Yes or no? The referendum finale

For me, it’s yes.

But let’s see how it goes Tuesday. Reports from the polls are welcome.



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69 responses to “Yes or no? The referendum finale

  1. WH Alum

    I’m with you WH Dad!

  2. Joe Visconti

    of course NO

  3. Harry Captain

    Vote YES!
    * Because spending has been held down. The bullet we’re biting is revaluation.
    * Because you’re living in WH for “quality of life” – education and services.
    * Because you REFUSE to make decisions based on distorted (that’s a polite word) information.

    Case in point – Today’s front page ad in the Tradewinds taken out by the WHTA states:

    BOE “07/08 Budget: Increasing 4.3% (over last year’s 8.8% increase). That’s a distortion and the WHTA (Theresa McGrath) knows it.

    The TRUTH is that the 07/08 Budget increase IS 4.24% (over last year’s 6.51% increase).

    I provided the actual budget increases for the last 5 years to Theresa McGrath over THREE MONTHS AGO. My numbers were then posted on the WHTA website. Now, suddenly, the real numbers are gone! And distortions are now paid for, front page, advertisements! See our email string for the clarifications made long ago…

    —– Original Message —-
    From: Theresa McGrath
    To: Harry Captain
    Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2007 5:35:03 PM
    Subject: RE: Last 5 BOE budgets


    Thank you for your kind wishes as well as your astute clarification of BOE annual budget % increases over the passed 5 years. I have provided our Website expert with the correct changes to be added to our website.

    I believe the 03-04 had not been the initial proposed percentages by the BOE…I believe this particular year’s budget had gone to referendum to defeat the proposed budget…I believe this is where our numbers came from. I will also look into this as well.

    Thank you once again,


    —–Original Message—–
    From: Harry Captain []
    Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2007 2:35 PM
    Subject: Last 5 BOE budgets


    Congratulations on your recent election as President of the WH Taxpayers Association!

    Per our phone conversation, I’m providing the last 5 BOE annual budgets:

    2002-03 $ 90.96 7.18%
    2003-04 $ 95.35 4.83%
    2004-05 $ 100.84 5.75%
    2005-06 $ 106.55 5.66%
    2006-07 $ 113.48 6.51%

    Please correct all references on the West Hartford Taxpayers Association site that incorrectly state “Board of Education budget has increased 6-7% every year for the past 5 years!” and “West Hartford, during the grace period for revaluation, has continued to increase spending at a an alarming rate for the town budget, particularly with regard to the School Budget, which has gone up at an annual rate of between 6 and 7.5% during this period of time”.

    Thank you,

    Harry Captain


    And that’s just the 1st, but not the last distortion in the “advertisement”.

    So Vote YES!

    This IS a AAA town, with excellent management as attested to by Wall Street rating agencies. I’ll take my advice from S&P and Moody’s.

    YES! For WH, Tuesday – June 12

  4. I’ve posted my thoughts at my blog:

    Short version, my wife and I are voting YES and we’ve asked everyone resident we know to vote YES tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for the informative debate here. I really don’t know what I would’ve done without everyone’s thoughts and comments (and, yes, vitriol) in the comments here.


  5. Yes. I am voting yes. Yes to schools, yes to kids, yes to town services, yes to unions, yes to people who really need these services. I, too, would like to say thank you for holding this truly democratic forum.

    “yes I said yes I will Yes.”
    -James Joyce

  6. Fred Garvin

    Wow. More evidence of intentional distortion of facts by the WHTA.

    How about some accountability? How did this happen WHTA folks? The good people of West Hartford deserve an explanation.


  7. JTS

    As a resident who attended WH schools and now is staring down the barrel of tax increases like everyone else, I would have loved to have seen some productive debate on the tax issue in this town, but the 1st problem was the leadership of that movement, the fact of the matter is that the voters have already rejected Joe, Judy et al and we all know they will continue to do so. Now it turns out that the 2nd problem is that those same leaders have resorted to lies and distortions to try and advance their cause. I can’t imagine this issue will ever see progress until the anti-tax increase folks have leadership that:
    1. isn’t caustic,
    2. puts the importance of the issue (and keeping taxes as low as possible in this town is an important issue) before their own mini-celebrity, and
    3. realizes that once you resort to lies, half truths and distortions the residents of WH are extremely unlikely to trust you again.

    Maybe a resident, respectful and committed to the town, perhaps in the mold of a Chuck Matties will take up the cause and finally give this issue a voice people will listen to.

  8. Joe Visconti

    Ah such Education Cartel shills we have above, must be card carrying residents with pseudonyms.

    Nonjooworry Mr Joe will be right in the election where he belongs spilling more dirt on the insiders and liberal communists called democrats. You can’t keep a good man down or me either.

  9. Fred Garvin

    For a guy who was so offended by a bit of name-calling by me, you sure are free with the personal attacks Joe.

    People who disagree with you about this community are not “education cartel shills” or “liberal communists called democrats.” They’re simply people who disagree with you. Based on how things went with Blue Back, there are more who disagree with you than who agree.

    How about easing up on the name calling sport?


  10. Joe Visconti

    Oh an JTS

    I am not a member of WHTA but I love my mini celebrity, it’s what I live for, thats why I use my real name. You see I get off on wasting my time posting my opinions to pseudonym Characters which for all I know are Town Councilors and Politico’s in “Blog Drag”( ooh a neat soundbite).

    It’s not about the issue JTS, it’s about me. I don’t want people to Vote down the budget, I want them to Vote for me. I am insanely jealous of the issue’s they Trump my Altruistic Celebrity and distract from my persona.

    See you at the Blue Back Parade, I’ll be on Horseback as usual getting my thrills!!!!

  11. Joe Visconti

    Fred Garvin your back, God Bless America.
    Actually Fred they are people who back Union Agenda’s and align themselves with the MythMakers who’s Credo is “Spend for the Kiddies” who we won’t give concessions back for. Hypocrites they are and Education Cartel Jackals in sheep Suits, oh is this going to get spam blocked? Nevermind the issue Vote No for the Hell of it!

  12. I’m voting “NO”. And I’m voting this way for all the reasons I’ve posted, and for many of the reasons that proponents of the tax increase and bloated budget have written in these pages.

    Since history repeats itself, and opponents of the budget have been demonized- as they are every year, I expect that by this evening we will all be looking down the barrell at yet another West Hartford tax increase. Why? Because this is what we do every year in this town.

    And next year, it will be the same thing. And the year after, and the year after.

    Taking a well deserved crack at the opposition party – the GOP – until such time that we can nominate and elect articulate and loyal people with a sense of vision and comprehension of fiscal responsibility, the only option that we will ever see is – raise taxes. And the Dems understand that with little to no opposition – its nothing more than a waiting game.

    And I want to make one more quick point with regard to some of the heat that we opponents of the budget have received – we love this town just as much as those who love high taxes. We just think there is a better way to control spending and manage the town’s finances. Somehow, lost in translation is this rediculous notion that only those who support the budget – love the town. We love the town too, really. In fact we love it so much that we believe that short term band-aids (like tax increases) don’t amount to long term solutions. In fact, they amont to long term problems.

  13. WH Alum

    Then, King, take the advice from the resident pleading for the Yes Vote…
    “If you want to see a restructuring that will change things in the coming years, then I urge you to get
    involved earlier in the process next year. The schools start preparing the budget in the fall and by March the administration is presenting it
    to the BOE.”
    If you vote no today – our kids are the one who will lose.

  14. Peter G.

    “Tailgunner Joe” Visconti sez:

    “Ah such Education Cartel shills we have above, must be card carrying residents with pseudonyms.

    “Nonjooworry Mr Joe will be right in the Selection where he belongs spilling more dirt on the insiders and liberal communists called democrats. You can’t keep a good man down or me either.”

    As I have commented here in the past, typical small town / small mind bombast. If someone disagrees with you on the budget, why explain your position with facts when you can rely on name-calling, smears, innuendo and conspiracy theories?

    Heck, I’d vote Yes at this point anyway just to throw it in the face of the whole name-calling, dirty politics WHTA crowd!

  15. Tammy Cohen (aka liberal communitst)

    I’ll be voting “YES”. We love the services our town provides. Let’s keept the standards high.

  16. Neal

    Anybody know how turnout is? Any sense of whether most people have caught on yet that there’s a referendum today?
    I’m sure the bigger the turnout, the more likely the budget will pass.

  17. Joe Visconti

    Bad Turnout, people must just not being able to come out and vote for more taxes so they will let us No Voters win!!!! ( I hope)

    Petros, love the fact that you reprint my words, they are so quotable, also there is no need to explain the budget facts the WHTA did that already through the press.

  18. WH Alum

    But there is a need to explain the CORRECT budget facts. As seen all over this blog – the WHTA facts were (a) from the proposed, not adopted budget and (b) many were outright incorrect.

    I’m on my way to the polls with my YES.

  19. EJ

    I was the only one there at Sedgwick at 7:45am

  20. Another WH Teacher

    Correct WH Alum – like the $3.oo copays. We pay over 6 x that amount – starting at $20. Maybe some still think that is too low – but it’s a far cry from $3.

    And enrollment is certainly not down. Maybe Chip Ward can weigh in with our enrollment changes over the past 10-20 years.

  21. Peter G.

    I voted YES. The budget certainly isn’t perfect, and it will be hard to pay higher taxes, but I value public education (and, yes, public educators!).

  22. Wow! You value a public education regardless of the cost? Then why not just triple the taxes? Do you folks manage your own finances like this?

    I wonder what percentage of people in West Hartford are house-broke and living with high credit card debt – it must be a lot or else why would anyone vote for a budget as bloated as this? Or do only the millionaires log in here?

    And BTW – the twenty dollar co-pays are a blessing. That’s fairly routine these days. But soon you’ll be moving to “self-directed healthcare”. When that time comes, let me know and I’ll be happy to explain it to you. You’re going to be in for a real surprise.

    WH Alum, I don’t buy the idea that the kids will lose by a no vote today. Really, that’s just rhetoric. Precisely WHAT will they lose? Will they go back to slates and chalk? Cancel math class? Really, this talk is silly. Do you really believe that suddenly the kids will get a rotten education? Will the teachers quit? (Ha. Never, not for the great rate they are paid in this town).

    A yes vote means we all lose. The spending train unchecked.

  23. turtle

    Or do only the millionaires log in here?

    Thanks for the laugh.

  24. WH Alum

    What will they lose? The gifted kids will lose Quest, and they might leave the system – in which case the town loses their high scores. Kindrgarten could go back to 1/2 day, (though probably not in the south east corner) and the kids will lose out on not only instruction but some wonderfully enriching units and activities these teachers prepare. Class sizes will go up, and yes we will lose many of our fabulous teachers to towns that have lower classroom sizes and likely do pay more. There are plenty around us. Music programs, sports, technology, reading specialists… do I really need to bother to do this? We’ll let the voters decide.

  25. Peter G.

    Dear “King,”

    Of course you’re right. When I said that I valued public education what I meant was that even if my family has to live in a cardboard box on the street, I still want every penny of my income to go to public education. It is very astute of you to discern that intention from my words. And I am sure that is what EVERY OTHER person on this blog meant when they commented in one way or another that they valued public education, including those who said they would vote against the budget. What else could they possibly mean? It was a brilliant deduction and your ability to glean it so quickly and easily qualifies you for the next great Brain Trust.

    Similarly, you have also brilliantly figured out that I and everyone else who plan to vote or did vote for the budget are actually millionaires in disguise. Because, again, how else could we possibly condone such a bloated budget! Why, since sentiment here and everywhere else is seemingly UNANIMOUS that the budget is huge, gargantuan, overblown, excessive, and rolling in pork fat, it is crystal clear to anyone with eyes to see that either we would have to be either millionaires or else foolhardy spendthrifts without a clue as to what do to with our money!

    And finally, yes, it is absolutely incontrovertibly true that every one of us who voted for or will vote for this budget believes in our heart of hearts that if the budget is struck down our children will be out in the snow gathering firewood to feed the woodstove in the one room schoolhouses that will be all that West Hartford can afford. What’s more, we fully expect that if the budget fails to pass we will, as in days of yore, be reduced to taking turns providing room and board to undereducated schoolmarms in lieu of teaching professionals. Yes, that is EXACTLY what we mean when we say that the budget should be passed for the kids!

    Again, it is no less than staggering, at a time when those of inferior intellect are wallowing in uncertainty and lack of clarity that you — who truly do deserve to be called King for you are the King of Insight and Intellect and second only to the Goddess Athena Herself in wisdom and understanding — that you, I say, have cut through it all with such precision and unrivalled perspicacity.

    [sarcasm off]


  26. Gary Reger

    If the budget referendum is defeated, the King asks, “Precisely WHAT will they lose? Will they go back to slates and chalk? Cancel math class?”

    Last week, as part of the budget cuts mandated already, the Board of Education voted not to implement Successmaker in three elementary schools. This program is designed to help low-achieving students do better in math. So in a sense, math classes have already been cancelled.

    I voted YES. (And Heidi thanks for the last sentence in Ulysses!)

  27. I’m busy this evening so I cannot post the results of the referendum until it’s rather late. I’d be grateful if someone posts the numbers here when even the counting is over (better yet, if you can post a link for the results on a trustworthy source, do it, just to ease concerns about someone fibbing). We’ll talk about what it all means tomorrow.

  28. By the way, I’m told that turnout is light — of course — but not terrible. I hope that parents with kids in the schools will be turning out en masse after work because at this point to defend their children’s education. Should anyone be reading this without having voted, be sure to go cast a ballot. Every vote matters, whether pro or con.

  29. John Hardy

    “Will the teachers quit? (Ha. Never, not for the great rate they are paid in this town).”

    I suppose I am wading in here at my own peril, but look at this file from the CT State Department of Education website regarding average teacher salaries in the current fiscal year.

    Check out West Hartford. Then look at Avon, Farmington, Glastonbury, Newington, New Britain, Simsbury, Wethersfield, Windsor Locks, New Britain, East Granby, East Hartford, etc.

    And those $20 WH copays are actually HIGHER than many of those places.

    No, I don’t expect a stampede out of town. But I guess what I’m saying is that, it’s not all that unreasonable for a teacher towards the bottom of the pay “steps” looking at a class of 29 in a WH elementary school to realize that he/she can go someplace else where there is strong support for education, get less aggravation and more compensation.

    And make no mistake – that larger class size item was right there on the BoE list at the June 5 meeting, just waiting for the next round of cuts.

    So vote yes.

  30. Peter G:

    You should have stopped at “of course you’re right.” and saved the rest. Typical though. Isn’t past your bedtime?

    Again, let’s go through it again without the reference to your disorganized argument:

    The budget is bloated.

    Taxes in West Hartford continue to rise each and every year at an alarming rate (for at least the last five years). This puts the squeeze on all persons even those of you who don’t care.

    Quest, Successmaker, or any other special program should be on the chopping block when it comes to fiscal responsibility – something few on this blog care about.

    If the Board of Education chooses to target kids in need to make their points and stir up support for the budget – so be it. It’s their game to play. Do those kids lose – yep, but that’s where your elected officials – Democrats – have decided to make the cuts. Blame them, not opponents of the budget – ask yourself – could something ELSE have been cut in its place or was this the item with the MOST POLITICAL MILEAGE?

    The teachers are more than well paid, and their benefits rival most “working” people on this blog. They certainly rival a large percentage of people in the 20-30 year old bracket. Don’t believe me – just ask one of them.

    If the teachers leave, its up to them. That’s the free market. No one has been talking about teacher salary cuts, have they? They are well compensated here in West Hartford. There is always someone waiting in line for a job. You have no idea that the teaching waiting in line is worse than the one leaving. Most consultants I know have been at a fixed salary for some time. But everyone chooses to make his or her living based on all the known facts, and pros and cons of the job. Public Sector jobs are no meant to function like Private Sector jobs. That’s just the way it is. There are plenty of other perks in a teaching career.

    West Hartford’s Council ignored recommendations from residents regarding how to trip the budget anyway. For trimming the budget was NEVER in the cards.

    $20 copays are too high? It is what it is. Why should public sector employees get a better deal than private sector (i.e. profit centers) employees? How are they more deserving of anything more than the guy who paints for a living or works in an office, or serves his country in military uniform?

    Of course, you should vote as you wish. But don’t let the truth or the facts get in the way of your opinion.

    I’m sure if you casted a “yes” vote, you can sleep well tonight, knowing you saved West Hartford children from total doom.

  31. Peter G.

    Wow, King, you must be really stung. You actually tried to argue facts instead of ridiculous bombast! Well, some facts, anyway, with a dose of pseudo-free-market jargon thrown in for good measure. Except of course that you couldn’t resist throwing in that juvenile little bit of snot about it being past my bedtime.

    But having your holier-than-all attitudes must be awfully trying for someone who comes from such proud Angl0-Saxon heritage (if there really is such a thing . . . I’m inclined to think that such references to genetic purity are about as scientifically accurate as claims to be “Aryan” and just about as meaningful).

  32. Peter G.


    “But having your holier-than-all attitudes *challenged* . . .”

  33. I usually argue facts. I think you need to keep reading. Now your post on the other hand… well… its was just annoying.

    Making fun of me being a proud Anglo-Saxon is a tad bit over the top. If you don’t like the English… then that’s just too bad. Didn’t Whdad write a nice entry about not personalizing some of the postings by attacking the writers by making personal comments? You should go back and read his post, and then straighten yourself out. And some of the attacks on Joe Visconti are pretty mean-spirited. He does a good job of holding his own regardless of where he stands.

    Everyone on here has an opinion and an attitude, hollier than thou or not. That’s blog life. Just keep in clean and stick to the issues. Politicians are in the public eye – they deserve criticism and scrutiny particularly when they make decisions that impact us all.

    Free market jargon… well that says a lot. eh? Would love to debate you on the pros and cons of the free market one day. Now that will be a fun exercise!

    Peace, dope, love, etc

  34. turtle

    If the Board of Education chooses to target kids in need to make their points and stir up support for the budget – so be it.

    This kind of statement typifies one of the things that are so distasteful about you anti-tax proselytizers. If I was on the board I would be incensed at the suggestion that I was playing politics with needy children.

  35. Joe Visconti

    31 minutes till showtime… it’s a nail bitter folks!

  36. I guess I’d rather be an anti-tax proselytizer than a pro-tax proselytizer.

    Budgets should be formed on what is “necessary” instead throwing in “necessary” with “nice to haves” and bonus programs. No one looks at budgets like that anymore. I know it takes work, and its hard to say “no” to something or upset someone because their pet item might get cut. But that’s part of adulthood. Having to say no. When I go to the store, I don’t buy everything I want and figure out how to pay for it later, I buy what I need, if there is extra… then I get nice to have. Now why can’t our budgets work the same way?

    Why is it so much to ask to get people to do the hard work?

    Items should be justified to be in the budget, not justified to be out of the budget. Item by item each thing should be open and justified. That’s how an open system works. You cannot leave it to a half dozen people to figure it out themselves. They aren’t bad people, they just don’t have the expertise.

    Politicians insensed by playing politics? OK.

    Yeah, Joe. It will be a nail-biter. But don’t expect to win this one. The outrage calling for fiscal responsibility is absent.

  37. Where’s the result? What time will we see a total?

  38. EJ

    Yes 136
    No 391

  39. King and Joe, why are you guys so nasty about this? Seriously, why do you insist on labeling everyone who disagrees with you on this issues as communist or anti-free-market or the myriad of other things you’ve continued to call people. It’s ridiculous and doesn’t reflect well upon you or the folks you’re essentially representing in this forum.

    I can speak for myself. I’ve look at the information, I’ve read the notes and various coverage of this entire process and come to the conclusion that the WHTA is in the wrong here. Period. You may disagree, as is your right, but let’s let it stop there. We’re going to see what the town thinks, but whatever happens, we’re still neighbors and citizens of West Hartford. Let’s try to act like it.

    On a more substantive topic, can someone on the WHTA side of this debate offer up their opinion on the implications of the chart John Hardy offers to the discussion? I’ve argued (even on your blog, King) that for all of the name calling of teachers and their union, not one person, including the WHTA, has offered any evidence that the teachers are overpaid or living the comfortable life. I also have not seen any evidence that we have teachers in the West Hartford system who decided to teach because of the fat paycheck and comfy life. Most of the teachers I know, and I’m married to a teacher (not a WH teacher though) don’t make a fat salary and work as hard or harder than King’s hypothetical everyman…

    In other words, what am I missing about the union that you all see. Why are they “blood sucking” to quote some of the more enraged commenters.


  40. Four districts reporting:

    Yes: 432

    No: 822

    Source: WHC-TV

  41. Sujal, get off of it. We are looking at the results now. The debate is over. Besides, I’ve not called anyone a communist. I think someone else called themselves a communist.

    Have a beer. Relax. Watch the vote counts.

  42. King, sorry, you implied all of us that disagreed with you were millionaires. My bad. (see how easy that was?)

    I see you’re willing to be magnanimous now that your side seems victorious. Congrats.


  43. All the votes aren’t in, and the counts aren’t official until certified. Besides, they haven’t counted the districts where people can vote twice.

    And actually part of me hopes it ends tonight so we can get back to debating important issues like the new waste removal policy. I’m looking forward to the bill for $85 for the new trash can that meets WH standards. Isn’t there still something like $700,000 in the budget for trash collection too? Anyways, while your watching votes and deciding whether or not Popcorn Chicken and Chef’s Salad are really good choices for your kid, you can read here:
    about the trash collection scheme.

  44. King, so now people in parts of town you don’t like cheat at elections, too? It must be hard to deal with so many cheats and ignorant people in town.

    (for everyone else, yes, I’ll stop now… I think I’ve made my point even if King and Joe refuse to see it…)


    PS. Is it me, or is the music on WHC-TV really annoying…

  45. turtle

    Well, the WHTA does have a huge advantage in the political game. They are willing to lie.

    The Tradewinds ad was a masterful move on their part. Of course, they lied on that, too.

  46. 16 or 21 districts reporting (don’t know whether that should have been a “of”):

    No: 2491

    Yes: 5083

    Source: WHC-TV.

  47. 16 of 21, 2491 Yes 5083 No


  48. JTS

    As if it mattered. The council will knock off a couple bucks, if the anti tax people force another referendum, the parents will show up and pass the thing overwhelmingly. Is it just me or have we seen this movie before?

  49. King, I think you have that backwards, right? I’m pretty sure I read that correctly, the Nays have the lead right now by a 2-1 margin.

  50. Whoops, my error – 16 or 21 districts reporting (don’t know whether that should have been a “of”):

    Yes: 2491

    No: 5083

    Source: WHC-TV

    The music is fine.

  51. I think Joe Visconti is doing the counting.

  52. Turtle Stomper

    Lies Lies Lies
    oh you mean like the one Slifka told when he said the Board of Ed building wouldn’t be demolished..
    or when he said the mill rate would go down to 27.19
    after the 5 year phase in?

  53. John Hardy

    Well at least I can use “selcouth” in a conversation from this point forward.

  54. 20 of 21 reporting:

    2801 Yes

    6563 No

  55. 20 out of 21 districts reporting:

    Yes: 2801

    No: 6563

    Source: WHC-TV

  56. Yes: 2939
    No: 7073

    All districts reporting in… unofficial of course

  57. Turtle Stomper, I’ve always fall back to a simple observation: If all you can do is say, “look, he did it too!”, you’ve conceded the point.

    Putting Slifka’s statements aside, would you stand by the ad as published in Trade Winds?

    I wouldn’t. One of the great mysteries of this debate for me has been where the $3.00 copay number came from, which was easily verifiable and easily rebutted. Publishing that in a paper was dishonest.


  58. WH Alum

    Thanks for the laugh John – needed that tonight!

  59. Ok, so what happens next? What is the timeline of events? Or is that all up in the air?

  60. John Hardy

    “Referendum on the Budget

    Within 25 days from adoption of the budget, town electors may request that the budget be repealed if
    6% of the electors sign a petition.

    Within 25 days of the Town Clerk’s Certification of the petition, the question “are you in favor of the
    budget ordinance as adopted on (date of adoption)” shall be submitted to a referendum of the electors of the Town. A majority vote of the electors to repeal the budget ordinance shall not become effective unless a total of at least 15% of the electors have voted.

    If the vote to repeal succeeds, the Council shall adopt a substitute budget not later than midnight on June 30.

    The substitute budget shall be subject to repeal if 6% of the electors sign a petition by July 31.

    On the last Tuesday of September the question shall be submitted to a referendum of the electors of the Town. A majority vote of the electors to repeal the budget ordinance shall not become effective unless a total of at least 15% of the electors have voted.

    If the vote to repeal succeeds, the council shall, not later than midnight on October 15, adopt a second substitute budget. The second substitute budget is not subject to a referendum.”

    Source: Page 10, “Town of West Hartford, Connecticut ANNUAL BUDGET 2007-2008 Proposed by the Town Manager & Superintendent of Schools”

    Currently on Town Website at

  61. Another WH Teacher

    What happens next is teachers who were waiting to hear if they will have jobs still don’t know and probably won’t for some time.

    People who supposedly don’t work hard enough (BOE, Town Council, and Jim Francis, et al) now go back to the drawing board to figure out how much they have to slice to make these people happy.

    What happens next is pretty sad.

    I hope all of you who fought for the no vote stand by your statements about fighting for the state funds and supporting education even though you didn’t agree with the budget.

    And I hope the WHTA is happy that their false statements helped them to win.

  62. Harry Captain

    Music on WHC-TV seems like a good old Irish Jig… Not annoying to me as I was looking for a little LUCK!

    By the way, pass the Jameson’s… It looks like we’ll be revisiting reductions.

    Regarding the earlier comment “If I was on the board I would be incensed at the suggestion that I was playing politics with needy children”:

    The comment actually doesn’t bother me. I know that EVERY member of this BOE, Democrat or Republican, makes budget reduction decisions without malice and in what they believe to be in the best interest of the district as a whole.

    We are a representative democracy. The will of the people will be carried out.

  63. Harry, it’s fine until you’ve heard it for the 20th time. 🙂 But, to each their own. It’s not what i want to hear on repeat.

    To Another WH Teacher’s point, it’s likely that we’ll miss out on those teachers who have multiple offers and can’t wait to find out about WH’s budget situation.

    I don’t know how many teachers are waiting for contracts this year, so I can’t say it’s a big problem, but it’s the wrong way to go about taking care of our school system, especially in an environment where other surrounding districts pay their teachers as well or better than WH.

    Regardless, this just means getting more involved in the budget process. Maybe those of us in favor of keeping a number of the school programs on the chopping block can make our own spiffy lawn signs and full page Trade Winds ads. My only requirement is that they be honest.


  64. to be clearer, the last para in my most recent comment should read:

    Regardless, this just means getting more involved in the budget process. Maybe those of us in favor of keeping a number of the school programs that might end up on the chopping block can make our own spiffy lawn signs and full page Trade Winds ads. My only requirement is that they be honest.

    The new text is italicized.


  65. Nice …. (cheering and expletives removed due to liberal sensitivity) LOL

  66. EJ

    FInal official
    29.4% of electorate votred
    total votes 10,832 (36,862 eligible voters)

    NO – 7,832
    Yes – 2,939

  67. turtle

    So be it.

    Note to self: Send in address label to Tradewinds and demand to be taken off mailing list.

    Although I will miss such hard-hitting journalism as “Cookies Can Be Part of a Sensible Diet”.

  68. EJ

    Sorry I transposed to numbers.
    The correct NO vote count was 7893
    now the columns should add up correctly.

  69. whmom

    I think that everyone really needs to understand that now we need to get serious about saving money! Everyone in town wants this! We need to look at each individual school and see what they spend on what and why…

    Please this is my first time on this sight, I feel a bit angry about the blame game here.

    I hope and know that all here can make this better.

    But really… all the members here who read… need to know that they can make more cuts.

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