New York is taking over

The news that New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has dumped the Republican Party to become an independent opens up a fascinating scenario that I haven’t seen discussed yet: the possibility that we could have a serious three-way race for president among three New Yorkers.

Imagine a ballot where we’d have to choose between New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and current New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.  It’s an amazing scenario to contemplate given that New York’s political clout on the national scene has been dwindling for decades.

Was there ever even a presidential race where two New Yorkers faced off? 1940 maybe?

In any case, after all the talk of power shifting to the Sun Belt, it’s at least curious that New York could hold such sway in a presidential election.

For Connecticut, that can’t be a bad thing. We’re clearly better off with a New York president than another guy from down South, whichever side of the aisle he may hail from.

Personally, I can’t quite grok that I may have to vote for Hillary next year, but time will tell.



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10 responses to “New York is taking over

  1. As a born and raised NYC native I can tell you that those 3 celebdidates “from New York” do not represent me and my fellow New Yorkers. However, after years of hick, dixie beer drinking, redneck, peckerwood presidents from below the mason dixon line any change would be better then no change. I hope we get those three in the general election. I hope that because there is a Connecticut native who I believe will be the forth general election candidate and in a 4 way race he may have a real chance to win this year!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  2. EJ

    Wasn’t he 1st a Dem, who turned Republican so he could run for mayor. So now why the switch again.

    I can’t stand it when these guys, locals included, are elected to represent a party philosophy and then jump ship when it no longer suits their needs.

  3. YFan

    Derek Jeter For President.. !!!!
    Now you’re talking.

  4. In seriousness, there is no chance that Mayor Bloomberg will run against Mayor Giuliani and Senator Clinton. The only way there is a constituency for a center/right third candidate is if the Republican Party nominates someone who is unacceptable to the more libertarian wing of the party, such as Mike Huckabee. Even then, if the Democrats nominate the center/left candidates in their current top tier, Mayor Bloomberg would have a hard time drawing anything from them.


  5. How can one resist prognosticating on this once-in-a-lifetime presidential race without a sitting President or Vice President on the ballot? But the ill wind of calculated opinions and shifting rhetoric blowing in from the Empire State leaves a great deal to be desired.

    Historically Senators have a hard time winning a Presidential race because their voting records provide too much insight into their actual opinions to allow them to fake a platform of convenience. Governors and Mayors fair better in that respect but Bloomberg’s opinions are rather well known and it will be a wash should he enter the race.

    I like Giuliani’s handling of 9/11 and spunk in the debates but Fred Thompson views are a much better match nationally for the GOP and barring a scandal he will win the Republican nomination.

    And believe it or not the developing dynamic between Clinton and Obama reminds me of Reagan and Ford at the National Convention. Ford had an opportunity to become Reagan’s VP but held out for a position as a strong vice president and lost his place in history to Bush. (Stop here and imagine the world if Bush did not become Vice President. . . ) And, ironically Reagan’s declining health provided Bush with everything Ford wanted and more.

    Will the relationship between Clinton and Obama at the end of this long election be such that he can be offered a VP slot? I don’t think they will be on good enough terms for that to happen and she needs him to win the general election.

    And if Bloomberg gets into the race as social liberal it will force Hillary to move back to her original position on the left side of Liberal creating a credibility issue for her.

    Fred Thompson wins in ’08.

  6. To your question of whether or not two New Yorker’s ever faced off for the Presidential race before… the trivia question was worth researching, and the answer is “YES”.

    But you’ll have to go back to 1904 where Republican Theodore Roosevelt of New York defeated Democrat Alton B. Parker of New York. Roosevelt carried 336 electoral votes to Parker’s 140. And Roosevelt carried his home state 53.1 to 42.3 (two independent candidates carried the rest).

    Also in 1940, Franklin D. Roosevelt of New York handily defeated Wendell L Willkie of …. Indiana. Although Willkie worked in New York as legal council for a firm – Commonwealth and Southern Utility company, he was – as the Indian Hisotrical Society boasts – a Hoosier nominee.

    I’ll have to look back before 1868, and I’m discounting the early US elections which were balloted in Congress.

  7. Squeenter Squillo

    “We’re clearly better off with a New York president than another guy from down South, whichever side of the aisle he may hail from.”

    Squeenter don’t know why in the world you think this the case, let alone a ‘clear’ one? Squeenter for one hopes to vote for real Tennessee man Fred Thompson. I think he likely to be best for the whole country.

    Don’t let your wife wear the pants and make you support the sinister Hillary. You want the Chinesian commies to run the white house agains? Even if you can’t support a republican, you still gots 3rd party choices. CT’s electoral votes will almost certainly go to a dem no matter what, so the best impact you gonna get is by bucking the 2 party system and helping make the 3rd parties/indies more viable threat to the dems’ and repubs’ power monopoly.

    Okay man, peace out.

  8. Osemasterofdoom

    As a Republican, I think it’s a shame what has happened to John McCain’s candidacy. I thought in 2000 that he would make a good president, but his apparent pandering to the Bush wing of the Party has left me (and I believe a lot of other moderate Republicans) turned off. Add the fact that the hard right doesn’t trust him and it’s easy to see that he is going down.

    As for Fred Thompson, I’m a little more dubious about his chances than some of the other posters. He is definitely the flavor of the month, but it remains to be seen how he will look after a full airing of his views and Senate votes. Plus, we don’t know how he will react to having the target of the frontrunner on his back. Don’t get me wrong: I may very well wind up supporting him, but I’d like to see how he reacts to a little time in the crucible before I jump on his bandwagon.

  9. Joe Visconti

    Romney takes it if The Italian Candidate falters, otherwise Romney is Vice President.

  10. One thing is for sure, so far this election race is about as boring as it gets. Hillary, Obama, McCain, Guiliani, Dodd, Thompson, Nader. Oh brother. I can’t stand these phoney Youtube debates on the democratic side – the only people excited are those media goobers excited about the possibility of a black guy or woman becoming President so they can talk their heads off about breaking new ground. Enough already, its all too soon and too boring. NPR can’t stop talking about how Obama is the future. Yeah right. I hate to say it but stuttering President Bush would beat this guy in a REAL election, anyone who think otherwise is dreaming, or lives in an alternate reality.

    God, and Hillary. My God you look at her face and she reaks of the demand for Power. It’s pathetic to be THAT ambitious. This Nation is crazy but not crazy enough to elect either of those two numbnuts. But that doesn’t leave us with many options. Tell me there are REAL candidates out there hiding somewhere and this Nation won’t fall into the hands of the establishment clowns.

    God help us from the whole cast.

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