @ Citizen Kane:

    I understand you’re using The Bridge as an example, but it’s a poor example in my opinion primarily because of the services The Bridge provides to our kids. Whether it’s as severe as a kid becoming homeless or as simple as a kid needing counseling, I’ve seen The Bridge save kids. That’s no small thing and I think it deserves all the funding it gets.

    I say “I think” above because I can’t find a line item version of the WH budget kicking around on the web. I’m peripheral to the debate and am under the (mistaken?) impression that there is no line item version of the budget? If there is no line item version of the budget, why did the WHTA not demand a line item version, rather than a a specific total of cuts, to prevent a second referendum? That we don’t specifically know where our money is going — that’s the real crime (and seemingly the simplest problem to solve).

  21. Yes, so don’t get that “Bridge” confused with the very expense, rusty-looking one that you seen when you get off the Park Road exit.

    And how much did THAT bridge cost us? And who paid for it?

  22. Joe Visconti

    The Rusty looking bridge> oh that was free, Santa Clause paid for it.

  23. Citizen Kane

    eponymous… how would I know why the WHTA didn’t ask for a specific line item version? Maybe they did and never got one.. but the question that begs to be asked is why should they have to ask for one? the Town should make one available to the public as a matter of course. But the truth is they don’t want the public to know how money is being spent.
    oh and by the way, no one is disputing the work “The Bridge” does.. but they are a non-profit and should do their own fund raising instead of looking for local or state handouts. If they do such great work, then the public should be happy to make their own donations directly. I am personally tired of my tax money being used to fund every program that comes along. Maybe I’ll turn myself into a 501-C3 and cash in on the gravy train. Kane For Kids.. that has a ring to it.. (ka-ching).

  24. EJ

    The budget that the WHTA had to work with was a confusing pile of numbers that was hard to work through. Certainly not a true line item budget.

    Some the problems faced by the WHTA was brought out at the Council meeting last week by Rich Goshigian. Questions were slow to be answered and and answers wern’t always complete.

    How do you interpret Dept.s with items in their budget listed as transfers out, with no indication as to where the cash was transferred to (makes it hard to figure things out).

    But according to the Town and its die hard supporters it is the WHTA that isthe problem.

  25. Folks. It’s high time to stop making the WHTA the focus of the discussion. This whole counter-argument and deflection using the WHTA as whipping-post for the town’s ills just about borders on – insanity. It’s not the WHTA that’s to blame; it’s the Council, the Town Manager, and the BoE that create and pass the budget.

    I strongly urge voters to focus on the fact that for seven consecutive years this town has imposed region-record tax increases on its residents, while at the same time increasing spending and reducing services – quite an amazing feat for so many alledged “bright-minds”. And from the looks of things, this trend will continue and continue.

    EJ and others – you are falling into the trap – you are being targeted with posts to swerve the discussion away from the real issues (unreasonable spending behavior and poor budget management). Let’s refocus the real problem and stop entertaining arguments about your group. It’s wasted energy. And the foolish advocates of increased taxation would love nothing better to do than waste space in this forum talking about you instead of discussing the merits of their arguments.

    And the fact is – I’m glad the WHTA is around. I’m not a member, but how else would normal, middle class (and elderly fixed income families) be able to organize and fight back against a town run by single minded individuals, that only see “raise taxes” as the answer to every question. And quite frankly, I could give a crap less if the WHTA’s numbers are off or not – really – does that change the fact that our property taxes are going to rise to near 5% this year? So forget about nitpicking how the WHTA do their math, and get on with how the Council does theirs.

  26. Joe Visconti

    Lets have tax bills that have box’s on them to check if you want to donate extra to:

    1. Education Cartel Union dues
    2. Teachers pension funds
    3.Teachers health copay
    4.Sklarz/Francis and Company’s Administrative fringe/bennies
    5.The Bridge
    6.Elmwood Buisness Associaton-Trees
    7.Save the Center-Former members debt fund
    8. WHTA
    9. Alair, Obrien & Wade private public partnership legal fund
    10.Double pension employees plan( see ya in 20)
    11.Noah Webster House ( for his name being dragged through the Blue Back Machine)
    12.League of Women Voters (wont go there)
    13.West Hartford Historic Group (hi Casper)
    14.Flower Pot Flower Pot Patrissi Fund
    15. Jonathans Dream( not Harris)
    16.The Hartford Courant Spin/Slant Magazine
    17.Registra of Voters Pay increase (not kidding, these people are paid squat)
    18.Police, more Police, oh and Police
    19.Blue Back Relief Fund (they lost 25 million plus from the delay of referendums- really? Really!)
    20.Closed Business Shop Owners Fund for(Guys like La Perla)losing their leases.
    21. This Blog (only if the Blog Wizard comes out of the closet)
    22. The Republican Party (now that there will be one, thanks Babs and Joe Verr).
    23.West Hartford Vision
    24.The Red Hat Ladies (hey Carol)
    25. The Pond House (double Ha)
    27. Smith/Charter Oak school.
    28.The Mayors Ball
    29.Park Road Playhouse
    30.CT Childrens Theatre ( hey lori)

  27. Citizen Kane

    Nevermind Joe, Let’s open up the Charter and make budget referendums automatic, put a cap on property tax rates, and separate the town budget from the education budget. Let’s make a stipulation that no one who works for the Town can be elected to Town office.

    Let’s create a real ethics board for this town that does not include anyone from the Town Council or any other elected official or Town employee on it.

    Let’s clarify rules and make sure that all Town Council and BOE transcripts, all employee salaries (and related cost of their benefits and perks) and budget line items are made available to the public.

    It is high time for real open government in town.

    In the upcoming election, I will vote for anyone who will pledge seriously to do these things.

  28. Citizen Able

    I hear your pain Citizen Kane, but the public loves to shoot the messengers.

  29. WH return

    To The King, Citizen Kane and others. Here is a post from our representative to the state Ms. Bye!

    Beth Bye
    June 28th, 2007 at 12:58 pm

    WH Return

    The budget is done. But I will say — the admin is not bloated. We are one of the Town’s with the lowest Administrator to pupil ratios and expense amount. Go to the data — not the rhetoric.


    There you have it, we are not bloated. More important, get the data! My God, with representation like this there is no end in sight.

    Ms. Bye, we would love the data!

    Once again, no one ever mentioned cutting teachers. What we have asked for (and thank you WHTA) is an accounting of how money is spent. There is no clear process to obtain lien item data but Beth Bye and others want to tell you how hard they worked and lets just believe in them.

    There is so much crap we are paying for that no one knows what we are paying for anymore.

    Lets vote these people out and vote for people like Mr. Goshdigian who seemed to have an understanding of Stupidity (no knock), because it amazed me to hear Mr. Goshdigian receive very little for what were excellent questions raised in a very friendly, diplomatic manner.

    It is time to get the facts. Yes, Ms. Bye the budget is done but before we get hosed further, lets get the facts and accounting of what is taking place.

  30. I guess that settles it. It’s all in our heads – I guess everything is perfect according to Ms. Bye. What’s her take on the percentage of tax liability per resident or per home owner – third highest in the state? I wonder if we can just pay the extra tax increases in monopoly money then.

    Go to the data, indeed. She can go to the data – perhaps she might even have line item access to the data which we apparently aren’t capable of handling or viewing on our own.

    There it is folks. Our own local government refuses to share the detail with its residents. Now why is that? Well because we might be able to point out how additional cuts can be made which would really put the Council in dutch with the special interest groups.

    But we are asked to pay and sing “Three little birds” by Bob Marley. “Oh, don’t worry, about a thing…”

  31. eafinct

    What is your source for “the percentage of tax liability per resident or per home owner – third highest in the state?” I would like to pursue this.

  32. Citizen Kane

    Just because “supposedly’ we have the lowest Administrator to pupil ratios and expense amount does not mean we can’t do better for our taxpayers.

    Oh and who by the way is considered an administrator? What are the definitions we are working with here? What about those “teachers” who don’t really teach a class? And what pupils are we talking about – those really from West Hartford or are we adding in School Choice kids as well? Who exactly is being included in these “statistical” comparisons? We all know how numbers can be made to look good.

    We all just want to see what it is being spent on.

    But I guess just because Ms. Bye says everything is okey dokey we should just say ok and roll over and go back to sleep.

  33. Gary Reger

    On the tax liability — and some other interesting information — about West Hartford (all data derived from Connecticut state databases):

    1. Property taxes. It is hard to compare the property tax burden on different towns based on the actual mill rate, since the total value of properties varies greatly. The state uses for comparative purposes the Equalized Mill Rate (EMR), defined by state law: “‘Equalized mill rate’ means the tax rate derived from the most recent available grand levy of a town divided by the equalized net grand list on which such levy is based as determined by the secretary in accordance with section 10-261a”. By this measure, the latest data I could find, which come from the 2007 town profiles, indicate that West Hartford’s EMR is 18.87. In Hartford County alone, 7 towns pay a higher EMR: Hartford, East Hartford, Windsor, Wethersfield, New Britain, Simsbury, and Canton. I did not do a statewide comparison, but it comes as no surprise that New Haven, Torrington, and Bridgeport all have higher EMRs. Thus the claim that West Hartford has the “third highest” tax burden in the state is not true even just for our neighbors in Hartford County.

    2. Per pupil spending. The latest data I found came from 2003. The range in Connecticut then ran from $7500 to $14,000 per pupil. West Hartford fell in the second lowest cohort, $8500-9500. In other words, rather than sitting at the top, we were close to the bottom of the range for per pupil spending in the state.

    3. Bond ratings. In December 2004, only 8% of the towns in Connecticut had a Aaa rating from Moody’s. So West Hartford ranked among the most fiscally responsible towns in the state, if you believe the financial industry.

    From these data it is not unreasonable to conclude that residents of West Hartford are not in fact overtaxed; that we get a really good bargain in our public schools; and that West Hartford has managed its finances with remarkable aplomb.

    This is not to say of course that economies cannot be made; there is always room for improvement. But any sensible discussion of better public policy needs to start from a realistic assessment of where we are, not overheated rhetoric.

  34. EJ

    The per pupil costs have changed.
    If the BOE budget is ~118mill (I don’t recall the final figure) and the # of students is ~9600 (again don’t recall exact but I believe it is between 9600-9700. Your per student works out to somewhere around $11500.

  35. Joe Visconti

    July 4, 2007 Patriot Rant

    If our kids are smarter than most other towns ( we’re number 1 in some Cartel Poll or on some Brag list) we dont need to spend as much on them. Money does not make children smarter, stop the mythmaking from the Education Cartel and their shills which produces the junk science propoganda to further their goals of entrenching their Union Members and pension perks into our wallets (forever and evermore), never mind Wall street who bundles the Education Pension funds for Bond Sales, then mixes them with venture /high risk crap stock to sell back to hedge funder goomba’s for some real profitmaking while the whole game above is leveraged by your house and registered at Town Hall with Moody’s (not Lisa) blessing and sanctioning the scheme .

    Heart and love of knowing and understanding more of life, Art and History with the help of their parents doesn’t come with a price tag. Education is provided by most parents at home all the time, yes it is “Home Schooling” but we never call it that. Dump Binding Arbitration and let the kids see their Teachers strike for pay, then let them get a real good taste of how much love their Teachers really have for them. Also change the Union rules and let teachers tutour their own students after school for some real priceless bonding.

    The Education Cartel (Satanesque) wants everyone to believe that money is the common denominator in Education not Love, look what’s happened to Health Care, where Doctors have been reduced to second rate Stage Hands as Aetna et al (Anti-Anthropos) game our lives for profit.

    The Greatest Damnation of Humanity comes from the Actuarial Foxes on Farmington Avenue who have a hundred year jump on the Education Cartel.
    Check out how the Pharmaceutical Industry is working hand in hand with the Health Care World as they creep into our Schools (Judy Aron please jump in here) with their new “Drug our kids Mandate attempts”.
    Lets stop the Big Business Lobbyists of the Health Care Cartel and the Education Cartel from writing more Junk Law through our elected officials (Business Puppets) which restrict and limit our Pursuit of Happiness and turn our Liberty’s into Mandates!!!

    Copyright 2007 Joseph Visconti- All rights reserved

  36. Wow. Please list for the forum which towns in Hartford County, Middlesex County, and Tolland County have a higher tax rate per homeowner than West Hartford. Actual dollars – please tie into millrate which is how the taxes liability is figured.

    At the end of the day its what is out of pocket that we are weighing here. And property values are great for retail, but people are trying to stay here – having a high property value makes you feel warm and fuzzy but day to day makes little difference. Yes, WH is an affluent community, it would take years to change that – its not suddenly going to become Bridgeport.

    The idea of “value” is too subjective. If I buy Stop and Shop brand detergent which is a dollar and change cheaper than Tide, and I buy Tide – am I getting a better value for my dollar? Depends on your perspective.

    Based on all the data, its hard to argue that we are reasonably taxed, or not taxed enough as some on this forum have suggested. There is a warped concept that only the rich live in town as a justification for higher taxes. These opinions do not take into account the hundreds of elderly on fixed incomes, or the lower to working class families that also live in many sections of our town.

    I think a discussion with these groups – usually not represented here on this forum – is in order. Why don’t you ask a fixed income elderly person who is trying to stay in their home (one they’ve lived in for 35 years in WH_- what they think about West Hartford taxes.

    Well, I’ve gotten an earful. And I can’t blame them for their outrage. No one is giving the fixed income folks an increase.

  37. Gary Reger

    Here are some additional data, this from a study done of property tax rates in Connecticut. The idea was to calculate what percentage of household income went to property taxes. West Hartford’s mean (not average but mean) household income was $79,989. Property taxes absorbed 6.3% of that income. Our ranking out of the (is it 167?) towns in the state was 38. So we are toward the top (roughly at the bottom of the top quarter) but far from the most heavily taxed town in Connecticut.

    On the King’s other question, here is the answer, given as the EMR. I repeat the data for Hartford County. West Hartford’s EMR is 18.87:

    New Britain — 26.77
    Hartford — 25.89
    East Hartford — 22.60
    Windsor — 19.94
    Wethersfield — 19.82
    Canton — 19.72
    Simsbury — 19.67

    Bolton — 19.47
    Vernon — 18.89


    Note that Tolland at 18.33 and Portland, in Middlesex County, at 18.68.

    Hope that helps.

  38. Gary Reger

    One more bit of interesting data: changes in West Hartford’s EMR over the last 6 years:

    2006 — 18.87
    2005 — 17.28
    2004 — 18.91
    2003 — 20.27
    2002 — 23.60
    2001 — 23.48

    Don’t mean to bombard the list but these data seem to me really interesting.

  39. WH return

    Here is my two cents. I agree WH will not become Bridgeport overnight. It never was and never will be. It seems to me, that most people posting have a great education and probably went to the WH School system so the theory more money buys better education is crapola since everyone will agree we didn’t spend half the money we are spending now.

    Which brings me to my next point and I said this before. At all levels of gov’t. we continually spend money into the education black hole but yet the scores seem to keep going down. This makes me believe we are funding certain unions (NEA) and their perks for what? Looking at the data posted above, I can assure you that Hartford and E. Hartford which seem to be at the high end of the teacher/pupil $ rate is certainly in deep poop when it comes to students graduating and going onto higher education. So therefore the more we spend does not guarantee any better results.

    I have asked for data of pupil/teacher and pupil/supervisory data for at least 6 months over the past 10 years and it is not easy to access. I truly believe at the end of the day, we are not doing anything different at the pupil/teacher $ level then we did 20 years ago. Our money is being sucked into the supervisory/mgmt levels which don’t improve scores.

    I absolutely agree that education starts in the home. Anybody who does not believe the majority of people living in WH don’t want to see their kids achieve and don’t start that message at home is absolutely an idiot. Most families I know (past and present) had high values and made sure their children had the same values. Therefore, if we were to cut the BOE, I don’t think the values are going to suffer nor do I think the students of those families will be any worse for wear.

    We are what we are. We have asked for accountability from our leaders and expect nothing less. We got there because time in and time out we merely kept going to the well and paid the bill. The well is not endless and now that we have asked for some accountability, we are accused of hate, raping the teachers, destroying the town, etc. No, we merely are asking for proof of the results. Put up or shut up!

  40. John Webster

    I think you mean median as the mean is just another way of saying average of a sample. Median on the other hand is the middle value of a population. Both measures have issues when being utilized in a statistical assessment. Might be better to look at the mean household income along with the variance and standard deviation when comparing WH to the rest of the state.

  41. Gary Reger

    To John Webster:

    You are right, I mistyped “mean” when I meant “median”. You are also right that it would be even more useful to look at standard deviation etc. I’ll have another look at the data I found and see whether these are calculated. (I’m not a statistician or economist and have limited time to devote to tracking things down!)

  42. Gary Reger

    And a little more data:

    Per pupil spending (2004 — latest data I could find), total and instructional, and percentage of total spent on instructional (i.e., direct classroom):

    West Hartford: $10,115 — $6001 — 59.3%
    Connecticut: $13,079 — $7282 — 55.6%
    East Hartford: $10,266 — $6926 — 67%

    So East Hartford allocates a larger percentage of its education budget to direct classroom instruction than we do. (Of course, you can find the opposite results, too.)

    On the claim that in the past “we didn’t spend half the money we do now”:

    One needs to consider inflation. $10,500 (roughly) in 2006 was worth in:

    1980 — $4000
    1970 — $2000
    1960 — $1500

    So to know whether we actually spend double now what we “used to” you’d have to know the actual per pupil spending historically, and then adjust for inflation. Some data I saw (but could not verify) seemed to suggest that the actual peak in constant dollars for educational spending in West Hartford occurred in 1970 and declined for at least 20 years.

    About 58% of adults in West Hartford have a BA/BS or higher. Almost 100% have a high school diploma. For the record, I was educated elsewhere.

  43. WH return

    Thanks, but not sure what this tells me. It may be we haven’t increased our spending but not exactly sure how to measure. Are we spending more per pupil per teacher or have we increased spending, pupil per supervisory. Don’t know but interesting.

  44. Gary Reger

    Right — we’d need some historical data. I’ve been trying to ferret that out, but probably I’d need to hit the library (most of what is online focuses on the present or the very recent past).

  45. Couldn’t the BoE provide this information to you? They aught to know precise numbers.

    Isn’t the overall millrate 44.08? Surely we are higher than 38.

  46. Gary Reger

    I called the Town about historical information and the person who should have that will get back to me Monday. I will post whatever I find.

    I don’t recall the nominal mill rate, but the EMR for West Hartford, which is the number to use when comparing our rate to other towns’, is 18.87.

  47. Citizen Kane

    Well I still would like to know if the per pupil ratio is for all students including the school choice folks from outside of town.. or if it only includes West Hartford Students.. because the number of latter is declining.
    I haven’t been able to get a straight answer as to what our true per pupil spending is. Some say it’s $9,000 some say it is $11,000 – Hey Harry Captain are you there? What is it?

    And by the way – yes – .. school administration usually does suck the funding up.

    Study after study has also shown that student achievement is not directly proportional to how much money one spends on education.

  48. whmom

    Well it is an extra 1000 dollars per child who takes quest don’t you think. And then those who take 2 or 3 quest programs each…

    500,000 for quest divided by how many kids… does anyone have an answer for that?

  49. Harry Captain

    Per pupil spending is ~ $11,000 and includes all students – both WH and Project Choice student.

    You can find data on all disticts in CT from the SDE at http://www.csde.state.ct.us/public/cedar/districts/index.htm?sdePNavCtr=|#45480

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