Seniors (in high school at least) should get a break

The administrators at our high school are entirely no fun.

It seems like every time kids do something relatively harmless, like painting a rock or starting a food fight, the folks in charge go crazy.

Here’s a tidbit from the Courant’s story about Hall’s graduation:

“I don’t even want to shake our principal’s hand,” disgruntled senior Alex Foley, 18, said before the ceremony.
Foley is leaving Hall with a sour taste in her mouth because her friend, Mike Rempe, 18, was not allowed to participate in commencement ceremonies because of his involvement in a massive food fight during senior prank time last week. Rempe took his shirt off, wrapped it around his head, and ran out of the cafeteria, despite commands to stop, to divert attention so that the food fight could begin.
Though he did not throw any food, Rempe, along with the senior who threw the first pasta dish, was handed a 10-day suspension and banned from graduation.
The same week, students say, two Hall seniors were found smoking marijuana in the school parking lot during lunch and were given three-day suspensions. They were allowed to participate at graduation.
Foley argued that the difference in punishments reflects the school’s bizarre priorities.
“It’s like they’d rather have you smoke weed at lunch than start a food fight,” she said. “Does that make any sense?”

No, it makes no sense at all.

The appropriate penalty was to make the instigators clean up the mess they caused and perhaps do a little more community service work around the school. But banning them from graduation for a food fight? C’mon, let’s get real.

Every year we get these stories.

These folks need to lighten up.



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11 responses to “Seniors (in high school at least) should get a break

  1. EJ

    There are always going to be claims that punishment is/isn’t excessive. It does seem harsh to me to keep the kids from graduation, but I wasn’t there, I don’t know how the dfiscussion went between the kids and the administrators. Sometimes it all comes down to the attitude of the individual.

    On the other hand, my kid was graduating Conard and I was at the graduation. The families that weren’t there may have been the lucky ones. Since the Stadium was torn up, we got to sit in seats with no view, and try to listen to an inadequate PA system while waiting for a breeze to waft by.

    They really could have put more thought and care into planning the ceremony.

  2. TWC

    I agree with EJ that we should be cautious about second-guessing the teachers or administrators with regard to disciplinary matters in our high schools. The facts on the ground are almost always fundamentally different than the “facts” presented in the Courant (as I found out the hard way today after reading their spin on my suggestions at last night’s BOE meeting).

  3. WH return

    If every year we get stories like this, then maybe the seniors should take the time to read the stories and learn there are consequences for your actions. Oh, I forgot, we have the highest scores in the state.

    Food fights have been going on for years. I can remember one I was in as a senior and guess what, some people were expelled from school, not just graduation.

    Actions = consequences. Maybe the BOE can learn a few things.

  4. Harry Captain

    The story was “By EZRA R. SILK, Courant Staff Writer”. Mr. Silk graduated from Hall in 2006.

  5. Hail Hall

    I guess the administration should have been kinder to Mr. Silk when it had the chance. 🙂

  6. Joe Visconti

    Teacher discpline memories, 1968

    I remember getting paddled at Olsen Jr. High in Hollywood Florida, ah it was seventh grade and the Dean (old dead eye) said lean over and look at the air conditioner power knob; SPANK 1 and 2, ouch e wawa!!!! That was smart, didnt want to see that guy again. Boy to bad I wasn’t allowed to bring a frivolous lawsuit against that school.
    Discpline then and now.

  7. Osemasterofdoom

    Couldn’t they just put them on double secret probation?

    I reluctantly have to admit to taking advantage of those last few days of school when you were beyond the reach of the law. Ah, yes, I remember those days… when your grades were in, your diploma was printed, and your girlfriend’s prom dress was flying from the flagpole at the Molly Pitcher Rest Area on the New Jersey Turnpike. Then again, my main transgression was joining my buddies for a six-pack of non-alcoholic beer in the cafeteria at lunch time.

    It sounds like the school administrators felt they had to “drop the big one” in order to give their threats of withholding graduation in future years some shred of credibility. Yeah, it’s over the top, but we don’t know what else is taking place during Senior Prank Time (“Every Fall the trees are filled with toilet paper… every Spring the toilets explode”). The marijuana thing definitely raises questions of proportionality, but it sounded like that was anectdotal from the students and not confirmed by the reporter.

    In the end, what story would you rather have to tell at your college orientation: “I got my diploma and shook hands with the principal” or “I got banned from graduation for starting a food fight”?

  8. Flame

    Actions = consequences. Maybe the BOE can learn a few things.

    Common sense rules! The students involved made the choice to be disruptive and there will be a consequence. I agree there doesn’t seem to be consistency in the ramification of poor choices, but it doesn’t lessen the fact that both actions deserve consequences that give the students involved pause and cause other students to contemplate the consequence of similiar stunts.

  9. This is probably not helpful… but does anyone else remember the West Hartford “elseworld” show…. “90210”?

    I keep hearing the entire student body at Beverly Hill High chanting…. “Donna Martin graduates, Donna Martin graduates.”

    Where’s the organization for “Alex Remke graduates, Alex Remke graduates.”?

    Anyways, I guess you’d have to be young enough to have watched the show. What a story that would make out of Hall High.

  10. JTS

    WHdad – there’s a post under recent comments (traspoolkae on Girl under the stairs) that is a malware site, are there any stronger security/screening precautions that can keep these people off the blog? Just curious, thanks.

  11. dfjksa

    Administrators SUCK and so do principals with last name Hennessy

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