Girl under the stairs

Talk about a weird, troubling tale. This is awful on more levels than I care to contemplate. I hope those who played a role all wind up rotting behind bars forever.



Filed under crime, Public safety

5 responses to “Girl under the stairs

  1. EJ

    hard to believe this happened in town. As bits and pieces come out i think this story is going to get stranger and stranger.

  2. I feel like the HC isn’t using the best judgment though in some of the details they have been releasing. Do we all need to know every piece of the story? This poor kid has enough to recover from without everyone knowing exactly what happened to her.

  3. Osemasterofdoom

    It’s kind of interesting when you read what they’re charged with. There’s no charge of kidnapping there. I agree that this couple should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but it seems like there’s something more going on here.

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