Larson fell short of his dreams

Congressman John Larson told  The Hill, a Capitol Hill newspaper, that when he was young, ““I dreamed of playing sports [professionally]. Baseball always had a greater allure, but I loved football too. Realistically, I wanted to be a [high school] teacher and a coach.”

There’s no denying that playing professional baseball is way cooler than being a congressman. 

 [Larson later became a high school history teacher and coached basketball, baseball, and football before becoming a member of Congress.]



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3 responses to “Larson fell short of his dreams

  1. Pseudonym Required

    Ah, John can still play games at Capitol Hill

  2. Larson is in luck. The Yankees are looking for new pitchers. And they really need the help. I mean REALLY need the help. 13.5 in back of the undecleared 2007 American League East Champion BOSTON RED SOX must really hurt. Can John throw the curveball in a baseball game with the same authority that he does in Congress? LOL.

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