Celebrate! West Hartford this weekend

They’re getting set up for the hordes in the Center, with tents and rides ready to roll. It’s always a great time and this year will be no exception, though parking will be tighter. Plan on walking if you can. For all the information about the event, check out its website.



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18 responses to “Celebrate! West Hartford this weekend

  1. Humbug

    Celebrate West Hartford, and make sure if you park on neighboring streets you don’t drop litter and blast radio’s late at night!

  2. All I want to know is – will West Hartford Blog have a booth? Will Whdad be handing out treats?

  3. No, but I’ll be walking around looking for treats and keeping a wary eye out for tricks.

  4. Ha. There will be plenty of those. Look for me: I’ll be the tired one with heavy bag under my eyes looking less like a King and more like a servant-boy pushing my kids around in the stroller and taking orders from the Queen! — And the thunder and lightning last night, just added to my sleepless quandry. It’s all worth it though, children are a blessing. Happy Friday!

  5. Concerned Shopper

    Why is WestFarms a Signature sponsor for Celebrate West Hartford and Whdad not reporting that here?, And where is the Blue Back Developers sponsorship Bankroll?

  6. turtle

    I do believe Joe has turned into a virus.

  7. I had no idea who was sponsoring the event. But it’s nice of Westfarms to shell out a few bucks to help our town instead of using its money to drag us all into an unnecessary court fight.

  8. X. Jones

    Well now you know, go tell it to the Mountain!

  9. I went today and it was definitely a warm celebration. The whole thing seemed different then in past years (maybe it was that it only two two minutes to get my kettle corn). I miss the big tent where you could sit with the family and enjoy the your meal — would have been beneficial on this warm weekend – particularly, for families with kids and elderly members.

    Also, seemed like they had fewer resturants to choose from.

    Any thoughts from the peanut gallery? What did you think of this years’ CWH?

  10. Joe Visconti

    Next year they should close the streets and move it throughout the center with rickshaws and such. Bands performing around the center would also be nice to see and hear. Kinda like a mardi gras feel, maybe a different theme each year. Changing the name would be something to consider.

  11. Well – it was hot out, but I had fun just the same. I liked seeing all the craft stuff mostly, and bumping into people I knew.

    It seemed very quiet walking around though.
    The entertainment was horrible.. where did they dig up these people for Saturday?
    Yup – never stood on line for so short a time to get kettle corn!! definitely not so many people as in past years .. and not a great variety in food vendors either. But I found what I wanted: Pad Thai.

    The booths were really squished together.. so there wasn’t much room to move around in the “aisles”.
    Craft people didn’t seem so happy either.. no one seemed to be buying anything as I looked around.
    Definitely not many places to sit – everyone was plopped on the grass in the shade where possible, trying to eat.
    Couldn’t believe how many people subjected their animals (dogs) to the heat today.. poor things.

    All in all it was just “ok”. In the past it was better and more fun, with more enthusiasm.
    I heard a bunch of people got taken away with heat stroke too.
    My daughter got a sharp metal wire stuck in her flip flop when she was walking around and it cut her foot too.(Don’t worry we aren’t suing…)

  12. Joe Visconti

    Hey Judy

    Give Joe Obrien or Pat Alair (Lead Town Attorney and side kick respectively) a call and let them know what happened anyway. It would be good for them to be prepared for frivolous lawsuits since WestFarms was a major sponsor.
    How do you spell Construction site Insurance Bond?

  13. Nah – not worth it at all Joe…

    The girl is fine.

  14. I thought the festival was a lot of fun. Saturday was brutally hot, but Sunday was beautiful!

  15. FairlyNotImpressed

    I have attended this fair each of the past six years, and this year’s was by far the worst of the lot. I guess that’s what happens when you try to hold a fair on a hot day in the middle of a construction zone devoid of any trees. (Does anyone know why the historic maple trees lining Main Street were recently reduced to several unsightly stumps?) In spite of the arts and craft exhibits, it had the ambiance of one of those cheap carnivals I used to go to as a kid in the parking lot of the local shopping center. West Hartford can and should do better!

  16. Joe Visconti

    Yeah I know

    the trees were cut for the new entrance to the town hall building. There will be a new entrance where you now see stumps, the price of Materialism, dont worry Richard is buying and planting new trees. see you when were 85 years old for some real shade.

  17. daleman

    Been going for 5 years running. This year was worse than last. The cheap carny rides were rickety and short (and for 2 tickets per ride at $2 per ticket, paying $4 bucks to give my son a 60 second ride on the merry-go-round was just short of highway robbery). West Hartford can do much better without the money grabbing carny vendors poaching on parents and families…
    Just disappointed…
    (Artisan vendors along Main St were good though…)

  18. Apteryx Hakkoryu

    The Celebrate West Hartford festival was a mess!

    Case closed!!!!

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